such a jet setter

tomorrow i am off to arizona!  i am going to be working in the Shade store in the Chandler mall until next Thursday when i will come back to cold, cold Utah.  boo.  i am so excited for warmer weather and a brief change of scenery!  upper 70's and low 80's in january/february is the best thing in the world i think.  so i will fill you in on all the shenanigans and happenings in the big az.  peace lovelies.  


holy holy cow

it is a time to celebrate...jump.

this is my 100th post.

congratulations to me for making it this far.

tonight my sister told me something was on my face, which makes sense cause i just licked the pistachio cake batter off the beater...yes i am 5 years old.  i went to look in the mirror and it was just my big old zit on my face.  thanks char.  i feel really great about myself now.  


heaven baby

can i just tell you all about my favorite song of all time?  seriously if i could listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be this one...

just like heaven:the cure.

seriously i am really in love with this song.  i have at least 5 different versions of this song, but of course the original (the cure) is by far the best.  a close second is by charlotte martin...so amazing!  i want to come back in the next life as a singer so that i can record my own version of this song to reflect my love for this song.

anyway, the moral of the story is that i went to the dentist and i didn't have any cavities oddly enough.  turns out being obsessed 
with whitening toothpaste is a bad thing for your teeth.  so i am now resorting to crest whitening strips to get my teeth pearly white.  why are white teeth so desirable anyway?  as long as i could remember i have been crazy over it.  maybe in the next l
ife my dad will be a dentist so i can get dirt cheap whitening gel and trays...here's hoping for the next life 
for all my dreams to come true.
now check out these pearly whites...


the past 2 hours

so the dentist is tomorrow and i am like 99% positive that i have at least 1 cavity. boo genetics and boo my lack of flossing. who flosses anyway! my lesson was okay...there were a few minor things that i really couldn't control, but what can you do. i am a very blunt and outspoken person when it comes to a few things and i think that is not good for a relief society teacher. oh well...at least my outfit was super cute! um hello...i got the most rocking shoes that now finally fit. i had to order these precious gems from my local nordstrom, and when they came to my house, char wrapped them and put them under the christmas tree for me to open christmas eve with my family. i was so confused when i opened the box and saw my adorable steve maddens. needless to say they were too small even though i tried on the same size at the store! so i had to exchange them and they came on friday and fit to perfection...here they are...
i LOVE them...and that is an understatement. for 3 inch heels, they are comfy! i wore a black pencil skirt, a cute plaid sheer shirt with ruffles in the front and my trusty gray shade cardigan. my shirt is really cute! such great colors mixed in it...i will have to take a picture to give you the full effect!

anyway wish me luck at the dentist!


oh how i love

tonight i got together with my girls from farmington!  oh how i love them all!  we missed you jen, and we were so glad that meagan stopped by with her hubs and babe.  i love that we dabble in each others lives between meetings enough that half of us know what is going on in any 5 conversations.  the noise level is ever increasing with us, but it is because we all love playing the catch up game with each other!  blogging was a huge subject this evening.  jessie if you are reading this...blog!  this is the only way i really update my life to anyone.  i really do love these girls and wish that we could all ride the bike coaster one more time or play 10 across all afternoon...but alas we all have lives.  love you girls!

for those of you who have been concerned...my eye is a better.  well sort of.  it still causes amazing headaches from time to time, but it looks better.  and you know with me it is all about looks.  i think it is really funny that i have a lesson to plan and prepare, but yet i am listening to kate nash and blogging.  i am a major loser.  i did however make a dentist appointment today for the first time in a very long time.  i am very overdue for a cleaning and 'full blown' examination as the hygienist called it today on the phone.  i am pretty sure that my random wisdom tooth that i have has a cavity.  ugh so annoying!  who needs wisdom teeth...oh that's right i do.  well this one at least.  i have MESSED up teeth...long story there.

i bout 5 new fingernail polishes and i could not be more ecstatic!  NEW colors is the greatest thing ever in my life!  i am so materialistic and pathetic, but you know what, i really like it.  now i know what people are talking about when they call me high maintenance.  


the it girl

so funny story.  i was sweeping up after a haircut and some how managed to ram the end of the broomstick into my eye.  it watered for like 30 minutes after and was red the rest of the night.  klint just sat there and laughed at my pain.  so here i am 1.5 days later and it is causing such pain on the right side of my head.  of course my sister the nurse tries to scare me into thinking there is not bleeding behind my eye, which may lead to a stroke.  let's just say that i'm not too worried about that...but it is still ridiculous how much it hurts!  i mean really...who pokes themselves in the eye with a broomstick.  i am a major loser.

other big news is that i was called to be a teach in the relief society.  my only excuse was that i don't even go to relief society, but my bishop didn't really buy that.  oh well.  i have to teach every 4th sunday of the month, and so next week if my first go at it.  let's see how long this calling lasts before they realize that i am just not cut out for teaching in any way shape or form.


time for bed...so i blog

boo deanna
country music makes me cry
i hate snow
bood deanna
i hate snow
i'm sore
running does suck
still dr. pepper free


1:22 is a good time

i have been thinking about a lot of different things lately...a lot of decisions to be made this next year and it is sort of scary! i love this time of life though. i do get stressed but there are so many options that it is really exciting and i am grateful for so many open doors.
i have been pondering leaving utah...yes this small fish wants to venture into the great blue sea and explore outside of her bubble! it is so funny how once i start thinking about something i take little cues from the universe as a sign. when i would think about him a certain song would come on my ipod right then at random and it would totatlly remind me of him, or when i am thinking about moving i hear a great song by an amazing songwriter* and it seems to have all the answers for me.
how many days until next year / i'm counting down...leave this memory for me / cause it's mine and mine alone...you can remember me / but i'm forgetting you...i'm so close yet so far / i'm so close, i'm so far**
i just need a new start. i need to turn aly into a grown up for real. i haven't made any concrete decisions as of right now, but i do have have my little heart set on a few different options. but the point is that i have a new anthem for 2009. it is like a coutdown to my greatest adventure to date. i am really excited...i even made some new resolutions that i can actually keep this year! i am proud to announce that i am still dr. pepper free! a year and 2 days and still going strong. if i can conquer that maybe i can conquer swearing...cussing is for sailors, not me!
okay now i can tell about my crummy morning! i got a text from a co worker at 1:30 am letting me know that they wouldn't be in the next morning to open with me...okay fine i can handle half of my shift all by my lonesome. so i get to work grab the deposits figure out what change we need and then run to the bank. there is no parking cause it is in the same parking lot as gold's gym and since it is the new year there were plenty of gym goers at 9:30! so i park so far away and am uber bugged obviously. i am weaving my way in between parked cars, get to an aisle and there is some blonde in a lexus expecting me to stop so she could pass. i stare her down and let her know that it is a bad morning while i mutter curse words under my breath...thus breaking my resolution...yielding to pedestrians is not a new law i do know this! as i get to the bank i notice a parking spot right in front that was not vacant when i drove by twice before! anyway after that i get to work and i have to do a bunch of closing things that weren't done the night before and i am hating life and it was olny 10:00! after a few crummy customers the midshift girl comes in and with her brings a better day for me! before i knew it, it was 5:30 and i got to go home! it ended okay in the end. but really i was so urked with that lexus lady all day. like really...who do you think you are. oh you have a lexus i forgot the rules don't apply to you blondie...i think she was on her phone too...
disclaimer: val i don't hate all people who drive lexus'...just this lady!
*tyler stenson...tylerstenson.com