s.a.p sucks

for the past little while i have been so annoyed with all the dumb requests i get on facebook...so and so has sent you a vampire/when will you get married/what kind of mom will you be/what do your eyes say about you/warbook etc...request. i get so annoyed! well i broke down cause basically i was bored. here is what beatles song represents my life...
Eleanor Rigby:
You feel lonely and jaded by society. (you may stick your head in an oven at any moment) No one seems to understand how you feel, and thus you feel isolated from others. (you are a loser) Sometimes it feels like you're only half-awake, as if you're in a dream just going through the motions of life. (you probably like to get high) Inside that jaded exterior though, you are full of life and dreams. (you do cool stuff while high). emphasis added

in all honesty eleanor rigby is a pretty rockin song with a catchy chorus covering the depressing fact that she dies alone.
last night i decided i don't care how i die...just as long as i am wearing a great pair of shoes.
i heart heath ledger


stubbed toes and bottle caps

good news...blogger is now in hebrew, arabic and persian. i was worried for a long time, but not any more.

things i learned this week:
my bank is not open at all on saturdays
i owe 2 months worth of car insurance
how to ship packages at work
how to play scum...which didn't go so well
how to fix the flippin tagging gun at work
so much amazing music from michelle...bring it to work for me to steal
doing laundry sucks
don't plan a church sponsored activity the same night as an institute dance...how dumb of me!
massages are great
i have a headache permanently
i am a good person...shut up i really am
oh and i can't say shut up at work...thanks marshall


for meags...

so i really did cut my hair, but this is lame picture i know...i will post cuter ones from my travels to eagle mountain for heather's reception tonight. i still hate snow and really hate driving in it.


peach yogurt and corn dogs

note to self:
snow really really really sucks
no job really really really sucks
stupid family drama really really really sucks
stressing really really really sucks

but on the bright side:
my hair is freaking awesome
juno is my favorite movie

i'm quitting myspace...i think...i feel like it's a cult now.

go haircut!


funny people are fun!

so i just finished cutting my dear friend klint's hair and his lovely wife mary was also involved in the very intricate process that is finding the 'perfect' length for klint's hair. they are the best couple ever and if i could i would have them adopt me! no joke. it would be hilarious! anyway i enjoy their company thoroughly and can't wait to invite myself over for dinner and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for klint's birthday. i just wanted to let you all know!

rachel, ross, monica, chandler, joey and phoebe

so i was sitting there today watching season four of friends on dvd, still in my work out clothes from this morning and knitting...when i finally realized that this is something that my mom maybe would have done when i was in jr. high. except for the whole friends thing, she hated that show. instead she would have been baking cookies or something like that. she makes really good chocolate chip cookies by the way. so as i stumbled upon this realization that i was acting like a 40 year old women, i decided that my self proclaimed sabatical was over and i needed to get a job.

man being a grown up sucks bad.
or would it be sucks badly...
no it sucks bad

i really do love my new haircut though.
just thought i would mention that again.


junior mints and grilled cheese

i heart junior mints
i heart my 'blazin' l.a. girls nail polish from urban
i heart my neon green tinsel christmas tree
i heart my new ornaments that i bought today just to store under my bed for next year
i heart sondre lerche
i heart my new haircut...a-line please
i heart my new dress
i heart the intro to 'you get what you give'
i heart life



long road to ruin

amazingly enough new years eve didn't suck for me. not because i did anything fantastic, but i didn't have any expectations this year...so therefore i wasn't dissappointed. so let's make some resolutions slash wishes for 2008:
no more swearing...oops already broke that one.
no more gossiping...oops broke that one too.
saying no when i have too many things going on.
wake up earlier...oh no, broke that too.
save money
no more passive aggressiveness
no more dr. pepper...i may go through withdrawls
keep in touch with people i actually like to talk to
blog more...cause it's fun
take more pictures and develop them
keep my room clean...oops again
only buy ONE pair of shoes a month
this is really fun. i have so many things i want to improve so this is the year of aly. my friend julia said it was the year 0'aly. i love involving my name in making up other names.

oh my life was fulfilled by seeing juno finally! i love that movie so much that i would marry it if i could marry objects of entertainment. so funny, heartwarming, real and great! i am laughing still now at my favorite lines and want to watch it everyday! ellen page is hilarious and i want to be friends with her. like i can picture her and me hanging out with like zach braff and micheal cera and having a great time listening to awesome tunes and drinking root beer or sunny d. yeah that would be tight.