please don't tell my trainer

i started insanity today.

what is insanity you may ask yourself...

this is insanity.

imagine p90x on crack.

and you won't even come close to how intense insanity is.

sean t is the craziest s.o.b in the land. yes i said 'in all the land'. he is so crazy. his body is sic...and i mean sic. the people on the workout video have sic bods. the people in the workout video are dropping like flies about 20 minutes after i drop like a fly. sean t is yelling at you the whole time to dig deep, but you know what? i think it is possible to have dug as deep as you possibly can before you die. you hear that sean t? you dig all the way to china if you want, i will dig through the carpet okay?

i started with the fitness test. have you ever done push.up jacks. uh huh. i said push.up jacks. that is when you get into a push.up position, and as you lower your body down to the ground you jump you legs out as if you wear doing a jumping jack. then as you raise you body you jump your legs back into the regular push.up position. death...yes. try it, you will thank me later.

my whole point in telling you this...

my body hurts.

good night.


another one

so i totally forgot to mention that i found out this weekend that i am one of the most awkward conversationalists in the world. within the first few convos with m i may or may not have called him gay, made fun of his middle name and he may or may not have called me sir. yeah so i am not totally convinced this will go too far. but the good news is that our last meeting we were totally relaxed and considering it was during a 3.5 hour seder, we had plenty of time to chit chat and learn plenty about each other.

and i just embarked on watching my sisters kids all weekend. wow, this should be fun.

jicama with a j...

i am watching america's top model and am appalled by the fact that angelea is the most awkward and ugly model ever! and ren is a major loser. nuff said.

i met a boy
i cleaned my room
i made my bed
i hurt my finger
i ran outside
i got a new trainer
i made a jicama salad
i made potato latkes
i washed my hair
i like a boy

and it's only wednesday


best thing ever

i have been staying at my sister's all week since her husband is off studying at harvard. tonight we went to check on her twins before we went to bed and jane was laying face down butt naked. her pj's were close beside her and her diaper stuffed in between their cribs. sadie on the other hand had just removed her pj's and was huddled under her blanket. we changed their diapers only to find that sadie had poop stuck to her little bum cheeks! i had to give her little hiney a little impromtu bath all the while she cried cause it started cold. we got them in new jammies and put them to bed once again and laughed hysterically at the picture char happend to snap of janie's sweet little bum cheeks. all in a day's work huh?


why do monday's hate me?

i just made the most wonderful discovery tonight.

pushing daisies.

may be the best show ever. i had never seen it before until tonight and i LOVE it. really i think it is the most darling thing ever. when they kissed for the first time in the body bags...stop it. or when they made the little gold monkeys kiss. i thought it so fitting for the mood and the characters in the show. how did i miss this show in the past?


too late

thanks to the snow today i found out that these gems of imitation corduroy preciousness are not water.proof. cool.

they were soaking mostly because when i got to my sisters this is what i found...

my sister standing 12 feet tall atop a ladder brushing snow off her satellite. don't stand in the way of this woman and her american idol viewing.

and sometimes when i get dressed i secretly hope that i have been nominated for tlc's
what not wear and that my clothes will be viewed in the utterly entertaining and dreaded 'secret footage'. case and point...

what i think smee from peter pan would look like if he were a woman.

and this is the lovely view of the 'walk' i got to enjoy on the way to my house tonight.

i had to park forever away because the 8 stalls in my cul.de.sac were already taken. lovely.


bring on the lion

remember how i woke up to this?

okay not literally this exact sunrise. but i woke up this morning and it was sunny and beautiful! not a cloud in the sky or a care in my world, i headed off to work.

then it started to get gloomy.

then it started to rain.

then it turned into snow.

this is what i drove home in...

now a few of you may be asking...but aly is it really safe to take pictures whilst driving? didn't you get in an accident in december. the answer is yes, but when you are only going 35 mph...you have the time to slam on your brakes if need be.

and guess who wore sandals today?

i know what you are thinking...who would wear gladiator sandals in the snow?

this girl...

awesome. you may also notice the water spots on my shirt. cool.

this is a nice shot of the aforementioned horses behind my house.

let's hope march goes out like a lamb.



anyway is the word i am looking for.

last week i moved. i was a monumental day and it was a long day coming. i hated my apartment. i hated the fact that the bathroom door could still be opened while locked. i hated how the laundry room door never shut all the way. i hated the washer and dryer that didn't work. i hated the gross stained carpet. i hated the fact that my bed was smashed against the window and my dresser. i hated how freezing cold it was. i hated just about everything about that place. and anyone who saw it was stunned by how much i was paying a month. so the lease was up and i was looking for a place and it feel into my lap practically. i moved across the fence into a townhouse with a girl in my ward...jessie jensen. not the jessie jensen i have known since birth, but another jessie jensen. what are the odds. it is a spacious room...a little bit smaller closet...but i love it! i had to get rid of a lot of crap, but that is good. i like dejunking. it makes you feel really good and accomplished. i will post pictures...someday. i am currently sitting on my bed looking out the big window at the almost setting sun. which can we just talk about what a beautiful day it has been today? i mean come on! gorgeous! i can't wait for spring.

i saw jw the other day and it was a horrendous experience. my little sister emme turned 20. my best friend rae turned 25 and we went for sushi with drunk losers, and i wasted a really cute outfit for that experience. i went to ihop and got sick. i went to 5 guys burgers and fries and got sick. every morning when i wake up my back is all stiff and i feel ancient. there's a horse in the field by my house and i can see it from my window! oh how sweet.