fake it till you make it


what hobbies do i have?

i used to think that i had a lot and after today i am starting to second guess myself on that. how is it that we are expected to find someone who shares the same hobbies as us, and then spend the rest of our lives with them? i mean my main hobbies consist of things that one does in complete solitude...knitting, reading and writing. now i do have other hobbies like shopping, doing hair, running {when i feel like it}, and make up. and as it was pointed out to me tonight, i don't want to be with a guy who enjoys those things because they more than likely are batting for the other team. if you know what i mean. then i also found out that i will never get married because i don't like sports. whatever. my sister who has been happily married for 12 years did reassure me that i just had to pretend to like sports and occasionally watch a football game here and there. thanks for the reassurance char.

and bird boy made an appearance today in my life. he invited me over to enjoy some pickles that he made last year. i had to decline in the end...but not before i was asked by others if i loved him and if i was doing that whole thing again, i think they were referring to my brief stint in liking him and doing whatever it was that we were doing last summer. good times.

home alone

so we all remember that one time that my roommates took a road trip without me because i chose a profession that mandates i sign over my soul and every saturday for the rest of my life? oh wait...that was just this weekend. sorry to confuse you.

yes my two wonderful roommates decided on an impromptu road trip to clear their minds and to 'get away' for a while. granted they just went to manti. but the fact is this. i need to clear my mind and 'get away' for a while too. why couldn't they have planned this over the first weekend in april when i will actually have a saturday off because i requested it so that i don't have another panic attack.

yeah i had a panic attack a few weeks ago, it was awesome! it mostly consisted of hot flashes, an elephant sitting on my chest, a dreadful fear that i was in fact crazy and not being able to breath very well. this was brought on by the news of my ward splitting and realizing that my chances on finding 'the one' in my ward were cut in half...from 20 down to 10. it was also brought on by the fact that all i have done lately is work everyday, come home and sleep. only to wake up and work all over again. it's a depressing life and a very fearful life as well. who can rest when there is a chance that you could have a panic attack at any moment. *i hope that you all realize that i am in fact not crazy and i am totally OVER exaggerating my panic attack. it was mild and i was calm within minutes. but i did try to convince my roommate that it was a blood clot instead. i am funny like that.*

i hope that you realize that i am only kidding with the whole 'finding the one' crap. i am SO not into the handful of boys in my ward. sitting next to 'bird boy' last week was enough for me. although i may bring candy again to bribe people to sit with me while my roommates are gone. the roomies weren't too keen on the idea of me skipping out on church due to lack of their presence. it wasn't a good enough excuse i guess. so tomorrow will be a flashback to 1 year and 3 months ago when i came to the vast land of pleasnt grove and ventured {for approximately 20 minutes} to a new ward house about 5 minutes away all by my lonesome and for the first time in 4.5 years i was the new girl in a sea of weekly new girls.

so wish me luck and if there is anyone reading this before 11:15 am, and if you also feel inclined to make me breakfast before i head off visiting teaching, that would be much appreciated. thanks y'all.

two more things...1: last night i had a dream that i made out with jo from teen mom 2, kailyn's ex and baby daddy. it was random, but of all the baby daddies he is my favorite, so that may be why. maybe i shouldn't admit to watching that.
2: if you need something fun to look at, google panic attack images. hilarious. my favorite was the yawning cat. classic peg.


double whammy

remember the weekend of jenn a few weeks back? here are some bathroom pics from jason's deli...we are just white trash like that.

nothing is better than trashy mirror pics! it was a glorious night and it all started with these pictures.

i think i failed to mention that my mouth is killing me right now. i got a cavity filled yesterday and today the pain is making me want to punch my dentist in the mouth to make him hurt just as bad as i do. and the best part is knowing that i paid for him to do this to me! call me a sucker for healthy teeth.

yesterday i also got a massage at work. it was heaven. yes heaven here on earth in the form of two strong hands. i am really excited that i have another one lined up for next wednesday. excessive? no. necessary? yes! i found out that my pectoral muscles can get tight from working with my arms out in front of me all day. who knew? thanks laramie for that fun fact.

one more thing..

i may or may not have hidden 7 bags of these in my room.

yep that is correct. this may be why i had a cavity filled today. don't worry i will share if you ask nicely!


cavities suck

the other night i went out with my sisters kate and char. we met at fashion place mall. we shopped at nordstrom for b.day presents for my niece who will be turning 10 next week. we waited at cheesecake factory for ages. i scoffed at horrible fashion faux pauxs...ladies, you only tuck your jeans into boots if they are skinny jeans, not boot cut!...kate and char scoffed at me. the chicken and biscuits i ordered were delish! our decision to each order our own slice of cheesecake and share was probably the best decision we have ever made. too bad emme thinks that going to logan to hang out with morgan is more important than quality family time...

which brings me to my next point. i need to take more pictures of little outings like this. it was brought to my attention not too long ago that some people only look at blogs if there are pictures to look at as well. i hereby will vow to take more pictures for your viewing pleasure. you're welcome.