the actual fun post

so...i may or may not have met someone.  and by may or may not i mean that i met someone.  

this is mike

he is a pretty great addition to my crazy little life!  a few weeks after landon so lamely dumped my via text message...mike emailed me.  i ignored him.  
me emailed me a second time. i ignored him.
he emailed me a third and final time claiming that his membership was 'going to expire' and he wanted to get to know me.  he left me his number.
now don't get me wrong, i wasn't uninterested in him, i was just scorned by landon.  i really didn't want to go out with anyone!  i decided to at least email mike back and left him my number informing him that i was old fashioned and he had to call/text me first.
the next morning he text me.  we talked via texting/telephone for about a week and agreed to go out that next wednesday.  
on monday he decided to come and get his haircut at my salon.  yes the first time we met was at my work.  not awkward at all.  he was all dressed to impress stating he just got back from a work meeting.  he was very charming and when he answered a phone call i made the decision that he was too schmoozy like for me.  too many bro's, man's, dude's and cool words were used in a 2 minute conversation.  we had plans to hang out that night after work and i was so unexcited.  i met him near his house, we dined and then hung out at his house and my schmoozy perception was confirmed.  oh well...except that i had already agreed to go out with him that wednesday.  lame.
wednesday rolled around and he decided to introduce me to his son.  oh yeah mike has a 12 year old son.  so i met his son...on our second date.  awesome!  we went to dinner (i got there too late to make the bee's game he had planned) and then took his son home.  his son thought i was hot.  only slightly awkward.  we went back to his place and just talked.  only a miraculously thing happened...he was a decent human being!  he put down his front and and he was just mike!  i walked away kicking myself because as much as i wanted to avoid it, i actually liked him!  so needless to say after that it was a done deal!  we have spent almost every single, solitary minute together that is humanly possible with our crazy schedules and lives.  just so you know i am currently talking to him on the phone as he drives to my house to hang out.  
i have officially turned into a girl and now swoon over every cute/cheesy thing that he says!  it's a little pathetic for sure.  he really is fantastic.  he makes me laugh everyday and we have so much fun together.  i am so glad to get to spend my time with him and can't wait to see what is in store for us!

he surprised me at work one day!

a beautiful sunday at the park.

yes he is really tan (he is 1/2 mexican, 1/2 spanish) and i am really white!

he has an adorable little smile!

we stay up way too late.

sunday dinner with friends.

just watching the nba play-offs.  yep i watch basketball now.

more basketball time together.  

he even met the family and they like him.  more importantly he likes my family!  nice work Asay's!

guess what?

i've made an executive decision to postpone the post of the actual court date to post fun things.  i know you are all dying to know what happened!  dun dun dun!  ha ha, you have to wait!  


this is what you have missed!

a few dinners with this lovely...jessie ellen

did this little ones hair 

had a delicious lunch date with these two

more from the best primary chorister

me and eoz on mother's day

me and kate with her birthday presents from me and char

me and em

happy mother's day mom...stay classy

lots of family time

loving my millie girl

shopping in park city with my sisters

my 'loot' from our park city trip

had pho for the first time

did my mom's hair

ran...ran...ran...ran...ran...you get the idea

finally got a new windshield

blessing day for the boys

played with these cheese heads

little guys getting sooooo big

bath time with this darling

pretty hair

the wrinkliest bath feet ever

did a little hair

ate a little pre birthday cake...thanks jess love