wish you were here

alas i am at my sister's house again and finally able to post. here is a glorious picture of my new...and by new i mean a month and a half...hair color for those of you still wondering.

yep, i went back to red...just like in beauty school. oddly enough even though i had the black for 3 + years i feel more like myself with the red.

here is a picture of my halloween costume for those of you wondering.
this is me and my bff roomie jenn on our way to a rocking halloween party. jenn was a greek goddess and yes that is my hair in an afro mohawk...i never got a side view picture, but trust me, using half a can of aveda's control force in 24 hours can get your hair to do pretty much anything!

i am in denial about the fact that thanksgiving is already upon us. my mom is deserting us this year and going to visit her dad in arkansas! i don't really know what i am supposed to do with that. oh well, we will still play mario party true to tradition. we will still get banana cream pie true to tradition. and we may or may not spend the day with our neighbors. it has all the key ingredients of being the best thanksgiving yet!

i found yet another reason to love facebook. it's funny/slash/interesting that seeing the words 'in a relationship' can be the foulest thing in this world! seeing 'in a relationship' while facebook stalking puts a bit of a damper on your day. seeing when someone is 'in a relationship' with some other girl, when you just made out with the guy...yep that's the best part definitely. and just to clarify, this has nothing to do with actual events in my life. this is all very hypothetical. yes. hypothetical.

the best news is that my bff rachael married her new bff jared this past weekend in sunny san diego, california! i was unable to attend due to some financial inflexibility, but i was definitely there in heart, mind and spirit. i am so happy for her and can't wait to see the new mrs. bangerter.


be serious please!

if you have children, i will apologize in advance if what i have to say will offend you. this is how i feel as a professional and how many others of my kind feel as well...with that said let me tell you about my day the other day.
it was a slow day at the salon and i was addressing invitations for our v.i.p event coming up in december, when i decided to check my books. i noticed that there was a color on my books at 12:00. well it was 12:26 so it was safe to say that they weren't coming to their appointment. i went up to the front desk just to check if they really didn't come and heard them just check in my client. that was when i noticed the frazzled mom with her two kids and their happy meals. i double checked that the appoinment was in fact for a color and then called her name to have her and her small brood come back to my chair. now let's just pause and reassess the situation...i had an hour to do the complete weave and have it process within that hour before her haircut, she brought her two kids to an appointment that most should plan at least two-three hours for, she brought happy meals into a salon, she was half an hour late and finally she didn't really explain to the front desk what she wanted to have done and they underscheduled me. so needless to say my patience and my niceness were wearing thin. i mixed up her color, weaved her hair in record time and luckily one of the assistants that day helped entertain the kids. during her processing time i left her with her kids to keep me sane. when i brought her back to wash her hair she sat her kids on the chair with her iphone playing some sort of kids show and never looked back. while i was rinsing out her shampoo i noticed her daughter was laying on the chair with her little head sticking off the side and her son spinning the chair really fast with her hear barely missing the wall corner! i turned the water off and started to head towards the chair just as the assistant grabbed the chair to make it stop. the mom was so not apologetic and yelled through the salon for them to sit down and not spin the chair. i finished washing her and we started the haircut. the kids had started spinning each other again and squealing. i finally couldn't take it anymore and locked the chair so it couldn't spin anymore. then the mom apologizes. a little late for that i think. then somehow the little girl figures out how to unlock the chair. seriously? i speed through the haircut and blow dry her hair and send her on her way.
i needed to destress so i headed to the food court for a much needed diet coke and came back to check if she bought any product and to see what kind of tip she left/babysitting money for the assistant. $5. yep, $5 for a $120 ticket. okay have people just lost their common sense? when you go to a salon to get a service done, i thought it was expected that you leave at LEAST a 10% tip. much like when you go out to eat! if you can not leave at least that much go to another salon that is cheaper! this may sound like i am a huge brat, but really i worked my tail off and we babysat your kids...10% is not too much to ask! also, if you have kids...you make arrangements for them to be with someone else while you are getting your hair done! kids should not be in a salon UNLESS they are getting their haircut. in my years of doing hair i have never seen a child sit still longer than 20 minutes, so i think it is out of the question that you expect them to sit still for 2 hours while getting your hair colored. have parents just lost control of their kids! i noticed this when i was working retail as well. moms should be embarrassed by the way their kids act at times and so many don't even bat an eye to how their kids act. if my child were to be spinning around in a salon chair i would tell my stylist to forget the conditioner and rush over to the chair and make them stop! again you may think i am being a brat, but this is how i feel!
sorry i just had to rant about that...get it off my chest! so a note to all...don't bring your kids into a nice salon unless they are getting their haircut and please expect to leave at least 10% for your stylist. thanks!