now...as far as cruise pictures, i took about a million! so this is the best of the best. as well as this years trip to flaming gorge. enjoy...

ready to go!...heids, kristin, bolish and me.

first night at dinner on the cruise!...kristin, mille and me.

we were all fancied up!...me and kristin

i was a guidette for a night...me and mille

oh you know just chilling on a boat in mexico.

i freaking love bolish!

just chillin on the beach in MEXICO!!!! remember when i was tan... :(

i was so excited for sprite from a glass bottle. best tacos ever!

meet my dear friend collin...why we both look wasted is beyond me!

an elephant made out of a freaking towel!

emme and aly, flaming gorge 2010

to prove that i hike.

all ready to jump!

i really am not sure if i could love this beautiful little lady more!

just jumping off a cliff...no biggie!

it was pouring rain...we all snuggled under a tarp. precious is the word are looking for.

peace out flaming gorge...until next year.

once again...couldn't love her more.

i'm alive.

remember when i used to blog a lot? okay maybe you don't remember cause it has never happened in real life. but i do remember when i was enthralled with the idea of blogging more. it's the thought that counts...right?

i went bowling the other night. it was epic! i realized that as with most things in my life i have a very short attention span towards the game some might even call a sport. i do really well the first 4 frames. i care a lot and make sure that i have almost perfect form. i lower my body towards the ground on my left leg and throw my right let to the left and follow through, often staying in this awkward and difficult pose until the flourescent ball makes contact with the center pin. i talk to the ball as i pose to the left of the lane before taking three steps toward the line and release the ball just before my arm approaches the point of being raised forward in the air. there is a definite science to bowling that i have mostly learned from wii bowling, but that is beside the point. you woudl think that being excellent at wii bowling would ensure that you are just as good at real life bowling, or, that my routine for each turn of bowling would guarantee that i am near professional status. well you would be very incorrect in both trains of thought. now before i get too distracted i need to finish my original thought. i have such a short attention span combined with a poor form for losing so that if i am behind after the first 4 frames, i subconsciously give up on the entire game. i start throwing gutter balls or i will mess up on easy opportunities for spares. i just can't seem to keep my head in the game. and due to my stupid need to win i let it get to me and i curse or hurt my arm by trying to just throw the ball really hard. mostly curse though. sorry mom, but honesty is the best policy. and the fact that i have to wait for people in between my own turns...don't even get me started.

the point, and i do have one, is this: i have a shorter and shorter attention span the older i get. if i am talking to someone and i have already gotten all that i need from them, i will try to be nice and ask other mundane questions and not even listen to the answer. if you have fallen victim to this, i am sorry, it's not personal. if i am writing a blog entry i will stop to do the most randoma and unneccasry things and then have to re-read what i have written only to add another line and the whole cycle starts over again! i can't even start to explain a trip to the grocery store. texting people back sometimes is tricky unless i do it right away. i go through 'crushes' on guys so rapidly that most peole blink longer than these 'crushes' last. the mere fact that i can even paint all 10 fingernails in one sitting is just shy of a miracle.

i am okay with this short attention span i have honed over the years. do you know why i am okay with it? because it is another intricate and complicated facet into who aly really is. i like who i am. i think i have done a pretty darn good job with myself in the past 25 years. short attention span and all.

and just a little tip...if i text you back with just 'yep' or 'nope', i am mad at you and everything is not okay. oh and i also use words like fantastic and glorious. glad i could clear that up for you.