here i am

i am alive and well everybody.  you can stop worrying!

where to start on filling ya'll in on my life...too many options!  i will break it down in a few posts so that you don't feel like you are reading forever...you're welcome!

so remember that time that i mentioned going to court...well that finally happened.  i was accused of perjury.  we had to fight off mobs of people from upsetting my dad since he couldn't really remember ANY of them.  i had to yell at a crowd of misfit adults to clear the handicap ramp so my dad and uncles could get out of the courthouse.  every motion was found in our favor and we got temporary guardianship for the duration of the permanent trial!  now i will tell you why we went to court.

my dad had this lady 'friend', we'll call her susan, who would drive from provo to farmington to take him so his single adult dances, take him to dinner and movies and parties to keep him 'active in his social circle'.  back in january susan talked to my sister katie to tell her that she wanted to marry my dad and that my dad loved her.  as ya'll may remember my dad has alzheimer's, unable to really have a romantic relationship of any sort.  he had told my brother matt multiple times that he didn't want to marry her and that he didn't love her.  on january 17 susan took my dad from his apartment that he shares with matt, and married him in the home of a judge that she was friends with.  matt received a phone call at midnight january 18 from an anonymous women to tell him that the marriage happened and that they were on a honeymoon and susan would contact us in a few days.  that night we called the police and were informed that she has done nothing legally wrong.  in utah as long as you are over the age of 16 and not marrying your cousin, anyone can get married!  that was a fun fact to find out in a time of crisis.

during that course of that week we learned lots of fun facts!  we found out that susan had done something like this before and that she wouldn't stop until she got every last dime out of us.  we found out that she already had her mom, who has dementia, living with her.  we found out that we had to hurry and get guardianship before she did so that we could get out dad back.  but i think the most interesting and hardest thing that we found out was that our dad was indeed worse and we needed to get him back no matter what.  

on january 20 matt and katie were granted temporary (30 days) guardianship of our dad!  they went to susan's home with a police escort who just happened to be katie's ex boyfriend from like 10 years ago.  it's a small world when you are in a crisis is something else we found out that week.  after a roller coaster evening in which my dad thought we were all conspiring to get his money and out to get him, trying to hit my brother in law and not wanting to talk to anyone but my brother in law and sister, they got my dad home and finally back to his old self.  the next day a man contacted katie telling her that he was retained as my dad's lawyer and that he wanted to meet with his client asap.  kate's lawyer later informed us that this man was in his 70's and has parkinson's disease...this should be fun!  

we had a court date set for february 13, 2012.  in the meantime kate and matt took dad to get a neuro/psych evaluation done.  the dr. was baffled by his age and the severity of the disease.  she concluded that dad was highly susceptible to exploitation and that there was really nothing to be done to stop the progress of the disease.  the friday before the scheduled court date, susan contested the neuro/psych evaluation stating that it was 'biased' since it was a dr. we found and that us taking him to the appointment changed the outcome.  okay.  or maybe he really does have alzheimer's and isn't capable of a lot of things.  she is crazy.  anyway.  this day we also found out that she had gone to the social security office and changed my dad's disability checks to go to her house...even though she didn't even have him living with her.  awesome, now we can add stealing to her ever growing list of wrong doings.  

we got another evaluation, froze the future disability checks and as for me, i had a nervous and emotional breakdown to my roommate, one of my oldest friends and my mom.  it was pretty awesome. we had another court date scheduled for february 28, 2012.  well you guessed it...she postponed that one too!  stating the that judge that was on our case did something unconstitutional.  seriously?  so we had to wait for a new judge to review the old judge to determine if he did in fact do something unconstitutional and then review the case!  this woman was quickly becoming the source of so much stress that i got shingles...yep just like an old person!  thanks susan.  

to be continued...