what the what doesn't really cover this...

oh boy...

yes i went on my cruise, yes i had fun and yes posts to come, but this is more exciting...

today work was crazy. there were customers in the store all day. we got a huge shipment and were putting it all away. literally i can't think of a time when no one was in the store. so at 4:30 the store is dead! one customer. my friend jessie and i had plans to grab a quick bite and she wanted me to get off early instead of at 5:00. i left the store in the more than capable hands of tiffany and text laura to come in 15 minutes early so tiff wouldn't have to be alone that long. we went to cafe rio. we chatted with our friend staci and her baby rocco. i told of my cruise adventures and we enjoyed ourselves. until i finally heard my phone. it is my sister char calling to tell me that a car drove into my store. i freak out and i am pretty sure i was not making complete sentences...what are you talking about, is everyone okay, a car really drove through my store, was there customers in the store, is everyone okay, all the way to the dressing rooms,i am on my way, i have to go back to work. i hang up on char, see the missed calls from tiffany call her back and am headed to the door realizing i drove with jessie, she is handing me her keys and i zoom to the store. i run in the back door hoping that char's second hand information was exaggerated. i am shaking, my heart is racing, i am freaking out at the possibilities of what has happened, basically sick to my stomach. i open that back door and see a white minivan 10 feet away from me. i run through glass and product to my 2 girls. laura cries as i embrace her and tiffany. t had just gotten there and already had a broom in hand. we are shaking like leaves. laura finally starts to tell me that they were behind the cash wrap folding shirts when they all of a sudden decided to head to the back to start steaming. as they are walking back they hear a crash and see a car driving through the doors and they book it for the back door and continue to hear crashing of all sorts. a young 15 year old girl with a permit mistook the gas pedal for the brake. they came through the entire store! LUCKILY NO ONE WAS HURT!!!!! there were no customers in the store. our cash wrap is the heaviest thing in the world and it got pushed back to the wall where the girls had just been.

i just can't even start to explain how blessed we were that no one was hurt. i can't even start to think about the 'what ifs' because they are far worse than what actually ended up happening. i am still so sick that they couldn't get a hold of me sooner! not that i would have changed anything, but i just feel bad for the 2 girls. they were so shaken up! i sent the girls home, the my sister char and the other owner chelsea trickled in and were just in shock. amanda my district manager and ken our i.t. guy are taking pictures. the girl who was driving is hysterical, her mom was still sitting in the car and her dad was ushering the daughter out of the store with what i can only assume was family. no one really knew what to do. they backed out the car and we tried to sweep up the glass, but were worried that we would get hurt. literally glass covered the floor like diamonds. it reminded me of the mining scene on snow white, we were just missing the dwarfs to sing hi ho. i stayed with amanda until we got the doors boarded up...7 hours later.

i feel so inadequate to have been blessed with the safety of my staff. i love the girls i work with and feel like they are my little sisters. i know that sounds lame, but i truly do love them. i just don't understand how NO ONE was injured. it is an honest to goodness miracle. a tender mercy. i am in shock. just another reason to count my blessings. today could have ended so much worse and the fact that everyone walked away unscathed is unfathomable.

we are hoping to have the store up and running by friday, with particle board doors, but glass free!



i am off
i am leaving for the airport at the crack of dawn
i am semi packed
i have my passport
i have cash
i have a big straw hat
i have new aviator shades
i have swim suits
i have tanks...one for only $1.97!!!!
i have shorts
i have skirts
i have v.necks
i have underwear
i have tanning lotion
i have books
i have tunes

aaaaahhhhhh...that is my sigh of relief to be ready
aaaaahhhhhh...that is my mantra for the next week

if i die on the boat, you can have my shoes
you can have my laptop
you can have my collection of elephant necklaces
you can even have my car

you're welcome

goodbye sweet blogging world for 9 days of sun!