stupid lost phone!

okay so pandora just totally let me down and tried to mix taylor swift onto my playlist...lame!

so back to losing my cell phone, which still really stinks for those wondering.  i have to keep asking the question...who is this...whenever i get a random text and concentrate really hard on the voice when a call comes through.  so tonight i get the same nameless text i am so used to seeing and ask who is this.  they were offended but finally revealed their identity.  it was a guy that i used to hang out with a few years ago but haven't seen for a really long time, but randomly was thinking about the other day.  and now i find myself being semi obsessed waiting to hear the little text ring from my phone, hoping our conversation doesn't end, just as i did all those years ago.  he once told me that hearing his phone go off in the middle of the day made him smile, and that he often looked forward to it, hoping it was me.  not that i am still interested in him or anything, but it just brings back memories of good times that are now long since passed you know?  it is just nice to hear from these random people every now and then.  i like knowing that they think about me too.

now here is a picture of me and lil miss squishy.


yeah it's britney spears

yesterday i was talking to a girl at work about a mutual acquaintance that we have that just recently dropped out of beauty school.  i mean who drops out of beauty school?  i guess if you really suck that makes sense, but she was like half way through when she left!  i just don't know anyone who can actually say they were a bsdo {beauty school drop out}.  i am glad that i made it through with my sanity!  i am also glad that i found something in my life that i am good at and that i love.  i mean some people never find that one thing in life that they are meant to do.  that is just sad.  
just now i was having a convo with kc via text message and we were discussing her 10 week long marriage class that her and ashton were invited to each sunday evening.  it is over now finally and i mentioned that i would have dropped out a long time ago.  to which she replied...
'it'd be just like that minute you went to college'
'yes just like that minute i went to college!  you really know how to put things into perspective!'
'it's a gift'
you see kc has found her one thing {among many things} that she is meant to do in life.  put others lives into perspective from an un.biased standpoint.  okay maybe not so un.biased since we're bff's but that is beside the point.  the point is whatever your thing{s} might be, it would be really sad to not be able to discover that for yourself!  


happy birthday to kate

it is my sister katie's birthday today and even though i am positive that she never reads my blog, i am going to tell her 28 reasons why i love her...

1  she is a very hard worker and made it through nursing school while working full time.
2  she is a very great mom and an excellent example to me.
3  she is so willing to help me with whatever it may be.  last week she offered to help me go back to school.
4  she gets so excited for me to come and hang out with her in farmington no matter how short or long the visit will be.
5  she has been a dedicated runner and loves it still to this day.
6  she has the best pregnant laugh that i have ever heard...this time i think it has stuck even after millie was born
7  she forgives me for all the times that i let her down.
8  that one time that she stuck her feet in my face so i wouldn't fall asleep first.
9  she is so smart...even though she thought that california was next to florida.
10  for when she used to flip off cars that drove by and honked while she was running.
11  all those times i would ride my brothers bike next to her while she ran.
12  her ability to stand up to people when she is pregnant...i am telling you, pregnant kate is hilarious!
13  that time she shoved my birthday cake in my face, only to have me shove some in her face while on the phone.
14  her list of music she wants her husband to download for her ipod while running...among her many requests...britney spears.
15  her ability to fall asleep anywhere and almost always before 10 pm.
16  the time when we hated each other...i mean hated each other.
17  on my first plane ride, i thought i was gonna be freaked out, but it was actually kate that freaked out even though she has flown before.  she dug into my arm so hard that i forgot that i was scared.
18  all the weekends that kate and nate would let me crash at their first apartment in salt lake.
19  her infinite love of training tables cheese fries.
20  the fact that she has worn the same make up for the past 14 years...except bare minerals has now been introduced to the mix.
21  me hand making all her wedding announcements, while working full time and going to school.  i wouldn't have done that if i didn't love her.
22  forgetting that i used to not like her husband.   at all.  i love him now, he was made for her.
23  she cut her hair all off and rocked it.
24  her infinite well of advice and empathy.
25  inspiring me to be a better person.
26  re.creating grasshopper pie ice cream from mitchell's in her kitchen.
27  when she held my hand while i had the flu one thanksgiving...for some reason that is all i wanted at the time. 
28  always being there for me, even if it is the middle of the night and i just got to her house, i can always crawl in bed next to her and get some sort of acknowledgment from her.

i love you kate and always will.  i don't think you would be able to get rid of me even if you tried.  when we are old and have alzheimer's we can live in the same assisted living place and ask each other who they are all day.  i hope you have a great 28th birthday.  gosh you are old! 


what's a girl to do

tonight i was reminded of a random moment thanks to mr. james.  you may recall the my dad suffers from dementia, or early onset alzheimer's, so sometimes throughout the day you are either laughing at how random he is or so annoyed with him.  anyhow, one night i was cutting kc's hair and i think char and randy were trying {unsuccessfully} to open their huge ginormous safe which was funny in and of itself.  but the even funnier part is when upon hearing char say something about ziploc bags, out busts my dad from his room holding a box of gallon size ziploc bags.  we all looked at each other with an odd expression wondering why the hell did dad have an entire box hidden in his room?  he acted like it was totally normal of course and forked over the box and went back into his room.  we all died with laughter much like the fit of laughter i endured while remembering this incident.  i have heard of alzheimer's patients hoarding random household items like remote controls and peanut butter...so is my dad now that bad that he is hoarding ziploc bags in case he were to need one in the middle of the night?  oh well.  i guess that all comes with the woes of the disease.  me and my sister have decided that the reason we laugh about it so much is because the only other option is crying.  crying cause our relatively young dad who was never really that involved enough to have a relationship with, is fading slowly and it is too hard to really accept what will end up happening.  we have been thinking about putting him in an assisted living facility.  i don't want to remember my dad this way, but i don't want to remember him in an assisted living facility either.  it is a whole jumble of mixed emotions.  cruel mixed emotions.  

this weekend i went home to farmington and spent time with kate and nate.  zoe is almost 3 and millie is 2 months now.  
we had a lovely dinner {sans kids} at sampan in slc
watched enchanted
ate macs and cheese at 10 am...it is never a bad time of day to have macs and cheese...
nate studied for his finals
millie slept
kate slept
me and zoe bonded over wall-e
had a hearty dinner of wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches
and tried {sorta successfully} to recreate my mitchell's ice cream experience in san fran {pics below.

all in all it was a nice time.  it was sprinkled with the rest of the family in there too.  i slept in until 9:45 on saturday...the longest i have slept in since my vaca to cali.  it was heaven.  


when i grow up

lately all i want to do is listen to sad songs and lie around in bed sipping hot chocolate and taking a vacation in my room.  this is what the rain will do to me!

so shade finally launched their new campaign called 'the bright side'!  it officially launched today on the website bringing shade fans awesome printed tee for an awesome cause.  shade brought along the bright side to help everyone look to the positive or the bright side in life in these uncertain times.  i know that we all know someone who is struggling and seen what this economic down time is doing to hard working individuals.  that is why 50% of every $20 tee will be donated to the united way to help 100 families in the community!  if you haven't checked out 'the bright side' yet, you really should!  i just bought my 2nd shirt today!  i already own 'game on' and now 'the future is bright'!  get yours now and help families in need.  you never really realize how much you have, until you start to look around at others needs!  

and seriously...is audrina {the hills} for real?  you were totally in the wrong creepin up on brody like that while he is dating the playboy sleaze named jayde....jade with a y really?  she may be a crazy when she is gulping down lagers, but she is still his girlfriend, and that was not cool.  i agree that brody should have tried to mediate, but stand up for you...no.

this is the first year ever that i have gotten my car re.registered before the month was up!  a full 4 days before april was over, i got my safety and emissions done and my car is still legal to drive!  i am very proud of myself and you all should be too!