why doesn't david cook love me?

this is how i clean my room.  
i open my laptop
check facebook
look at pictures
check my blog
then i blog
i think my room will get clean eventually
i saw a last night for the first time in 3 months.  that is right folks 3 months.  and for those of you who guessed that it was awkward...you would be correct with that assumption.  oh man.  i have no way to explain it other than that.  oh well.  now maybe that will be my push to 'move the hell on' as kc so eloquently put it today.  cussing is my new passion i just decided right now.

just kidding mom.

i finally went tanning.  it was heaven.  the first night i was in a stupid regular ruva with no timer.  i could not relax the whole time cause i felt like i was in a tiny box that was going to explode at any moment cause i didn't know how long i was in there!  tonight was great i finally got my beloved #2 platinum ruva...aaahhh tender memories in that 8 x 6 foot room.  it was pure bliss lying there listening to my boyfriend david cook serenade me and wishing me back to him when i finally find myself.  ha ha.

really though i LOVE david cook.  this is not a joke.  don't hate me.  no wait don't judge me.

i want to be fiona apple when i grow up.


if i have a stroke...

celine dion
sunday evening
best night ever!

so me and my sister char scored some tickets to the celine dion show november 2007, for her concert in slc in november 2008.  well the show was postponed until tonight!  

fo rizzle...she is so the bomb.  like i have never seen any artist be better live than they are on their albums.  she has the MOST amazing voice ever and we have concluded that she really was born to sing.  god put her on this earth to sing and that is what she is doing.  she looked absolutely amazing and had the sickest sandals that went all the way up her leg and zipped all the way up.  she had dancers and a fun band. 

when she sang 'all by myself'...um unreal.  you all know the part of the song where it is just here singing, no music...it gave me goosebumps all over!  like you can't even understand the power of her voice until you see her live.  that is just it.  period the end.  i am so happy that i got to go and we had so much fun.  

if i said that i almost started to cry when she hit the stage would you make fun of me.  i would look at celine, look at char and smack her leg, look at celine, look at char....you get the point.  we were just all so shocked and excited to finally see her in person!  that was $127.00 well worth it!  she was so sweet to the crowd and looked like she was having fun.  after all the years that she has been performing...she still can rock it.  half way through char and i started to kick ourselves for never going to see her show in vegas.  i bet it was amazing and i wish now that i could have experienced that!  but i will take the 2.5 hours that i was able to see her in slc!  she sang all my favorites and was not disappointed in the least.  

one last thing.  today my 5 year old niece halle told me that she never wants to get married just like aunt aly.  i laughed and told her that i would eventually get married and grace informed halle that i'm not married cause i haven't found a man yet.  and how right she is!  how right she is.


how do you spell white noise

a is dating someone.

so that's what getting punched in the gut feels like...

it sucks for those who don't know.  

all i get is n coming to get a haircut.  it's funny how things like that work out.

i went to the temple open house today.  the temple is very beautiful and i can't wait to go to there some day.  my feet ached royally due to the poor choice of shoes on my part, but i looked rockin in my new Shade Clothing a.line black skirt.  i didn't get any pics due to forgetting my camera...sorry.  
here is a gem though...


hey 'ho'

1...i am sick.  this has been a long time coming and i have tried to put it off, but i am afraid that i now have to let it happen.  boo.
2...spring launches tomorrow at Shade.  yes i am plugging the company i work for.  you little lassies will LOVE the new shorts, skirts and swim.  yes i said SHORTS and SKIRTS.  fo rizzle.
3...watched the grammy's.  um...kanye's mullet looking hair.do was gross.  and i mean that in a good way.  i was dying over his performance with estelle.  woot woot.  my love and utter adoration for coldplay was reaffirmed, and my hatred and disgust with the jonas brothers was also reaffirmed.  thanks grammy's.
4...i saw he's just not that into you.  loved it.  story of my life.  i felt like i was the girl in the movie.  i have said some of the very same things that she says and thinks.  for real this movie will change your life.  and i am not just saying that.
5...i FINALLY got my friggin hair colored.  
6...i am pretty sure that come friday night i am going to crash and not be able to function all weekend.  except to go see the afore mentioned movie on St. Valentines day...that technically does have St. in front right?
7...the big fat chicken taco at del taco may be my most favorite thing right now.  i am thinking about going back tomorrow to get another one.  fo realz it was phenom!  eat one and i dare you to tell me you don't like it.
8...i have nothing else but couldn't stand ending on an odd number.  i am crazy...the only difference between me and you is that i can admit that i am crazy at times.



as my journey here in the state of arizona comes to an end let's reflect on what has made this so great.

...seeing A LOT of drunk people in a bar on super bowl sunday
...eating out every meal, okay maybe this really isn't so great, but it is something i have done
...meeting up with dave a few times
...enjoying my moments...literally in the warm sun
...not the complimentary breakfast at the comfort inn
...the fun rental car i got to drive
...flying by myself
...finally going to dinner by myself
...eating the best cheesecake ever
...having an entire hotel room to myself to relax in
...watching vh1 every morning while i primped for the day
...driving by the mesa temple
...the AWESOME street signs in AZ...holy cow, they are huge a light up at night so there is no possible way for you to get lost.  i love it
...the elephant bar

i am sad that i am not going back with any color on my skin whatsoever, but i hey it is a business trip so i am working and don't get a lot of sun time.  the people here are really nice and the shopping seems even better.  i am sad that i wasn't prepared for the great shopping, i don't have space in my suitcase for anything other than what i brought.  i really have enjoyed AZ and almost want to move here...just for the winter months, cause as much as i hate snow, i hate temperatures that are hotter than hell itself, even more.  maybe i will retire here someday for the winter months.  that would be fun right?

i saw a guy that looked almost exactly like n, but he had darker hair and beard and had tattoos all down his arm.  which i am not going to lie, was kind of hot, but he was totally wasted.  which was not hot...just to specify.  

it is a nice to be coming home tomorrow.  i have missed home and miss my regular work and sleep schedule.  it is just hard to get so thrown off.  if i have learned anything from my sister and her 5.5 month old twins it is this...you must be on a schedule to be a happy and well rested baby/woman.  

the more you know...ding.