these gems came in the mail yesterday

yep i am the best un.official bridesmaid ever! i was so excited for these to get here and they turned out just as i wanted them to!

this is how i addressed them. my mom bought these stamps for me about a year ago at a yard sale for like $2 and it was well worth it!

i'll be your un.official bridesmaid too!

just another thursday

things that i have discovered today

+ coldstone at the university mall smells like bum hole
+ we get a mall employee discount at coldstone
+ the spa at work makes me want to fall asleep
+ i look like death when i just wear my lashes
+ pintrest can be a bit addictive
+ i hate beauty school students who ignore me
+ i am the only person who doesn't get a day off next week at work due to a really lame event we are hosting...annoying!
+ i'm still in the club
+ baby gap has really cute little girl stuff
+ color wipes take off the residue of a stamp pad

good day
if you ask me


one more thing

i did go swimming finally this summer. i returned to farmington pool after about a 10 year absence. weird to think that i would spend like 8 hours there a day in the summer!
yeah i look sooo disgusting i know
halle sporting grandma's hat...sexy rexy halle!

oh yeah

and i went to a rodeo in july. yep. me at a rodeo. here is proof.

jenn and i super excited to be there
trent, janae, josh, jenn and me


super long post!

so since i never posted about the 4th of july, i guess it is fitting to do so on the day that pioneer day was observed...the 25th of july.

how did i spend my 4th of july?

i woke up at a super early and magical time to get to work by 10 am. yep i had to work. you would think that you would be busy if you worked at the mall on the 4th of july, but you would be very wrong. i had a total of i think 2 clients that day. awesome. i got my hair colored finally though. after like 3 long months i decided that my nasty grown out hair really didn't look melted and it just looked really nasty and white trash. so what did i do? i melted my hair and went blonde. well blonde for me. not that nasty platinum and black skunk stripe fiasco that i tried to pull off in beauty/high school. it's super cute as you will see in the pictures if they ever upload!
moving on. after work, i sped up to farmington where there was already a family bbq in progress. don't worry char did call to make sure it was okay if they ate without me. love you family. anyway. all ireally cared about was mom's potato salad. as long as i had that i was a happy little girl. i think we had grasshopper pie too...i can't remember. after dinner and a few rounds of bocci ball we headed to the driveway to do some fireworks. due to char and randy actually being in the country for the 4th of july, grace's dreams came true and she got to help uncle jake light the fireworks. last year grace told me i was the worst because i wouldn't let her do it...um her parents were thousands of miles away and i wasn't about to let her blow her hand off! oh well. i was super awkward all night on the account that my sister had her new boyfriend there and jake had his'girl'friend there too. oh and matt had my mom...so i was the loner single sibling that sat next to the 5 and 7 year olds while we oohed and aahed over the fireworks. all in all it was a glorious independence day and i was glad to be american, even though my client told me i was unpatriotic today. thanks kyle.

sadie and millie
jane being mischievous
jake and anna
emme and greg
me and mom
dad and matt...the odd couple
the cool kids playing bocci ball
me and emme
sadie, halle, zoe and jane
char, randy and the twins
getting them all to look was difficult
n8 dawg
millie helping uncle jake
my new hair!
g.force ready to go
a little pyro in the making
me and zoe
me and sadie


friday isn't so fun anymore

last night i got to hang out with my dear friend jessie. we met for dinner at olive garden, perused a few dresses for her sisters wedding, grabbed some ingredients at macey's and made no-bake cookies. jessie had a few things to do down in utah county today so she slept over. we talked about boys and giggled like little girls. at 11:11 pm exactly a knock came on the front door. jessie advised me not to answer it as she didn't want to be bugged by anyone. i snuck to the peep hole to see who had the audacity to ruin our night! it was a teenage girl with her head bent down in what i would soon find out to be bent with shame. it was a little creepy. i broke down and opened the door.

um...hi. is that your saturn vue in the middle driveway?

okay so any time a person asks if it is your car the next words out of their mouth are never going to be good! my heart sank to the pit of my stomach and i responded in the affirmative. well this rebecca black look alike went on to tell me that she has backed into my car...that was parked in my driveway. then she apologizes and tells me that she is a 'new driver'.


well thanks to the fact that my car is a saturn and can't really dent the damage was minor. some scratches on the bumper and a delicious 2 inch crack on the top of the bumper with spidery ripples of paint about to chip. i am just baffled as to how she even pulled this off! she was in a parking stall, backed up at least 2 car lengths out of the stall and then into my car. i will draw a picture...
well that ought to explain it all right? just kidding. i suck at drawing. anyway, as my picture clearly indicates...mathematically speaking it is totally impossible for this to have happened unless this girl was totally and 100% baked. right? okay she wasn't baked, just a really bad driver. i was super nice to this 'new driver' and even offered up the story of how one of my friends who will remain nameless drove through my neighbors fence once. it was awesome.

then the part came where she gave me her insurance information and then turned to me and asked if that was all we needed to do. well i didn't know, but it dawned on me...i was the freaking adult in this situation! how and when did that happen? i had to have all the answers, but i didn't. i thought back to my last accident. the one where i slid into a curb on the way to church and i called my sister char who didn't answer, tried her husband and he didn't answer. tears were welling up in my eyes and then the phone rang and char's voice was the crack that broke the dam of tears and i bawled like a baby in front of total strangers. my hair matted to my head from snow and mascara running down my face these strangers who kept calling me 'sis' kindly drove me to american fork where char took care of helping get my car towed and then later figuring out how my life would go on. so fast forward to last night, i took her info, gave her my name and number and then went inside pissed as all get out.

jessie and i ended up watching ever after and giving each other back rubs. so my night wasn't completely ruined. you failed rebecca black look alike. now let's just pray that my car won't take a million years to fix! okay thanks!



i have made a decision.

i am going to play the cello. yep i am going to buy a cello and take lessons. this decision was made final last night while watching august rush for the 4th time. every time i watch it i think...i want to play the cello...and every time the thought goes away. not this time. it has stuck with me and i have thought about it all day long! i have even contemplated asking one of my client's if she would want to teach me!

i have always been fascinated by the cello. i love the way it sounds, i love the emotion that it brings out in music, i love the way that people look when they play it. i already really get into the piano when i play it, so i just know i will be funny to watch play the cello. my only fear is that the old saying...you can't teach an old dog new tricks...will prove true for me! i mean i am 26...that's like what 182 in dog years right? but you will never know unless you try right?

this purchase will have to wait until i return home from my cruise november 6th. that is right ladies and gentleman, i am going on another cruise! i could not be more excited. i am heading to the caribbean this time and will depart utah on october 29 and return november 6. it's good to be me when i get to go on cruises!

my roommate jenn is engaged to be wed on september 23. in logan. logan wedding = lame. i really wish it was a destination wedding somewhere, well anywhere but logan. oh well. i am a really good friend and an even better stylist so i will be there to throw around my love and support to all. anyway we are going wedding dress shopping tomorrow. weird. yeah just weird.


cleaning up is fun to do, to do, to do.

tonight in cleaning my room i actually took note of a few things to prove how much crap i have...

folded 37 shirts
hung 4 dresses
hung 9 skirts
hung 10 shirts
hung 8 cardigans
boxed 8 pairs of shoes
and hampered about 1,000 items of clothes to wash.

this will either prove that i have way too much time on my hands on a monday night, or that i am just that bored when i clean my room to count crap like that.

btw. loving ellie goulding right now. lights is a fantastic little diddy. in coming attractions i will be posting 4th of july pictures...exciting stuff from the asay clan!