the anti cold

last night i slept for 11 hours. i took some cold medicine, laid my head on the pillow at 11:06 and was out by 11:30. i woke up at 10:28 am. it was so spectacular that now i can't sleep. so here i am at 1:42 in the morning and blogging to the world wide web about nothing really. i feel like there has been a few things recently where i thought...hmmmm maybe i should blog about this. and right now i really for the life of me can not think of them at all.

i leave for my cruise this week. in about 4.5 days i will be on my way to orlando to board a ship to set sail for the western carribbean. do you understand what this means? this means that i will be soaking up the sun, drinking unlimited amounts of diet coke, +thanks to my drink card+ eating unlimited amounts of soft serve ice cream cones and not working. in fact i will be so far from working that i will probably forget how to even do hair when i get back. i'm sort of really excited about that. but in actuality i am so far from prepared to go on this trip. today when i was talking to a client i realized that i had no idea where my passport ended up after my move. i got home from work, checked the spots that i would have placed it and came up empty handed. i was so panicked so obviously i went tanning. tanning really clears my mind. then i went to the store bought more cold medicine and candy and had an epiphany. i came home, went straight to my vanity drawer, looked under my pile of wedding announcements and found my passport. and it was all thanks to tanning!

and just so you all know i am really loving my new living arrangements. i love that my roommate is a night owl like me. i love that i don't have to share a bathroom for the time being. i love that dishes are NEVER in the sink. i love that the fridge isn't so jam packed all the time. i love that my room seems bigger. i love that i can walk to my bathroom in my underwear if i want to. i love that everyday i realize how alike natalie and i are. i think this is going to be a wonderful thing.

and in the off chance that a certain someone that i wrote a certain rude text to tonight is reading this...i'm sorry i was such a b****h. i just thought i deserved to make a low blow like that. okay thanks!


why oh why

today while talking to my sister char on the phone she told me she was still getting ready for the day when i had given her an hour already to do so. her reply was...i have 4 kids aly! i told her that she was like the boy who cried wolf, but only she was the mom that cried too many...too soon. in about 5 months she will add two more to her brood and then what will she say then? i can't aly i have 6 kids? lame excuse if you ask me! people have been having 6 kids for thousands of years and they didn't even have iphones...i think you can handle it char.

in other news, my sister katie decided to cut my two year old niece millie's hair today. oh didn't i tell you all, my sister went to nursing school, not cosmetology school. so when she explained to me that one side was an inch shorter than the other and the back was longer than the sides, i asked her what she was thinking. she replied...i thought how hard could it be, i've watched aly do this before. well kate...it's 2000 hours worth of beauty school hard!!! i love when people down play my profession by saying how hard could it be. i had to endure the hell that is called beauty school in order to get my name written incorrectly (funny story there) on an official license for the state of utah to practice cosmetology! so i fixed the hooligans hair and reminded her that no one cuts her hair...especially her mommy.

oh yeah and in 8 days i will be headed on a cruise...i'm just saying.



this is what i look like after moving 70+ pairs of shoes into my car.

i'm supposed to be packing to move in the morning, but instead i am blogging. i think i am kind of an idiot for moving without any boxes involved. moving tomorrow is sort of a last minute thing and i'm not prepared at all. my laundry basket is chuck full of dirty clothes, i haven't even thought about my kitchen stuff, i haven't even thought about my food and my bathroom supplies is a whole other story. i guess i do actually perform really well under pressure and tomorrow will be a huge test in that theory. i am leaving my humble abode for the past year and a half for a grand new adventure! i am moving in with this girl...

natalie is her name and she is pretty much amazing and i am so excited to be her roommate. we are going on a cruise at the end of this month to celebrate her birthday and i couldn't be more excited!

wish me luck on the moving process...heaven knows i will need it!