i'm vain

so i know that y'all have been dying to know what is going on with this boy...

he text me monday. 'hey'.

really? you don't talk to me for the entire weekend and then you just say hey? be serious with your life vampire wannabe! okay he really isn't a vampire wannabe, just his name is. anyway we chatted a bit today and turns out that he is sick and i sort of want to drop kick him when he is sick. why is it that guys turn into the BIGGEST babies when they are sick? he literally whined to me the entire phone call. lame.

oh and i got my hair colored today. it looks fantastic and i am obsessed with my hair all over again! please ignore the fact that this looks like a glamor shot with my hand placement.


what did you do this weekend?

tonight consisted of...
+ watching mary poppins.
+ eating some questionable meat.
+ eating some delicious lasagna.
+ driving to the airport to pick up my very prego sister and her daughter.
+ playing jenga with my 3 year old twin nieces...they slaughtered me.
+ waiting unsuccessfully to hear from the same boy i mentioned in the last post.
+ still breaking my own rules. fetch!
+ talking to my sister until well past our 10:00 pm bedtimes.
+ listening to my sweet little jane sing every word to 'when i am baptized' with her mom for her bedtime song...so sweet that i cried in the corner.

jenga will now be my new obsession! i'm going to have a rematch with the twins asap. i need to get what little street cred that i used to have back.


in case you were wondering

yes this is the smallest ice cream cone that i have ever seen. it was delicious as well. tonight we celebrated my friend matt's 30th birthday and his graduation with his mba. congratulations and happy birthday dear one! i may or may not have been the 3rd person to receive a tiny ice cream cone...after a 3 year old and a 4 year old. who cares if i'm a child still.

so if you didn't know this about me yet you may be shocked...but i'm not a normal girl! *gasp* i'll explain. actually i think i may have actually explained this before but just for my pure enjoyment i will rehash this. i don't like to hold hands. i think that flowers, chocolate and candlelight is lame. i don't obsess about whether a guy is going to text me back or not. i don't text a guy to fill a non communicative silence. i would die of embarrassment if i got flowers sent to me. i hate being called anything other than my name...no baby, sweetie or honey. *let me make it very clear that i think it is fine for other girls to enjoy these things, it's just not for me!*

but tonight i broke a rule of my own. i text a guy to fill a non communicative silence. much to my dismay it back fired and i have yet to hear back from him. breaking another one of my rules, obsessing about whether this guy will text me back or not. i guess it was bound to happen. i was born a girl and as much as i have tried to fight it, i have started to act like one! i held out on the whole dress like a girl thing until i was 21 so i guess that holding out until i was 26.5 to act like a girl is pretty good right? oh man! i will say that i am glad that i have skipped this for my whole life and am just now experiencing it because i am pretty sure i would have been a basket case for the majority of my existence! so if i go crazy in the next day i think i will go back to acting like a dude.


drama drama drams

sometimes things happen in your life to make you stronger.
sometimes things happen in your life to make you humble.
sometimes things happen in your life to make you laugh.
sometimes things happen in your life to make you cry.
sometimes things happen in your life to make you find yourself a little more.
sometimes things happen in your life to test your strength.
sometimes things happen in your life to draw you closer to your family.
and sometimes things happen in your life that do all of those things and more. this week has been such a time. i can't tell the story anymore because honestly i have told it so many times that it hurts my head to think about it anymore. i have just learned that people are just plain crazy and need to be put in either jail or an insane asylum. i have got to play detective and pull some pretty stealthy moves, so i will be available to solve your crimes shortly i am sure. don't worry i am okay. and my family is okay. the Lord only gives us what we can handle, so i know that no matter what happens we will be able to handle this and that the truth and right will win. evil will be forced to run away with it's tail tucked between it's legs...well they might be in jail, but that is beside the point. pray for us. pray that right will win...and speedily. because my children this too shall pass.


question of the day

so for christmas my dear friend rae rae gave me a journal that asks a question everyday that you answer. only it has spaces for the next 5 years! all you do is fill in the year and then answer the questions! it really is a fantastic idea i believe. i mean i will essentially get to see how my answers change over the next 5 years or how they stay the same. some questions are as follows: did you sleep alone last night? what's your favorite accessory? the first thing you ate today was? what was the last tv show you watched? when was the last time you went swimming. etc, etc, etc.

the best part is that it only takes like 1 minute for me to answer and then i am done! if real journaling was this easy i think i would most definitely write in my journal daily. sad.


i smell like clorox

i had a special guest arrive at work today! it was such a shock to see this person as i was blow drying my client that i didn't even know what to say. he said he was just stopping by to say hello. upon leaving after making an appointment for a haircut, my client said that she thought he was totally into me. i laughed and then divulged the dirty details of the 10 year relationship roller coaster and she said the she wished he would 'balls up'. i laughed even more and went on my way blow drying her hair. oh the adventures i have had at work this week.

the really fun adventure was yesterday. as i mentioned i have joined an online dating site. it is hilarious for real. i signed up on a thursday night. friday morning i had 3 emails and 6 flirts from different guys. i laughed out loud and began to weed out the duds. anyway. there is this guy. his name will be c. c emailed me last week and we began to email back and forth. he is a really great guy! he gave me his number and i text him the next day. as we were 'talking' he asked if i would like to cut and color his hair. now most girls would shy away from dating a guy who colors his hair, but i do hair so it doesn't bother me in the least bit. i gave him the number to my salon and then he asked me out for dinner. i agreed and that was that. i got to work yesterday and saw his name on my books. i freaked out and told my friends...first mistake! i was booked solid that day so i really didn't have much time to think about it really. it wasn't until i went to lunch half an hour before his appointment that i started to get a little nervous. i ate my arby's in record time as everyone was counting down for me. 'aly it's 1:45 he is almost here' things to that effect. when they brought me his traveller my nerves came rushing and i trudged up to the waiting area. i called his name and he stood up and shook my hand. he was just as cute in person as he was in pictures. he was super tall...i guess i don't know anyone else who is 6 foot 5. he sat in my chair and work aly kicked in and i asked all the details of what he wanted for his hair and went to mix the color. everyone trickled into the break room to give me their two cents as to how he looked. i finished mixing, took a deep breath and went back to my station. i got right to work and the conversation began. he is pretty easy to talk to since i was in work mode. i applied his color and we chatted for the 30 minutes of processing time and we washed him out. i gave him a scalp massage and then cut his hair and he was on his way. my friend at the front desk told me today that as he was paying he kept looking back at me and smiling. so awkward to have the first time you meet a guy to be at your work! i'm sure that i acted like a goober, but i had that night to redeem myself when we went to dinner. and i won't go through the details of dinner. if you want to know them you can call me. i will say that it was good.

the whole point of that story is that it was really really really weird to meet him for the first time with all my friends/coworkers looking on. but really really really funny at the same time. the end.