the weekend of jenn

it is my roommates birthday on monday and consequently this has been dubbed the weekend of jenn. to kick off the festivities we all headed to jason's deli for a little dinner and after failed attempts to bowl we decided upon a movie. the social network to be exact.

interesting movie.

i don't know whether i should deactivate my facebook account or read the book from which the movie was conceptualized i guess you could say. and would you look at that i spelled conceptualized correctly, score one for me.

as i was watching the movie that i really now wish that i would have walked out on, i was still wondering if anywhere in mark zuckerberg's mind did he think that businesses would have to block his website from their offices to ensure that employees were in fact working. or that housewives would spend hours on end playing mindless games in their pajamas. or the facebook would bring about a 25 year old girl staying up well past midnight to 'chat' with some guy that she has no future with and is well aware that there is no future. i would contend that he had no idea.

no idea.


here comes the bride

on january 14th my dear childhood friend becca got married to her sweetheart josh! it was such a fun time for all of us girls that grew up in farmington to get together and catch up with each other. i love these girls and always will. it is amazing and rather perplexing that after all the hell we put each other through while growing up that we can still call one another friend. they are beautiful and amazing girls and i am so proud of the people that they have become. i accidently deleted the final group picture we got with the bride at her reception...it was pretty and if any of you beautiful girls have it i would love a copy! :)

jessie ellen, staci jane and jen waiting for the newly wedded couple

the newlyweds...becca = beautiful!

becca's dress was beautiful!

i can't get enough of becca's expression...she looks so elated!

LOVED her decor

jess and me

staci and her devilishly handsome boy rocco


and we're back

yes ladies and gentleman i am back online. after a 7 month absence our internet was finally restored to our humble townhouse! can you believe that it took 7 months to get a technician to our house so they could solve the problem in just 10 minutes. almost like when i called farmers insurance the other day and waited to talk to a representative for a total of 1 hour only to be on the phone with a representative for approximately 2 minutes. priceless! but nonetheless now i will have more time to update this little blog and this will encourage me to take more pictures so certain people will feel more inclined to read all my ramblings while looking at me!

tonight i was perusing my pictures and i stumbled upon this gem...

remember when i was tan and on a boat in the middle of the mexican ocean...i don't know what body of water is near cabo san lucas so sue me...but the point is, i was tan and it was so bloody hot that i felt like i was melting. literally melting. and it is freezing right now as i sit on my couch.

it's so funny how this is me in the picture, but i feel like it was a completely different person. it's great that we get to reinvent ourselves even if it is just within 8 or 9 months. but i will tell you that the aly i am now got a whopping $50 tip yesterday for a $20 dollar haircut. and he told me my hair was sexy. i told him that he could come back to me anytime he wanted.

i hope that this year takes me some place warm where i can get tan and melt.

one of my dearest friends of all time is getting married on friday. becca i am so excited for you and can't wait to see you all brided up. i know i already told you that, but i just really like to use the word brided. even though i am almost certain it is not a word.

aren't ya'll glad i am back?