leave me your stardust

blind taste test...result: val, kc and i all know a thing or two about cupnoodle and instantlunch.
soyouthinkyoucandance...result: i am really sad that chelsie is going home, but really want joshua to win.
itunes finally...result: i added some pretty sweet tunes to my ipod tonight. i love music finding.
my muffler...result: well this isn't so much a result cause it is still falling off, i like to procrastinate.
shiny car visor...result: my car was at least 38 degrees cooler when i got in my car after work...not! i am gonna switch the direction i put it tomorrow and report back.
i'm a pushover...result: i am not


tell me lies and i'll justify them

i went home this weekend. i felt older than i have felt in a really long time. i saw kids that i watched over ten years ago and for some reason i expected them to still be 2...not 12. i always felt like i was such a fun babysitter that i obviously made a huge impact on their lives, but in fact they have not clue who i even am. oh well. the point is that it is funny how i have lived my life and still expect everything around me to remain the same. none of my friends should be married, or have kids. we should still be making lame movies in which i star as the disgusting shop keeper. we should still be playing 10 across on the trampoline, fighting in becca's backyard, running from jen's older than dirt dog, or sitting in staci's hot tub, all while pining over jessie's older brother. okay maybe that last one was just me, but who's keeping track? the cul.de.sac was the center of our childhood existence. the many neighborhood games that would go well into the dark hours of the night and yearning for the ice cream truck to make it's merry tune down the street. going to and from everywhere via 'the shortcut'. which started out as a hole at the top of a chain link fence we would slither through, into what slowly became a non existent fence and a steep hill with rocks as semi steps. you always knew where to meet up if you were gallivanting to the gas station or traipsing to the pool. summer always reminds me of those endless days. sure we fought like obama and clinton, but we all grew up and now i have a new respect for each of those girls. becca for her independence, jen for her maternal skills, staci for her knowing who she is and jess for the compassionate being she is. we all started as mean little girls, and now etching our own little corner of the world. making our mark on this world however we can and still being able to look back and smile. we did have some fun...and that is what keeps us connected.


na na na na hey hey goodbye

goodbye Shanny Leigh Shields. i am so uber sad to see my dear friend Shannon leave the workplace. she has been really awesome to get to know her and work with her everyday. i most definitely do not think that i am going to be able to fill her shoes...ever! she has brought so much to the office and we will miss her so much. the scary thing is that i am going to have to try to fill her shoes as i take my new position as customer service manager...scary!


and the home of the brave

well the 4th of july was a grand one! i woke up earlier on my day off than i wake up to go to work! that is just sick and wrong. anyway char and i rose early to make it up to centerville in time for the parade. it was great, rachael and her family basically take over the street corner down the street from their house and so char and i had premo seats! anyway then we headed to kate's and after much time and consideration found some paint colors for her new rooms. after a brief lunch the girls all set off to target and home depot to stock up on supplies. upon returning home we painted swatches and decided up on a bright yellow for the play room and a soft lavender for zoe's room. which reminds me...kate is pregnant! she found out today and is due in march. anyway...back to the 4th. after choosing paint colors we started our little family bbq. since char's kids were with randy at their family reunion in idaho it was a little small this year. we grilled some pork chops and gorged on potato salad, which char says she doesn't like but i think she really deep down does like. anyway, then we shot off some illegal fireworks thanks to nate's sister jen and brother in law justin coming from wyoming! then we had a great view of lagoon's firework show from the backyard. it was great!
so that is the scoop...a little delayed, but nonetheless there you have it. so right now i am making cd mixes to take into work tomorrow to mix up our usual music selection! some of you may be asking...'who makes mixes anymore'...the answer is me.
speaking of work...my dear friend shannon put in her two weeks yesterday! she was just offered a great job and decided it was time to part ways with shade! i am uber sad and don't know how i will be able to work without her. the scary thing is now i will be taking her postion and i just don't know how i am going to fill her shoes. i know a lot, but i am still asking her questions everyday! now i am going to be the one that people are going to be asking questions, and i am going to have to a. know the answers or b. bs really well. it is a great opportunity and i am sure i will grow into it in the future.
i just bought the sickest sneaks from urban the other day and i wore them for the first time today and wish that i could get away with wearing them everday. who would have ever thought that i would own a pair of nikes with gold and pink on them? i know right?