jack bounded in today at 3:29 followed closely by max at 3:33. they are so precious and tiny that i instantly fell in love with them! from jack's crazy hair to max's adorable little lips i could just stare at them all day! this is one proud auntie tonight!



1: got an iPhone finally
2: painted my nails...obvs
3: running my little tail off to prepare for 1/2 marathon training {this is what i look like at 7:15 am on a saturday before a run}
4: my sister is having her twins tomorrow
5: i gave up diet coke and am now almost as addicted to crystal light fruit punch, and yes i use a kabob skewer to stir it.
6: almost got this cat to come inside my house...long story. and yes it scares the s#!$ out of me.
7: finally finished this little gem
and last but not least

8: i'm still dating 'l'...however i don't have any pictures to show you. sorry.

the most important facts are #'s 1 and 8, oh and i guess #4 is somewhere near the top of the list of importance as well. as you can see i have been pretty busy being aly. and it has only just begun! my rigorous training for this silly race really gets amped up in about 2 weeks, so don't expect much from me. ha ha. just kidding. i really will be busy helping my sister when #5 and #6 of her brood get here and maybe spending some time with 'l' mixed in there too. i will try really hard to update all you lovelies, but this is by no means a promise. i still love you!


i know that y'all are dying to know the latest on my life. and for once i am actually dying to relay the latest on my life.

we go to court on the 22nd. i know that i have been very cryptic about the subject of some things that have been going in the land of the asay clan, but i'm not ready to really discuss it on the www so i will wait until after next thursday and hopefully it will have a semi-happy ending for all of us. just please pray that the court will be in our favor and that all will go well for us. k thanks!

i'm a little distracted lately due to some special person. weird i know. but this time it has been longer than 2 weeks and i am still totally infatuated with him! it has been exactly 18 days and we have seen each other 14 of those days. i feel like i don't live in my house any more cause i am spending all my free time at his. the weirdest part is that he has seen a little bit of my crazy and he is still around. he's a keeper as of right now. we met online when he emailed me on valentine's day. we emailed everyday for a week. he finally asked for my number and we text for another week then we finally went out on the 26th of feb. it has been pretty spectacular. ha ha that word is funny. anyway, it really has been fun. i kind of like him. and by kind of i mean i really like him. until further notice i will refer to him as L. just so you know.

now i'm really sleepy so i will have to update later. sorry.