dear mrs. grewal

dearest kc.

i am writing to inform you that this lovely evening here in pleasant grove, i went to the local macey's grocery store to pick up a few items for a bonfire that i would be attending later this evening. upon heading to the deli for a 'kong kone' with my friends i was drawn to a very familiar scent...my nose led me to the baked goods. i perused the selection of bakery divineness and stumbled upon an old friend. macey's bakery chocolate chip cookies. you may remember the frequency at which we would consume these cookies. i believe that we both had at least 4 in one day...pre cleanse. i bought them for old times sake and already tonight have eaten 4 cookies. if you would like i could mail you some...but i do believe that part of their goodness is the fresh factor. they are just a chewy and gooey as ever. i do miss you terribly and wish that you could be here to enjoy them as well. give my love to your folks and your one and only. hope to see you soon.

all my love,

ps i know that divineness isn't a word, but i really wanted to say that.


such a great day

my little sister called me today to tell me that she has been .75 credits away from getting her high school diploma...a fact that we all knew a year ago when we all told her to finish her stupid packets. whilst i was talking to her i was making my meager turkey sandwich on whole grain bread...supposedly it is healthy for you...i was slicing some cheese and somehow in my distracted state of being on the phone, i made my entire block of cheese fall on to my kitchen floor. the sad thing is that it cost a lot of money and i was only half way through the block! i was devastated and may or may not have cussed, and then had to discard my freaking cheese! it's times like this, that make me think my life is more like a movie than i give it credit for. i can't tell you how many times i throw my hands in the air and utter...these kinds of things only happen in the movies. it happens a lot.

i realized the other day that i don't post nearly as many pictures as i probably should. but you know what...i don't really have the patience to do so. so you have to just deal with reading my ramblings on my deepest inner thoughts. you're welcome. i will however remember to post what i have planned to wear tomorrow when i journey to lagoon for a day of fun in the sun with the asay clan...sans james and toni. i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am for this event. i have been wanting to go to lagoon all summer, but when i found out it cost almost as much as 2 weeks of groceries, i had to draw the line somewhere. so thanks to my little brother schmo, we have discount tickets and it will only cost me one week of groceries...i think i can handle that. i will just eat every meal at my sister's house next week...it will be okay, i did it for 4.5 years already. she likes it.

one more thing before i go...

fall launches at shade clothing on the 20th of august. that's this thursday. i already have my eye on about $500 worth of merchandise...and yes that is after my discount. so needless to say, maybe there will be multiple weeks of no groceries. and maybe no gas. i can walk to work.


sunlight...and soccer games.

...sounds of summer fill my ears
if i live ten thousand years
i'll never feel as good as this
moments before our first kiss...

...simple things turn magical
minutes freeze like popcicles
and drip their seconds down our shirts
i love you so much it hurts...

i am pretty sure that mason jennings is a genius.

thanks jw. lonestar tacqueria was amazing


so guess what

i cut my hair.
9 inches just gone.
9 freaking inches no longer on my head.
here are a few pictures.

i know i am a little vain, but hey i am still getting used to the short factor.


like the darkness between the butterflies

last night when i was 'camping' up at mutual dell, after we had saran wrapped mike, andrew and tyler in their pop up camper {more to come on this topic}, we were lying on the grass and looking at the stars i realized that i really haven't taken that time to enjoy summer this year. i have missed so many clear nights to star gaze and hear the crickets chipping. i have ignored the warm gentle summer breeze as i am outside. and i haven't had nearly as many smore's as i know that i could have. the point is that i think i got too busy for summer this year. i hate that i have to work full time and not take a break for a weekend camping excursion. not like i am a huge camper or anything, but just being outside makes me feel good sometimes.

as i was standing in a clearing last night waiting for dinner to be ready {rather than help} i looked up and saw nothing but green leaves and clear blue sky, i heard the chatter of the babbling stream near our camp and felt the cool mountain air...i knew that i was in such a beautiful place. i could actually feel it's beauty. as lame and weird as it sounds i felt so beautiful being there. i felt like i have purpose and meaning, even though i wasn't doing anything to get dinner done faster.

for only the 2nd time in my life {and i know this isn't a common experience} i stayed up the entire night talking around a camp fire rather than sleeping in a tent. we had every intention of sleeping in sleeping bags and tents, but at about 3 am we had decided to just stay up the whole night. i got to see a different side of a few girls and get to know and understand them better. and they also saw a crazy and delusional side of me when i am extremely tired. it didn't matter that we were eating pasta salad at 4 in the morning, that we made up an imaginary pet raccoon named roger or that we swear on the holy bible that we were witnesses to the 3rd nephite...the important thing was that i had fun and felt like i finally was enjoying my summer!

a lot of things happened last night/this morning and i will post more about that later when i upload some pictures, but i think that after the day i had yesterday, it was just what i needed. to be around good people who built me up...all except kyle...who loved me and who i felt safe around. i am so grateful that i am blessed in my life to know such great people, otherwise i may have wound up sitting at home eating ben and jerry's all night.

r.i.p little roger.