okay this is better

so i finally have a blog worthy story to tell!

i almost got in a fight with an 11 year old today! no joke...it was freaking awesome!
i walked into subway...you know to eat fresh. i got in line behind some guy that was getting like 3 footlongs and then some punk kid holding his sandwich. i figured there was something wrong with his sandwich until he was picking out everything he could shove down his throat before he made a big fuss to throw it away right in front of the girl who made the sandwich. he gets back in line and demands she make him a new sandwich. this is when she points out that she is already helping a customer. in the process she cuts her finger as she is wrapping the guys last sandwich. he feels horrible she calls for help from the other workers in the back but no one comes so she holds a napkin on her finger till she is all done and someone finally comes to help the raunchy kid!
the girl asks if the other worker got him a new sandwich.
'no but, she sure better'...wow pretty rude.
she asks what kind of bread...he tells her. she gets some out and he says
'um...it was a footlong'. as she is looking for the right kind of bread he says
'never mind just do whatever, i don't care anymore'.
as this happens the first worker comes to me with a bandaid on her finger and asks what i want. after working all day i am frazzled and have a slip of tongue and say
'can i get a 6 FOOT on wheat'.
'ha ha, 6 foot, you want a 6 foot sub...ha ha, sorry'.
i was about to deck the kid so i say
'yeah you better be sorry you are being really rude!'
she gets my sandwich all made and maybe it is the customer service quality that i care so much about with work, but i really feel bad for the girl.
'is your finger okay, i saw that you cut it?'
'yeah i am fine.' she said as she was visibly holding back tears.
'well and i am sorry that this kid is being such a jerk. he needs to get over himself.'
lucky for me he overheard.
'i need to get over myself?'
'yeah, what are you like 12?'
'no, i'm 11.'...like that really helps his case...so i laughed in his face.
'look she made me a shitty sandwich and so she will make me a new one.'
so the girl jumps in and says
'yeah i did botch his sandwich pretty bad.'
'i don't care that doesn't give him the right to be a jerk to you. i hope you have a better night and don't have to deal with him anymore.'
i pay and i start walking out to my car and i hear.
'have fun with your 6 foot sub.'

okay really...where is this kids manners and his freaking parents?! Like seriously who is really that rude to people. you came to subway, you ordered your sandwich, you WATCHED them make it and you paid. you knew exactly what you were getting when they handed you your wrapped sandwich. if you don't like you sandwich it is your own dang fault! i wish in that instant that there was not a 7 year old boy standing in line with his mom behind us, otherwise i would have reamed into that kid!

there are a few things that i ACTUALLY hate in this life:
people who are rude to servers...ie waiters/waitresses and subway employees...you know the last thing they want to do that day is deal with snottty people like you and not get tipped!
people who talk on their cell phones as they check out/pay at restaurants/car washes/target...have a little respect for the person that just rung you up!
people who don't use their blinker...i am not a freakin mind reader
and finally...
people who let their kids just scream at stores and restaurants...if i wanted to hear kids scream i would have some of my own.



and then you get engaged...

how does that work?
you were supposed to get fat and bald! not settle down and be happy.
oh well...at least we both know that i am much better off without you.
take that and your stupid engagement and peace out.
deleted from phone finally!


cry me a river

i am so frustrated today.

oh my talk went pretty well i guess. i bought a really cute dress, belt and shoes for the event accessorized with the new Shade Clothing cardigan vest in heathered olive to off set the new plum dress. i was pretty cute.
i was so glad that it was over, except that there was someone in the congregation that i dreaded talking to after. i had mixed emotions seeing this person and didn't know whether to smile with glee or cry from frustration. i ultimately chose neither.
he told me i was being mean after. to him. mean to him because we had an hour text convo the night before after midnight which shouldn't count cause my brain shuts of at 11 these days. apparently my sluggish and very starving body said something not up to par.
i played the piano after church and got so upset that i started to cry cause i just had so much emotion built up over .a. and so much anger and annoyance with .n. that all i could do was cry as i contined playing the song cause i refused to stop just so i could cry.
it didn't help later tonight to have my 'best' friend complain about her bf and ask my advice which is all she seems to call me for these days. she has no idea what i am going through and hasn't for a few months. and i didn't feel like telling her would make me feel better cause i knew she wouldn't really be listening cause our whole friendship her problems are always more important and bigger.
oh well i am glad that i get to see real friends at work tomorrow to cry to. cause let's face it, i will probably cry tomorrow too. this is a crossroads of sorts and i can't handle this right now in my life. i am too busy to have a breakdown, well for at least a few months. you know with the holidays coming up, i need to be in top 'fronting' condition. it's a family thing and i am a little rusty.
but somehow right now listening to .come on eileen. by dexy's midnight runners is making me want to dance the night away and forget about both .a. and .n.
great song.
i'm bobbing my head and tapping my toe as we speak...now excuse me while i dance my frustration and sorrow away.


wolfberries are puke.a.licious...right kc?

today i saw a flock of geese in a .v. formation flying due east. i thought they flew south for the winter. i must be wrong. i blame the public school system.
i have to speak in church on sunday and i am totally buggin right now. i don't have anything to wear. how am i supposed to speak in front of people if i don't have anything to wear? good thing today was payday so i can shop tomorrow.
i have worked out 2 days in a row. congragulate me.
i have a freakin small laceration on my finger and it is really hard and painful to type.
Shade Clothing, my place of employment, has some pretty amazing scarves this season. here are some sick photos...note this is after i worked out today so i am the equivalent of gew. this is as per sw's request btw...
the babies are huge...and by huge i mean they are finally the size of normal babies. i love them and they are actually getting cuter everyday. their mom even says so, so i am justified in saying that.
it's halle's birthday today (17th)...she has successfully made it to 5! go hals...here are 5 reasons i really love her...

1. when she was 3 she would constantly say...aunt aly.aunt aly.aunt aly, i love you...it would make my heart melt every time.
2. she has the most amazingly brown eyes that will manipulate you every time.
3. she can make the best pig noise i have ever heard.
4. her giggle is the sweetest thing you have ever heard! i love to hear her laugh.
5. she was my best bud for 3 solid years while i nannied, and i can't help but just want to squeeze her whenever i see her!
i love her! look i even made he cupcakes and a cake! the rainbow...not the pink one.
i hate being stressed over stupid and insignificant things, but the past couple days, i can't help but do just that. why do i care what someone would say when i know that regardless of what it means i have no future with that person. why do i have no future with this person? because they are weird, immature and kiss crappy.


whopper this

i just realized that i have a really cute pair of sandals that i really love...and i didn't wear them once this summer. they are still packed up. boo...i am really bummed.

10 favorites
food...i think right now, rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices
song...just like heaven by the cure
movie...right now, little miss sunshine
sport...to watch, football
season...rainy season. i like to jump in puddles
day of the week...currently tuesdays, cause that is the day of my cake decorating class. i am furthering my education.
ice cream flavor...i love swirl cones
time of day...um, i think 8:15am as i am driving to work and the sun is in my eyes
9 currents
taste...the start of morning breath
clothes...gray sweat shorts and a plain white v.neck tee
desktop picture...the default pier at nighttime. my one at work is a bunch of oranges
tonail color...mintt green from urban
time...1:27 am
surroundings...the dim glow of the corner lamp in the office
annoyance...my old old old ipod. i want a new one.
thought...how tired i am, but also thinking about him
8 firsts
best friend...millie young or rachel schriver
kiss...i plead the fifth
screen name...i don't aol. i am changing this to pen name...sammie macdonald
pet...max our cocker spaniel that ran away one beautiful sunday while we were watching america's funniest home videos.
crush...i think it was zacc call...how embarrassing
music you remember hearing...lorenna mckennitt, my mom was obsessed
car...1999 honda civic
speeding ticket...senior year. i was 17 and going 42 in a 25 zone. $125 later...whatev.
7 lasts
cigarette...never had one
drink...margarita. don't worry it was virgin
car ride...drove home from Heid's b.day bash
kiss...boo, not a good experience
movie seen...definitely maybe, cute
phone call...camille
cd played...really cd's...it was probably a random mix at work...'this is a water conversation' maybe
6 have you evers
dated one of your best friends...yes
broken the law...speeding ticket
been arrested...nope
skinny dipped...i plead the fifth on this too.
been on tv...unfortunately yes. never really that fun.
kissed someone you didn't know...sort of.
5 things (5 things for each)
your'e wearing...white shirt, gray shorts, eiffel for this color fingernail polish, awesome bracelets i made at the beginning of the summer and mint green toenail polish
you've done today...painted my nails, took a shower, went to lunch, went to walmart, went to a surprise party and rocked the house at scene it.
you can hear right now...my ipod tunes, some loud airplane or something, my fingers tapping on the keyboard, my own breathing and my jaw popping as i yawn
you can't live without...my ipod, my cell, my fingenail polish, my purse and my shoes
you do when you're bored...blog, write, doodle, play the piano and sleep.
4 places you've been today...
cafe rio
heids and kristins.
3 people you can tell anything to...
2 choices...
apples or bananas...bananas
1 thing you want to do before you die...
go to africa.


i wanna jump in a puddle.

yesterday at work we were trying to figure out how much we have spent on the new fall line that is still working it's way into the warehouse daily. i checked out all my paid invoices and then added up that amount that i still owe for the stuff that i have taken home cause i am deciding if i like it or not....the total was about $300 and that is even with my sweet 50% family discount. if i did my math right...that is a grand total of $600 dollars on shirts and sweaters for fall. $600 on just tops! can you believe how retarded i am with my money. The fact that i have any to live at all is amazing. the other thing that sucks is that i got paid yesterday and all my hard earned overtime hours two weeks ago...basically went all to taxes. freakin h.e.double hockey sticks my tax refund next year is going to be awesome...right?

i've been thinking i should move to california. it seems like the cool thing to do. utah sucks with the rain and the snow. plus if i move to california...i won't be here. makes perfect sense to me.

ew...i just found two long blonde hairs on my new black zip hoodie...i don't have a single blonde hair on my body. who's is this. gag.

today at wally world...aka wal mart...we were searching for a great candy mix for a little surprise party later today and we would stumble upon something that had the potential to be wickedly awesome, but then there would be whoppers in the mix and i would get so frustrated. who even likes freaking whoppers anyway. for real as we were about to leave i found a mix with peanut butter cups, baby ruth, crunch and hershey bars...great for chocolate lovers as i was reaching for the large mix, whoppers jumped off the bag and i threw the mix yelling 'damn you whoppers...for ruining every mix in the world'. i HATE whoppers, almost as much as i hate lindsay lohan. oh and jordin sparks. one step at a time is the lamest song.

yours truly

double a