my butt is burned

so i am usually never one to comment on reality television via my blog, but i have a few things on  my mind!  i am an avid fan of american idol, that is where my love for david cook blossomed!  so this season i have loved a few key players danny, matt and anoop.  they all have amazing voices and for real i am so glad that anoop chose you were always on my mind cause that song did him good.  so this is my big beef.  what is up with the utah chick.  her dancing makes we want to have a seizure and i feel like she is trying to hard.  pretty girl, but something rubs me the wrong way with her.  and my major problem with the show this season.  adam lambert.  for real.  i mean for real.  is he serious!  i was watching the other night and finally realized what he reminded me of.  if you were to do a world tour on rock band...he would be the animae {i can't spell} for the lead singer on the gothic style.  for real i want to poke my eyes out while he performs.  i have decided that he can no be for real and thus it is all an act.

on to the other things on my mind.  last night i had a dream that z came to my mom's house of all places with the intentions of telling me that he had broken off his engagement and that he wanted to be with me.  {you know how in dreams you know what other people are thinking too...that is how i know} while i was getting ready to talk to him i was telling my sister that i was going to hook up with him even though he was engaged.  as i was telling kyle about my weird dream he said...'isn't this like your third adulterous dream that you have had?'  the answer being no.  yes.  maybe.  i don't know.  i have weird dreams okay!

everyone that reads this knows that i love music and i found the most amazing song.  it is called the acrobat {ep version} by johnathan rice.  it is so beautiful and i think i have listened to it like 100 times since i downloaded it last night.  listen to it.  you will agree!

last thing on my mind...in just 3.5 days i will be chilling with this gem again!  san fran here i come!

the end.  i am going to bed at 10:21!


it's 10 o'clock

10...the number of fingernails i painted tonight
9...days i had to wait for my urban outfitters order to get here
8...the number of hours i worked today to the minute
7...minutes to drive to target tonight
6...days until i leave for california
5...time i drop something today
4...more days until freedom
3...cookies that i ate today...oops
2...new sunglasses that i LOVE more than life itself
1...amazing new purse that was so worth the price tag

my niece got baptized and confirmed a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints this weekend.  it is so weird that she is old enough to be baptized.  she is growing up so fast that i wish she would be the bright eyed 3 year old i started nannying all those years ago!  it has been fun to see her grow into who she is now.  she is a funny little girl, and she knows it.

my other sister did eventually name her baby in case you were worried i was really going to call her squishy.  she named her millie kate.  i love it and i think she is adorable!  i get to go see her this weekend before i head out on my trip.  what a lucky auntie am i?


in case of emergency

my sister had her baby yesterday!  she had a little girl that is just 1 oz shy of being 9.5 pounds!  that is a big baby in case you were wondering.  she is so adorable and i am so happy that i got to go see her yesterday.  after a planned c.section my sister kate is doing great!  and so is the dad, nate!  okay i did that just cause i knew it rhymed!  they don't have a name picked yet so i am calling her squishy because she is really chubby and squishy.  she also has a ton of dark hair!  so sweet.

the other night i was thinking about how much can change in one year.  in one year i have grown exponentially!  i have discovered a lot about myself and about those around me.  i discovered a lot of truths that i wish would have stayed hidden cause the truth is too much to bear at times.  people showed their true colors this year and i am starting to think that i may be better off for knowing the way they really are.  why can't all people in the world be honest and save you the trouble of you hating them?  i don't really hate anyone...just lindsay lohan.

i was also pondering the other night about the beauty of moonlight.  as i was unsuccessfully trying to sleep sat night i noticed that the moon was positioned right in the middle of my open window and shining right on my arm...that is tan now cause i have been going tanning...you know me!  anyway.  no matter where i moved the moonlight was in my eyes and bugging.  so i decided to look for the positive in the situation and actually found the moment very beautiful.  there is something about the thought of it being so dark, but at the same time be able to see 3d shadows.  shadows dancing uninhibited in the pale light.  shadows plastered on the walls. 

shadows, shadows, shadows.