the great escape

don't worry i'm still unemployed.  it's been awesome!  no but really it has been.  not having a job has helped me realize that no matter how much time i have on my hands there are still things that i just don't want to do!  for example:  getting rid of my gigantic tv in my room and replace it with a sleek flat screen care of my sister, get rid of half my closet, go to d.i., clean my room, clean my bathroom, organize nail polishes, read books my mom gives me and organize my playlists.  it's like really hard to be me.

here is what i actually have been doing...

loving on these fellas

family picture time for this clan

a few batches of pumpkin chocolate cookies

FINALLY got my brakes fixed 
hanging with this guy 

making a pyramid just like the egyptians...with hershey's kisses

thriller with nat nat

again...loving this guy

raking leaves for these girls to jump in

being awesome

another 'date' with nat nat

birthday cooking for nat

happy b.day

HATING this white stuff

nutcracker with these kids

knitting my life away

i'm most proud of my knitting to tell you the truth.  it's so relaxing!  and i'm least happy about the snow.  seriously like i know that snow is good for utah so that the whole state doesn't burn up like this past summer, but can we just skip winter just once?