and life goes on.

'l' and i are done.  finished.  complete. over.  parted ways.  

i'm great.  no really i am.  he has proven himself to have little class/tact and brought out his inner jerk which makes me really happy to know now and not 6 months down the road.  

to cheer myself up i went to farmington on my day off last week to chill with the family and leave uc for a bit.  we started off with bowling monday night at bountiful bowl.  turns out that bowling when you just got dumped can prove to be very depressing when you see that your dad with muscular dystrophy beats you.  
me emme and zoe showing off our bowling shoes

sisters who bowl together stay together

this is how james beat us all

i love this kid.

me and james...even though he forgot who i was at first

sisters - char = kate, al and em

yep everyone beat me, not not just james

millie, anna (jake's gf), me, em and kate

jake agreed to snuggle on the ground with me while we watched best friends.

sometimes there is nothing better than just going home to get away from your crazy life.  but what i soon found out on my way home tuesday night was that no matter how far away farmington feels...it's still not far enough to get away from my problems.  this is sounding a little depressing...i'm sorry.  i really am fine and glad that i have the life that i have.  i am so grateful for an amazing family to rely on when times get rough.  i love them dearly.

moving on...

my calling at chuch is the primary chorister.  yes my singles ward has a primary for the bishoprics kids.  there is usually about 3-6 kids each time so it isn't too hard.  this week i decided to get creative to keep their attention and came up with 'april showers'.  i'm so proud of myself i won't lie.  in may i will introduce 'may flowers'...you know cause 'april shower's bring may flowers...'  yeah i am just that awesome.  

i did this all myself

nat (the roommate) and i resting on her bed after church

cookie time after dinner with friends

see so now you really know that i am just great.  i miss 'l' even though he is acting like a grade a tool.  i have just been telling myself that i am just too pretty for him (which is true) and it has helped me feel a lot better.  


baby time!

it is so sad that the only reason for my frequent blogging is mostly to do with the fact that i have taken way more pictures than i usually do thanks to my iPhone.  i'm a pathetic creature and have joined the millions of others who are slightly obsessed with their phones.  the day i got my phone my dear friend becca told me that the first thing she looks at in the morning is her iPhone...not her husband.  i laughed and thought she was silly...well becca, i am just like you.  i check my phone first thing in the morning.  we can be silly together.  anyway here are some pictures to document my week.  i have been super productive and busy.  and by productive i mean i didn't change out of my sweats and shower today until 4:45 and by busy i mean loving on some pretty precious children.  but i will take not showering all day if it means getting to hold sweet little angels in the form of jack and max.  ladies and gentleman, i am whooped i tell you!  jack and max have bewitched me, heart and soul.  even more than landon!  oops now you know 'l's name.  oh well.  he has agreed to meet my friends on saturday so i guess you at least get to know his name.  we went and saw hunger games tonight.  i'm just going to say i really liked the book better!  

here now for your viewing pleasure, my week!
i took the girls for char on saturday night while randy was at priesthood.  we rented a movie [rango], loaded up on junk food and ended the night with two sleepy 3.5 year olds.
i really showed off my creativity at work one day.  as you can tell i was not busy and put my taco bell cup to use.
morgan and i took one last bench trip before she leaves for hawaii tomorrow.
i began my three day sabbatical from work to play with these little lovelies!  
maximus is so sweet!
jack man often looks just like this...asleep!
when char went to pick up halle from dance this is how she left me.  30 minutes later when she returned this is how she found me.  i didn't dare move i was loving it too, too much!
jack man
jane and sadie love coming to my house.  i'm not really sure why, but today we stopped by to get some fingernail polish so we could all paint our nails.