xoxo, gossip girl

blame it on the gossip girl that i have incessantly been watching, but every time i pick up my phone i secretly wish it was some juicy tid bit of gossip to blast to everyone i know.  oh to be an unrealistic teenager in the upper east side of manhattan.  

i have ended my career at remedez after 2 years.  the details are semi important but not important enough to blast on my blog just yet.  this is a whole new experience leaving a job before i have my next move in place.  it's pretty scary.  you know mike lives his life just day to day and seems perfectly content to continue living his life like that.  yet another reason why that 6 week break up was necessary.   i commend those that are able to just breeze through life without a definite plan and somehow make it.  and on that same note i feel sorry for those that slave through life knowing what the next step is and falling flat on their face.  i'm happy to be somewhere right in the middle right now and knowing that someday it will be back to normal soon.  whatever normal is right?

with this new bit of my life, being unemployed, it has made me really reflect on this past year.  2012 started out with a bang what with my dad being adult.napped and holed up in a basement for 5 days.  sounds a lot worse when you put it that way right?  then a few really tough break ups, and now no job. it really makes me wish that i could just forget 2012 and skip to 2013 already.  why is that the boring or mundane things can be forgotten so easily but the crazy and out of the ordinary things are so vividly retained in our memories.  i guess due to the fact that they are usually things that you can't plan or orchestrate yourself and they remove the agency right out of your perfectly manicured hands.  you sneaky, sneaky, sneaky existence also known as life.  i'm just really banking on the fact that i am supposed to learn something from this whole experience.  the only problem with banking on something you can't control is that it's just another word for betting.  and betting is up to the fates, and we all know that the fates are just nasty, nasty witches.  better luck next time a.

unemployed girl