i am alive

i am only able to blog this early morning due to the fact that i am currently in my sister's guest room spending the night after an hour of decorating her new 12 foot christmas tree. fun huh?

i am really sad that i have had no really big events happen in my life to report. thanksgiving was fine. i ate some really good turkey and a delicious pie that i made and played mario party with my 2 brothers for about 4 hours. a newly decided tradition among the single asay kids. to each their own...right. then i was up at 3:45 the next morning...black friday. not to shop as most would think, but to get ready and drive back to work in american fork at 5:30! we opened our doors at 6:OO am and it was a very very very long day needless to say. and then i came home, fell asleep, missed a friends reception and bought a carton of ice cream for the first time in a long time. it was a crazy day.

i really have not done anything exciting as of late. a week or so ago i met up with my friend rachael and we went to hear a band that her friend was in. first of all it was in some garage type thing that we had to crawl under the half opened door to get in. second i was freezing cause i was getting sick and kept my coat on the entire time with my {gloved} hands jammed into my pockets. and finally, i felt like i was in high school! the crowd was so lame. i felt as if i had never left utah county. somehow all the provo hipsters had followed me! i am so over life right now. anyway, after running into a few people that we knew i was ready to leave. then we proceeded to rachael's boyfriends house and watched a movie with his mom, sister and brother in law! i mean for real, i thought we graduated from high school. please tell me that you agree that this is a little abnormal...just a little.

oh and my old friend aubrey just had her 3rd litle boy. 3 kids! wow, that is just too crazy to comprehend! but congrats to her and her adorably precious family!