i live

so i will tell you why i haven't blogged for a while, but you have to promise not to laugh or make fun of me. deal.

i started watching mad men on netflix.

it has consumed my life to the point of even winging out my eyeliner and wearing lipstick. but not to the point where i am considering dating an older married man. as it turns out that is a big no no in the modern world. but i have developed a bipolar relationship with donald draper/dick whitman. in one episode i will love him and then in like 10 minutes i will hate him and want to hurt him in ways that would prevent him from having any more little drapers. the point is that i wish i was in my early twenties in the 60's. i like to think that i would have been one of the sobbing secretaries when marilyn monroe and jfk died. i'm just saying.

but to be totally honest i have been really busy in my not so exciting life. work has been excruciatingly slow and so i leave early a lot. i figure my manger will thank me for that later when she is only paying me for the hours that i am actually working at work. makes sense to me. the former roommate/bff jenn got hitched last thursday in logan. pictures to follow when i decide to not be lazy. i colored my hair after like 2 months. spent some quality time with each sister individually. yep, i'm family oriented now. my sister is having twins again. yes AGAIN! the garn clan will have a final tally of 8 members as of march/april 2012. (i can't remember when she is actually due...i'm the good aunt/sister ever.) i went to flaming gorge...did i mention that already. well i did go and it was glorious. it was sort of a secret i think, but now it's out in the blog world. good thing no one of immediate flaming gorge importance reads this blog. oh and i found pintrest. only i found it too late and now everyone and their dog is following me and i'm sort of over it. but it was fantastic and glorious while it lasted. maybe i will pick it up again in like a year and i will be cool again.

and my latest vice is wint-o-green lifesavers. i bought a little bag and i feel like it is mary poppins bag and it never ends! i love it. i think i ate one every 10 minutes at church on sunday. i had the freshest breath this side of state street.

bon iver just said the f word to me. jerk.