i AM thankful

happy turkey day.
it was a great one for me...i reverted back to my childhood for a good solid 3 hours and played nintendo 64 with my brothers and sister. i only complained a little bit while playing mario party...who's idea was it to do 50 turns each! that takes like hours just as an fyi. dinner was great. jake and i got in a banana cream pie/water fight. my hair got trashed and was forced to pull it up with whipped cream crustiness and all wet! i have never laughed so hard. i totally got him in a head lock for like 1.2 seconds, he ruined my make up...but i wasn't too thrilled with the color combo to begin with so this was okay, and my mom retreated to the garage to stay banana cream pie free. after the fight we got back to our pieces of pie and enjoyed it with smirks as we reminisced on the events that had happened 2 minutes earlier. we ate loads of stuffing and after years of begging, my mom finally let me have a turkey leg! my life long dream of living it up like a king came true, too bad my camera was dead so i couldn't take a picture.
i worked tirelessly all day and night on wednesday, with countless others to get the new SHADE CLOTHING store in american fork open tomorrow for black friday! it was hard work and i have the bruises on my knees to prove it! it was a very long day, but we did meet shannon's goal of leaving by midnight...it was 10 minutes before midnight, but we still did it! it looks AWESOME! i am so stoked to work at such a stellar store! it was absolutely worth every square inch that i swept.painted, scraped.mopped on hands and knees! so make sure to come see the new store! cause starting monday i will be there full time! i am so proud to work for a company that has so many dedicated people to pull together to make this happen! go SHADE!
i am now off to bed, cause i have to work in the morning...go me!


one more thing

this is my speaking in church outfit sans the shoes. i was really cute. you know how i do!


blogging is so freaking sick. i sit down to fill you all in on my life and i get sucked into other's blogs! they are all so cute and mine is so boring! sorry.

anyway, i have been training for my new job and it has just flooded my pea size brain with so many memories of retail bliss when i worked at Bath and Body Works while i was in beauty school! the way i would totally flirt with the t-mobile guys that worked right outside our store, the way i would curse the teenager bums waiting for a movie on a friday/saturday night who would make such a mess of our sink, the $.25 cookies at mrs. fields and giant water cups, smelling like 800 lotions at the end of my shift, the overstocked back room, the trash elevator...that was so fun really, the manager checking my purse to ensure i didn't stuff it with sweet pea body butter, and the christmas rush! ah the christmas rush...i think that is what any company really waits for. their sales shoot up from the fall slump and stores are packed whether they are selling seasonal decor or watches. it is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

i am so anti christmas before thanksgiving, but when your boss blasts christmas music before halloween...it is a little hard to avoid the pandemonium. sometimes we would turn my manheim steamroller cd's on for a little giggle until someone pointed out the fact that it was 70 degrees and october, then it didn't seem so cool. but i am getting a little more excited...let's just get thanksgiving out of the way.

i really had every intention of cleaning my room tonight, but this is so much more fun!

mom, if you are reading this...call me cause i don't know what is going on for thanksgiving. char is leaving me and i need some family that day i think. i won't start a fight as per last years example of my maturity! you're welcome.

i totally am so excited for twilight tomorrow! last week i was emailing kc about it and i kept spelling it twighlight...who knows why, but then i got all self conscious and had to check every calendar that i wrote it on just to confirm that i spelled it right. i am such a loser! anyway i am so revved for it that i can't contain myself! my day tomorrow is great! i get to clean the office bathroom, upon letting dear mrs. austin go for her 'cleaning'...we all have office chores, and tomorrow is my turn! so anyway i get to clean the bathroom tomorrow and then i get to go to twilight. don't kill me just yet russell...i am still a star employee i promise!

this week i downloaded david archuleta and david cook. i need to get a life.

oh and i used a big word the other day and now i can't remember it...kc can you?


it's been a while

my little brother Jake just got home from his mission on the 5th. that was fun. in true asay fashion, we were all late and so he got to 'come home' 3 different times. i think that secretly he wouldnt have had it any other way. he is so awesome and it is so good to have him home. 2 years is a really long time, but i am so proud of him for sticking it out! he is a sweet kid and he will go really far in life...maybe even further than me!

i got a new job. again, same company, just a different title. i will be the assistant manager of the new store in American Fork that will be opening in time for the holiday season...we hope. it will be a really good move i think. i just feel like i was stuck in a sort of rut and this could really be something to shake things up a bit. i will for sure miss all the people that i work with now everyday. but i trust the one's i am leaving to do an exceptional job, maybe even better than me! i wish i could do the new job, but in the same office. i don't really think that will work tough :( oh, but good news is that the new store is in the same parking lot as paradise bakery and olive garden...i only like their breadsticks.

i am sick. last year i avoided the common cold, but this year it is getting me back and big time! i am a phlegmy nasty mess. at work yesterday i had a 'friends' moment...i looked at my garbage bin at my desk full of used tissues and was reminded of the episode where phoebe is sick and gets a sexy voice but loses is when she gets better and tries to get it back by stealing monica's used tissues when she gets sick. it was really funny to think about that. last night i woke up at 3 and just laid in my bed until 5 when i finally got up to take some medicine. all we had was robutissum and i didn't even think to check if it made you drowsy seeing as i did have to work today. unluckily for me it was exhausted when i woke up late at 7:30. and then it didn't help that today's work dragged on forever!

twilight comes out next friday and you better believe i have a ticket! thanks to kc...you be the bomb mrs. grey.

n is completely out of this picture, unless i really want to use him...no that is rude.
a is somewhere...just not near me.
t is leaving soon...lame.
j is the bomb and even making me a hat...how sweet is that.

my niece zoe stole my rings when i was up there last and today she told me i had to buy them back from her. she is 2.5. wow...



happy halloween!