why oh why...

coldplay's new album won't be out til june 17th...so far away!

my muffler is so annoying.

i am so over dating...get a life and man up. why can't you just be normal and do what you feel. if you aren't sure how you feel, don't pull crap like rubbing my leg in sunday school while i am reading a scripture aloud...hypothetically speaking. i can't believe i even helped you out today...let alone come to your house. i guess i have a slow learning curve.

i am now having to act my age and that scares me to death.

being responsible is way overrated!

throwing parties suck and i spent way too much on delicious food that took a long time to make!

i feel like i really used to know who i was, but now not so much. i am second guessing what i think about everything. i used to be the kind of person with my head on straight and semi knew what i was doing. now i don't know what i am doing or what i am supposed to be doing and that is really frustrating! i just want to be young again where the biggest decision was what i was doing that weekend.

i wish i had my own tv show like the hills. i think i have a pretty interesting and drama filled life...with my family alone. i think i have a lot to bring the world of reality television.

i wish dawson's creek were still on. no way were those kids in high school...the best episode is when pacey and joey get locked in walmart all night. that is so hilarious and who wouldn't love to living in walmart for a night?


jimmy eat this...

sometimes i forget how much fun my life is!
today i got to work at 1:30 pm.
i bought two new dresses.
the bachelorette started tonight.
i was by far that best dressed at an fhe bbq.
i had a fun little jaunt to wally world at midnight.
procrastinated cleaning my room another day.
bought some fun pens, just cause.
went tanning after a weeks absence.
saw people from high school and genuinely enjoyed seeing them.
was told my face looks like leather.
and my muffler is still falling off!

life is too short to not find joy in the little things in life! i am gonna try to invite these small joys into my life more often. like tomorrow morning for instance...i am picking up some breakfast burritos from beto's for me and shannon to simply make tuesday a little bit better!


black cherry chutney

i love when i finally have time to sit down and paint my nails and be able to do absolutely nothing so that i don't mess up my nails. that may sound really lame, but i love it! it is quite the accomplishment to have a newly painted set of nails that have no scratches, smudges or nicks! i am a simple person and find joy in small things such as a new manicure.
i made a great discovery last night...well awhile ago but that's not relevant. keren ann. she is pretty much amazing and has the most haunting and incredible voice ever!
i realized today that if i would have had my way i would have been heading to california tomorrow! my friend is getting married and i wanted to go, but my mom.slash.sister told me it was a bad idea and that i should have other priorities in mind. maybe she is right, but i won't tell her that. i guess moving out on my own for the first time in 3.5 years is a little bit more important.
i am finding out that it really sucks when people don't keep their word. just tell the truth...it works a whole heck of a lot better. i promise.


peace out lindsey

the other day i found out that an old friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. lindsey spjute was serving a mission in england when she suddenly passed from this life to the next. she was such an amazing person to have known. we went to elementary, jr. high and high school together and i saw her excel in all that she did. she was a smiling face to everyone. i never remember her upset or sad. she was always so positive and kind. she was such an amazing example of a person tyring to be like our savior jesus christ. i appreciate her for all that she did for those around her. i remember so many times her talking to those who were by themselves with no one to talk to. such an amazing daughter of god is simply just not saying enough. i love lindsey for all that she is. you will be missed spjute and know that we all love you!

it really makes you think that this life is only but a brief moment in the grand scheme of things. now is the time to prepare to meet god and live our lives with no regrets and with love and kindness to all around us. even if you don't know lindsey you can learn a lesson from her life. there is something more important to this life than what shoes you wear, what color your hair is or what kind of car you drive. life is about helping others understand their potential and lifting up others just to see the smile on their face. it seems unfair to have lost such an amazing person so soon, but i am so grateful that i have the gospel in my life that teaches that this life is not the end and that we will all live again someday. i do know that lindsey is in a better place and her mission has just truly started! so please keep the spjute family in your prayers and remember that there are no guarantees in this life! now is the time to live your life with joy and love!

thanks lindsey!


i passed!

don't be shocked when i say that i am not the most patient person...crazy. i know! with the being said i will now dabble in why i am not the most patient person.
1 ridiculous computer 'glitches'. i really could eat my entire delicious chinese lunch special of orange chicken and ham fried rice, in the time it takes for my computer to load one thing! i am pretty sure that my time 'wasted' waiting for my computer to work is somewhere in the hours category. really i get so bored that once wore a balloon on my nose and thought, out loud mind you, why haven't i ever done this before? at which point kc made a lot of fun of me and dared me to keep it on the remaining 20 minutes of work. i couldn't. it got in the way of talking on the phone.
2 ridiculous 'boys'. i am so sick and tired of 'playing' the dating game that i could scream. in fact sometimes i do scream. if i had a dollar for every time i got into my car/room and screamed at the top of my lungs due to frustration from the opposite sex, i would be a millionaire and be problem-free...cause everyone knows that the rich have no problems ever! boys, if you like a girl...just let her know. not so much in words, but in deeds. offer to bring her lunch on a busy day of work, take her car to get washed, make her a wicked playlist for her ipod or take her to get ice cream after a bad hair day. girls, if you like a guy...TELL him. guys are thick skulled and need to hear in words how you feel. if you are lucky their answer will sound something like this...'that's awesome suzy, i feel the same way'...if it sounds like this...'oh okay'...i think you're in trouble.
3 stupid mufflers. so my muffler is falling off. big deal! what does a muffler do anyway? i am pretty sure my car would be better off without it. someone told me if i got it fixed it would help my gas mileage...i think it was a lie to sound smart...another point to the aforementioned ridiculous boys section.


oh okay

i am sitting at work and uber bored/annoyed. our computer system that is supposed to be awesome is frozen for the 2nd time today, i am super stuffed from our delicious shower food, and really tired. but the best part is listening to mandy moore for the 15th time today! but i just got word that it is working again...go it department!


i hate tan lines

a really weird thing happened last night. my mom was right. and i was okay with it!