i am going to die!

The post office smells like wet dog!! Disgusting!!

more than sorry

So it's done...I am all moved to the guest room upstairs. I am so tired and can't really believe that I am still awake posting this! But I had to say that the one up side to packing all your unused items up is that you get to write on the box with a big fat Sharpie! Two of my favorire things...writing and Sharpies/office supplies!


smart water is my new passion...

So I just spent the last 3 hours cleaning my room and packing up all the insignificant and lesser used items to be stored in my sisters basement until I find a place. You see my dad is moving in with us and I have to give up my domain of the basement so he can rule the basement for a while. Char didn't see the sadness and sentiment in saying goodbye to the room I finally called my own...meaning I didn't have to share...for 3 years! So many memories! Late night phone conversations, sleepovers, loud nieces in the morning running right above me, nights of crying in hard times, reading in peace, dancing with myself cause i'm cool, make outs...enough said, the discovery of amazing outfits and the best most ginormous bed ever! It is definitely time for me to grow up a bit and consolidate all my random crap...let's face it apartments are tiny and will never fit all my crap ever! So now I am off to bed cause I am exhausted! I did inventory count today and boxes of 150 shirts are really heavy!


in my hometown

8 things i am passionate about
1 reading...of all kinds
2 doing hair
3 writing
4 painting my nails
5 my friends
6 owning an orange beach cruiser
7 music
8 not blogging
8 things i want to do before i die
1 travel to africa
2 ride an elephant
3 travel cross crountry and stop at all the county/state fairs i see while documenting my journey
4 read every book on my list...that's a lot
5 write a book
6 be a mom
7 stop swearing
8 learn a language
8 things i say often
1 shut up
2 well...
3 no way
4 uber
5 get out
6 stop it
7 remember when
8 sucker
8 books i've read recently
1 the westing game
2 assination vacation.sarah vowell
3 the kite runner.kahled hosseni
4 eclipse.stephenie meyer
5 anybody out there.marian keyes
6 the glass castle.jeannette wells
7 eye contact.cammie mcgovern
8 girl interrupted.susanna kaysen
8 songs i could listen to over and over
1 just like heaven.the cure
2 keep breathing.ingrid michaelson
3 every moment.rogue wave
4 forsake all others.william fitzsimmons
5 kill.jimmy eat world
6 all i need.mat kearney
7 all cause of you.the 88
8 for blue skies.strays don't sleep
8 things that attract me to my best friends
1 honesty
2 make me laugh hysterically
3 comfortable around me in every situation
4 can keep their cool
5 shares same interests as me
6 really listens to my self inflicted dilemas
7 same standards as me
8 shares my love of personal catch phrases
8 things i've learned in the last year
1 god doesn't give us more than we can handle
2 sometimes people really suck
3 life is too short to not live
4 bad things happen to good people
5 getting your oil changed every 3000 miles is a good thing
6 who my true friends are
7 i'm cooler than i thought
8 sometimes saving money is good


happy birthday rae rae!

6 years we have been friends and honestly we do get better with time!
we survived the final years of viewmont high hell
coveted the most attractive man ever!
survived bratty spoiled roommates
suffered through living 40 minutes apart
laughed at the most ridiculous hair styles and outfits
talked about every imaginable boy problem to date
kept up on our celebrity and our own world gossip
talk on the phone for hours and still have things to talk about the next day
seen so many amazing bands and been to the best shows ever
watched the stupidest movies by accident
never gone after the same guy
watched all the pretty horses over the course of 3 days
made so many margaritas and watched don juan demarco!
you are the best ever and i hope you have a great day!
just remember we can only go up from where we are!
happy 23rd.

23 raves and faves of becca f...

1. she's such an amazing back flipper on the trampoline. it's not even funny!

2. was the first person i knew who rappeled every year...yeah for escalante!

3. has the most incredible hair ever...i mean ever!

4. once her mom made us read scriptures when we were all fighting.

5. my first friend i remember playing .my little ponies. with.
6. always had a love for reading...i always envied that and now try to be like her!
7. has always had an artistic ability/eye that again i have envied!
8. her dog juneau had the raddest eyes ever and the only dog i was never scared of!
9. loves music and always know the coolest bands and artist. even thought she once owned a
ketith sweat album!
10. once we got in a flour fight while making cookies...it was wicked awesome!
11. had the coolest dress ups to use while making movies (once i think) or playing anything imaginable to a 9-11 year old.
12. sneezes like 20 times in a row and that is quite impressive!
13. loves the color blue and has as long as i have known her.
14. had the most disgusting smelling body spray that all our friends loved to spray on me just to torture me!
15. had the funnest and most high tech wheel of fortune game on her computer.
16. once we made prank phone calls to boys listed on our phones and she did the best job cause i kept laughing. best part...we were like 20 years old!
17. was/is so freaking smart that it confuses me!
18. has had the same handwriting since i can remember...i really admire that!
19. moved across the country to pursue her career...again i really admire that and envy her just a bit!
20. has great style!
21. in my eyes...has always known who she is and what she wants.
22. has a great spirit and makes you feel good when you are around her.
23...after all the years we spent fighting as bratty kids/pre.teens, we can still call each other friend!
love you becca! i have known you since 4th grade and you never cease to amaze me! happy birthday!


what...free return shipping?

zappos is amazing! my beloved shoes i ordered on saturday arrived at my house today...monday...two days after i ordered! are you kidding me. sadly, they were too big. so i call the 800 number they say to call and guess what...they are sending my new pair tomorrow and will get to me on wednesday! are you kidding me? all i have to do is send my other ones back within 14 days! best part...it doesn't cost me a thing! zappos is the best place for shoes...period!


bring sexy back

why does my main man jt hate the grammy's...
where the heck was he...
why was beyonce there...
who the heck is herbie hancock...
how high was amy winehouse...
why did amy winehouse win anything...
next year i am boycotting unless jt comes back...
kanye is pretty bad a@!...
i heart mary j. blige and i am pissed alicia keys beat her...
kudos to foo fighters winning...
that's all...
asay out.


why does nordstrom hate me...

so i was out and about the other day with my friend kyle...he is pretty rad. we went to check out the new shade store at the university mall cause he's sort of a big deal there. anyway after helping with a few things for their grand opening we hit my favorite store ever...nordstrom. so i had a mission in mind already...get some fetching new flats that i loved cause the one's i was wearing were squeaking. why you may ask do my shoes squeak...well i don't know. they are old and i think the first pair of flats i bought in the dawn of flats fashion. hmm...anyway i just KNEW i was going to find something i like. really though...i found nothing in my price range! being a poor twenty something is hard!
this was my dream pair, but not for $45...
then i decided i wanted some cute tennies to wear at work...i am in a warehouse all day running around filling orders and hauling boxes. wearing flats everyday is reeking havoc on my back and my feet! a girl's got to have some arch support!

so i found these and i was in love...hello orange!
but $75...yeah right!

so i finally broke down today and went to zappos to find the shoes i have been holding off on buying for like a year. when my sister went to spain last summer she swore by these shoes and i figured i might as well try them...so $50 later and free shipping i think i did pretty good...

i know this has nothing to do with anything other than i love my new shoes.
all brought to you because i finally got paid after 4 weeks! despite the fact that it was only half of what it should have been i am grateful for anything at this point!
i hate snow and want to move to california!
i am now obsessed with eastmountainsouth...so great!


it's okay

I brushed my teeth last night don't worry. I'm not really that gross.


i broke my dot box

i failed to mention my creepy man encounter today.

i was enjoying my lunch at bajio...a side of rice and beans with their onions and a bit of chicken topped with shredded cheese, yum...when my co.worker/friend monica recognizes some guy. turns out it was her dentist. he then asks about her flossing and she answers. then he proceeds to ask me how often i floss and puts his hand on my shoulder which catches me off guard and then i can't remember what else happened cause i was so taken back by him touching me. it was the sort of gesture you would do to someone you know...like a friend, co.worker or even your church leader...but a stranger. no that was not okay and i was a little bugged. and as if my flossing habits, or lack there of, is any of his business. weirdo.

keep in mind that i am eating dots and probably won't brush my teeth tonight cause it would taste really gross after eating dots.

and i am really sick of trying to help someone that doesn't want to be helped. it's like adding wood to a dying fire...it works for a minute, but ends up dying down again...yearning for attention and never saying thanks...just hisses at you.

dots are good

peace out mitt

you fought a good fight and you would have done a great job as the big man on campus. just start praying that it doesn't become the big woman on campus...if that happens i am moving to africa.

your bumper sticker looked goood on my car...and the remains of your bumper stickers still look good on my car.

thanks for the good times we know as the olympics of 04...that has noting to do with you dropping out, but i just thought it would cheer you up.

your hair did always look nice...

see you in 2012...if not, can i have a million dollars?

your fellow american/mormon


nanu and seala

first i have to start off my congratulating the .new york giants. for pulling through in the end and winning the superbowl making this the fifth year in a row that i have successfully called the winning team of the superbowl. also a shout out to the manning family on having two superbowl champions in one family...that is pretty tight.

after watching .arctic tale. i realized how much i hate walruses...they are gross and must smell to high heaven. they lie around all day all over each other and pass gas. they move as one which i can imagine can get pretty annoying if you were trying to be your own walrus. they feed on clams and the instant one decided they are hungry they all roll off the ice to feed on a ridiculous amount of clams and fart the rest of the day. they move about a mile a year and can only transport themselves on land by hopping forward on their tiny flippers. those things weigh almost twice the size of polar bears and that must be a lot of weight to have on two flippers! stupid walrus! anyway the rest of the movie was great to watch. you don't realize how horrible it must be to be an animal in the arctice...it did have a little .green. feeling, i half expecting al gore to start narrating instead of the great queen latifah...she does a great job by the way.

snow is ridiculous and i am so anti winter that i am starting to think that global warming isn't that bad...cut to video of al gore and leo dicaprio shaking their heads and fists...leave me alone.

i learned more than i wanted to about electoral votes...thanks to those who know i am challenged sometimes.