so what

so what if it has been over a month since i last posted.
so what if this isn't the freaking cruise post yet.
so what that i am so exhausted and blogging anyway.
so what if pandora is playing the kind of music that you would only hear at nordstrom instead of elliot smith.
so what that i should be in bed.
i am blogging anyway.
as of last wednesday night i have been at my sister's house watching her twins j and s who are on the brink of turning 2. it has been quite the adventure and all i have to say is thank goodness that my sister has a nanny who i could pass the kids off to everyday when i went to work! dealing with s whining all the time about every little thing and consoling j when the tiniest thing goes wrong and she screams bloody murder really is the best form of birth control that a girl could ask for. this afternoon the older girls g and h got home from idaho where they were staying with their grandparents. so now i have 4 kids to watch and care for. kill me now. my sister called from italy and informed me that they got me a really great present...it better be tall, dark and handsome. oh and it better only speak italian.
i have been uber busy lately. as of the last time i posted i switched jobs! i left my post as assistant manager of the shade clothing store in american fork and started assisting at a salon. yes imagine that, i am a cosmetologist who is finally working in a salon. after a 5.5 year absence i decided it was time to do the thing that i was trained for! i am loving it and learning a lot! i will be assisting for the next 2 weeks and then i will be slowly transitioned onto the floor as an actual stylist...well 'hair specialist' as remedez would have us called. and within the first 2 weeks of working there i finally changed my hair! go me. it is blue. not all of it. just a few pieces. hot is the word you are looking for. you're welcome.
okay mini pause. i was just sitting in the tv room and there was a gigantic fly buzzing around in a lamp shade. i went to go kill it and instead i noticed how it was not moving the closer i got. so i closed my hand really quickly and caught the fly! that is right i just caught a fly in my bare hand and it was even a really odd angle. i am really so proud/impressed with myself.
oh and the most important and sad thing to have happened as of late is...i turned 25. yes it is true. i am a quarter of a century! how did i spend my special day? i worked. got off early. went tanning. went shopping. got ready. my roommate threw me a party. i partied with a few special folks. ate a delicious and beautiful cake that bolish made. and then i had a lovely birthday dinner in f-town with my family on father's day. it was a glorious weekend and i definitely think that next year i will be back to celebrating my birth all the month of june. i don't know what really brought on this sudden change in only celebrating on my actual day. i was in mourning over my youth.
and not too far after my birthday i ate 5 hot dogs...bun and all at a bbq. after eating just one i just casually mentioned that i love hot dogs from the grill so much that i could probably eat 5. this foolish individual didn't believe me and didn't know that i am not one to back down from a challenge. so i ate 5 hot dogs in one sitting. to say that i felt sick afterwards was a major understatement. oh well, i sure showed him. and to impress this fellow even further i went out onto the field and showed off my wicked sprial skills with the massive football that was on hand. yeah i can still rock it...and we even swapped numbers. that ladies and gentleman is how it is done. ha.