funny how thing work out eh?

the other night i was talking with my roommate and a good good friend we will call A.  the topic of conversation rested upon mister mister somehow and A asked if i considered mister mister to be the person i will never get over. i laughed my head off inside as i told A that no, mister mister was not the person i would never get over.  because in all the irony that this world has to offer, A is in fact the person that i will never get over.  and now it is A that hasn't talked to me since saturday night.  it is A that i have constantly been thinking about even though 11 years of this back and forth has only taught me that no communication is my answer.  and so for about the millionth time, it is that moment to walk away on my end as well.  it's pretty easy since i am walking away from essentially nothing.  it's funny how i can know a person so well, yet have no idea why they do the things they do.  



i made a promise to blog over the weekend so that i can keep people informed on the happenings of my life.  so here i am!  love you karin...if you are reading this.

so now is a good enough time to tell ya'll that i may or may not have gotten fired from my job and that is why i 'left'.  and when i say may or may not it is a definite statement of firing.  but it's totally fine because i was in the right and i stood up for myself and was able to keep my integrity intact, unlike the few others that were involved.  it's funny how things work out.  getting fired forced me to realize that my former place of employment wasn't the most positive place to be and that i am better off without them.  the management was less than desirable, which lead to people playing favorites to protect the lack of work ethic and general morals in the workplace.  so i think that in the end i am better off and can still look at myself and see me...not some conniving and lowly backstabber.  :)

so i am still unemployed and learning a lot about myself.

- i can still read 3 books at one time...to kill a mockingbird, my antonia and how green was my valley.
- i don't have to spend money to have fun.
- the notebook is pretty cheesy, but ryan gosling is oh so yummy.
- knitting makes you cooler.
- de-junking your room is therapeutic.
- working out is still the last thing i want to do, even though i have PLENTY of time to do so.
- i can't sleep in past 9:30 even if i wanted to.

and some news from the boy front...mister mister is finally gone.  thank freaking goodness!  he was starting to feel like a virus that just kept holding on no matter how many antibiotics i was drowning him out with.  seriously our break up lasted longer than our freaking relationship.  no joke.  after all of that i have been a little weary of boys.  seriously i think that maybe it's not such a bad thing to start 2013 with no boys in sight and work on aly.  it's not like i'm super messed up, i just need a little time to myself to figure out what i want 2013 to look like.  i've decided that i get to choose what happens next year.  2012 i let life happen to me and next year i will tell life what to do.  good plan right.  i'm almost absolutely certain that is so not how life works, but i'm willing to make an honest effort here.  anyway i've had a few awkward encounters with a few guys.  nothing super exciting other than maybe making out with a 40 year old.  admittedly that was not my proudest moment in life, but guess what?  it's still 2012 and i need a little more fuel to the lifetime movie hopeful fire.  

moving on i just cried like a baby when i got a sliver in my finger and my roommate had to get it out for me.  never a dull moment here on spencer road.  i'm going to say this for probably like the millionth time on this blog, but next year i promise to be a more consistent blogger.  i mean i really enjoy our time her on the blogosphere and let's face it, i'm pretty funny and you all enjoy my ramblings!  :)