really 2 am?

so i am so happy that i got to see jane eyre twice this week. not just once ladies and gentleman...twice! it was pure heaven the second time around. i bawled even more and my mom had to check on me a few times! i am so happy with my decision to go again. it made my week so much more amazing than it already was with my two days off work! anyway, if you haven't seen it you totally should. it is playing at the broadway theatre in salt lake city and is amazing. the end.
and since i haven't posted a self portrait lately here is one for your viewing pleasure. this is my i just cried like a baby, ate a piece of pizza, 2 pieces of crazy bread and oreos, and it's 2 am face. don't judge too harshly!

night night!


are we there yet

i realized today that one year ago i was on a cruise. and more specifically i think at this moment one year ago i was making out with some guy on a cruise ship somewhere between san diego and cabo san lucas mexico. is that too much information? i think i have a problem with my social filter lately. anyway...i am not on a cruise headed for cabo. that is a really sad realization.

today i got to see another employee have a mini freak out because of a client...the best part is it wasn't me having a mini freak out for once. but that is what you get when you are so busy that you don't have time to think.

speaking of not having time to think...apparently i wasn't thinking this morning when i got dressed. today after working non stop for about 5 hours i finally got to go to the bathroom, only to find that i had put my underwear on inside out. is this too much information again cause i feel like it's not. is this why i only have like 4 friends? anyway i fixed the problem and then was really concerned for my well being.

just to make us all sad...i will share some cruise pics again.
turns out this is the only good cruise picture that i have on this laptop...i got a new laptop a while back, i can't believe i never told you! anyway this is me and camille. which works out pretty perfect cause i kind of really miss her. so holla mille!


little brown dress

good news. my hair finally fits into a ponytail. we will see if i start utilizing this newly acquired style.

in case i have failed to mention...i am speaking in church tomorrow. well technically today, but whatevs. i haven't spoken in church for a really long time. remember this outfit? yeah i do too. i will have to post a picture after tomorrow so you can see what i looked like. i am not very excited to speak. in fact i am rather nervous and feel like i may have to call in sick to church tomorrow.

i feel rather melancholy tonight. not the noun form but the adjective form. my mother would be so proud of me. not because of the whole melancholy thing, but for knowing words like verb and adjective. the better news is that i actually know what noun and adjective mean.

it snowed today and it made me want to stay in bed all day long. instead i drove to a beauty supply store only to find out they don't carry the flat iron i was seeking. so i drove to another beauty supply store only to find they raised the price of the blasted flat iron i was seeking. all the while i have holes in my boots and due to the sleet that was falling my feet were soaking and i was forced to go to work with wet socks. which we all know is a huge pet peeve for me and i almost threw up.


it's the weekend baby!

i just checked my hotmail junk mail. 212 emails. my 2 favorite were 'asian singles' and 'veteran loans'. i didn't know that never serving our country in any form of militia made you eligible for a veteran loan! score 1 point for me. and obvs asay is a very asian last name and means i need emails full of asian singles. score 2 points for me now.

i just tried to text bff to my roommate and instead buffalo took it's place before i couldn't fix it before sending it. so basically i just called my roommate a buffalo. score -1 for me.

my secret got out. josh told trent my secret and now i look like a freak i am sure. trent tried to act all cool about it, but i know underneath his frontin' he is thinking i am a weirdo! score -1 for me. this is why you should never hang out with members of the opposite sex after a certain hour when your brain shuts off. those hours are reserved for blogging and trips to wal.mart.

tonight me and my roomies decided that we hate everyone and wanted to stay home instead. we ordered pizza via papa johns...it helps that we have their number memorized. and we made our very first pizza.cookie. score like 100 for us all! it was awesome! especially because our delivery guy thought that the $8 we handed him was all his tip, but it was really the remaining $4.27 balance and then a $3.73 tip. sorry delivery man. the pizza.cookie was a success thanks to the roll of tollhouse cookie dough and dryer's ice cream i picked up at the store. next time we will definitely make the cookie from scratch...and with oatmeal. yummo!

me: 100
everyone else: 0...well cruel world looks like i win this round!


i forgot something

after the epic game of corners on saturday night, jenn and i made our weekly visit to wal.mart. this time we had josh and trent in tow. it was a glorious visit. trent threatened me that if i ever wore jeggings he would probably kill me while perusing the produce section. we planned an easter hunt on easter since josh and i will be familyless on easter. we found out that wal.mart needs to stock up on peanut butter m&m's. jenn fulfilled my dream of swimming in the string cheese bin. both josh and trent responded when i yelled their names from a few aisles away...they are troopers. {i have learned that you find out who your true friends are when they go to wal.mart with you and still want to talk to you after.} and we discovered that i look like i am 32. really? here we go.

we were acting a little out of control as is the norm with jenn and i. the guy checking us out looked like this...

i am not even lying! trent and i decided that he was in his 40's and probably still lived with his parents. jenn and josh discovered that at one point in his life he was gaining 5 pounds a month. awesome! so anyway, while we were acting out of control he asked us how old we were. josh told him to guess. cool right? well let me finish. he points to josh...28. {correct} he points to jenn...about 26. {dead on} points to me...32. {so wrong that i may or may not have cried} points to trent...28. {incorrect again...but let's not talk about how old trent is, he is a little sensitive about his next birthday this week} REALLY!!!????? 32????? he then went on to say that it was my hair and make.up. i wanted to front punt him!

please tell me i don't look 32!

you be nice to your mommy!

yesterday i had every intention of taking epic photos of my trip north to farmington to visit my family. i even found my camera and put it in my purse with every intention of documenting my journey to my hometown to soak in the final session of the lds general conference with my family. do you want to know what happened instead? i fell asleep the last hour of the session only to be awoken by my mom saying...'aly wake up the prophet is going to speak.' in an all to sweet tone. it reminded me of my bratty teenage years when she would yell throughout the house for us to listen to the prophet when he came on. oh toni. so instead of pictures you will get my storytelling.

what you missed...
*two spit takes on my part during dinner. first with throwback mountain dew all over my sister katie's conference notes and my dinner plate. and the second time it was water straight into my cup. hilarious!
*grasshopper pie goodness galore! i love this stuff and i think if it were socially acceptable i would eat an entire pan of it myself.
*the whole crew watching america's funniest home videos. classic asay fun!
*watching jim gaffigan. so funny! even toni laughed.
*my niece millie breaking down into tears and lack of breathing every time anyone looked at her, talked to her or even talked about her. she is such a precious child, but ultra sensitive!
*running into my brother in law at the gas station whilst purchasing gas that i forgot to get saturday night and whilst he was headed into the drive through to purchase a soda. we made a pact to not tell anyone...oops. good thing my family never reads my blog. thanks kids!
*leaving my notebook with my conference notes...crap.

all in all a successful trip in the great land of farmington.

as a side note...or notes. i think i have a brain tumor. i have solid and concrete evidence that may or may not back this up. i think i have a cracked rib from an epic game of corners on saturday night. i thought i was going to a} throw up or b} die. what i did get was a very hoarse throat and sounded sick. and i think that i do in fact have a blood clot. i am basically a walking time bomb ladies and gentleman.