cause i like what i see, when i'm looking at me...

yeah for $100 bonus from the coolest place ever! what a way to end my career! just indulge me as i reflect on my life as a nanny...
i learned how to potty train a 2 year old
i can bandage any ouchie
i make ramen noodles like a pro
i can buckle halle's carseat with one hand while talking on the phone to char and while backing out of the driveway...sorry char
i know the theme song to most kids shows
i went to the zoo for the first time in ages
i love the dinosaur museum
the library is cool
i've taken a trillion pictures with the coolest kids ever
i can multitask like nobodies business
i can distract the unhappiest child
i was called mommy aly for a bit
halle tells me she loves me 50 times a day
i taught grace how to use a slippin slide...at the age of 21 there are certain things you should just not try to bring back
watched every barbie movie known to mankind
watched elf 8 billion times

i've watched them grow up and now grace can read like there is no tomorrow and halle can spell out her name to the J-E-L-L-O theme song. i love these kids so much and now i won't get to chill with them everyday of my life...i have to get a real job now! and char if you ever read this...thanks for the chance i have had to share my life with your kids...i love them more than i can express and i love you for being there for me. now i am well prepared to raise my own kids someday...yeah!




lions and tigers and bears...

so today i was cutting hair as usual and i totally cut my hand! it bled ridiculously and had to run upstairs to get a band-aid (waterproof ariel of course), and i was reminded of my dark days working for a chain store that will remain nameless but for all intents and purposes we will call nickel snips...anyway, i was cutting this little boys hair. he was no more than 2.5 years old and he was freaking out...screaming, crying and moving every which way. now i really love kids...but i did not love this one! after like 15 minutes and only finishing 1/4 of the haircut, i knew i wasn't getting a tip. his mom was so clueless, the whole time she was laughing and saying stuff like 'wow, he is mad' or 'i don't think he wants his haircut'...not trying to calm him down at all! i almost quit when...i was about to snip and the little 'dear' moved his head and i cut a 1 inch gash into my poor little hand. i knew it was bad cause i felt it for one, and two it hurt instantly! so i muttered to the mom that i had cut myself and i would be right back. in the back room i could not get it to stop bleeding. i used the liquid band-aid solution and 2 band-aids just to keep it from dripping blood...it was ridiculous!

i went back finished a half aced haircut and sent them on their way confirming my suspicions of no tip! how is it that some people can be so clueless and so retarded all at the same time! i think i even ended up crying cause like buddy the elf would say 'my hand had a heartbeat'! after that i refused to cut any child that even started to cry. i would make the mom's calm/bribe them into cooperativeness before i touched their head.


why'd we both choose letting go....

so yesterday my bff cammille graduated with her masters in science and psychology with something in counseling...i think that's what it was...anyway it was a very exciting day for everyone involved!

so this marked the 2nd commencement at utah state that i have attended since dropping out in jan.05 to move to american fork. and it was so super short that i actually really liked it!

camille has been working towards her masters our whole friendship and even before we met! i am really proud of her and her major accomplishment! someday i will get that two year degree and we can both feel a little accomplished in our schooling. i keep telling camille that she now has to get her doctorate so we can call her dr. rowley...it sounds really official!

returning to logan almost made me break out in hives when i was actually remembering how to navigate myself through the small and secluded college town. weird how tragic memories surface in the smallest things...like just seeing the hill that is 800 north and my many dark walks up that hill after the bus dropped me off after work. i am so grateful for my car and my life far away from logan!


my body got hit by a train last night

what a daunting and horrible word to hear in your life at 22
even worse to hear...luckily i am the former and not the later

as of 12.25.07 i will take up my position as a freelance human in a freelance world of hairstyling in my basement.

i will have all the time in the world to:

clean my room slash bathroom
finish knitting my scarf
finish my cross stitch
organize my jewlery
file all my bills that will get paid via my new credit card
job search...yeah
finish my 'projects' for char
bug the crap out of everyone i know who have jobs still

i am surprisingly happy now that i get to make all of my christmas presents that i intend to give everyone. who needs store bought stuff when you can have a one of a kind present from aly. self discovery seems to be just around the corner...i wish i had my own tv show, so that this dialogue could be heard with the background music of like joshua radin, joshua james, william fitzsimmons or ingrid micaelson. that would be tight.


A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. hating on mr. jorgenson my utah studies teacher
2. wearing overalls almost everyday
3. riding the bike coaster in wookland park
4. playing dress up in becca's basement
5. mostly hating my life cause i was in 7th grade...

5 Things on my to-do list today
1. wrap christmas presents
2. clean the blinds
3. shower
4. go to the bank
5. spend money that's not mine

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. baked bbq lays
2. cottage cheese and peaches
3. carrots and ranch
4. sweet cereal mix
5. anything chocolate

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
1. own a salon
2. drive a mercedes benz g500 suv
3. buy me a nice house
4. travel the world
5. donate to those in need

3 of my bad habits:
1. swearing...oopsie
2. letting my mood affect my relationships with others
3. people watching, and by watching i mean mocking...

5 places you've lived
1. farmington utah
2. logan utah
3. american fork utah
i've only lived in three places...sorry

5 Jobs I’ve had
1. karen foster design...
2. bath and body works
3. dollar cuts...not a high point in my life
4. shade clothing biatch...
5. the garn residence...personal nanny and chef

5 Things people probably don’t know about me
1. i really like to knit, crochet and cross stich...i am a 40 year old woman
2. i am obsessed with elephants...i think they are beautifu
3. i like to practice my handwriting
4. i love one tree hill
5. i've seen every episode of the hills at least twice!

i tag becca foster, jayni elizabeth, jobi niu and that's all...i need more blogging friends!

fa la la la blah

it is now 15 days until christmas and i have done no shopping whatsoever! stupid christmas tree holiday!


then comes the night...

it is never good to stay friends with people after you have a had a bit of a history with them. from my experience it can just be awkward. tonight i was with one such person and while our third party was talking to someone she knew while we were in line at cafe rio, i had nothing to say to this person. this was someone that i could talk about anything before we parted ways, but now i could not think of 8 minutes worth of conversation with him. it was sort of disturbing that we were so far from each other. oh man how happy i was when our third party came back in line. i hate awkward situations and wish to avoid them at all costs. i am realizing now that i should have gone into the bathroom as i had originally planned when we got to cafe rio...oh well you live and learn.

ps i hate snow and i am really bitter that it snowed. and did you know that reno is like the same weather as utah? i didn't...and i am really upset that it is going to be cold in reno during my 2.5 day jaunt there. stupid nevada. maybe i will win big...go slot machines!


the turkey says gobble gobble

it was a thanksgiving miracle. i started no fights during thanksgiving dinner. then i peacefully read the kite runner and let everyone else clean up! so all in all a great day!


and then what...

i hate thanksgiving...cause i always think that i have to be all 'crafty' around the holidays. i spent 6 hours yesterday making place cards for everyone and they will all just be thrown away after dinner! stupid turkey holiday!


can you say that...?

yesterday i...

1 created my own blog...i'm not really a nerd you know

2 picked up a broken christmas tree that i didn't know was broken at the time, and managed to cram it into my tiny civic while my 6 year old niece grace asked me what my favorite color/animal/food/day of the week was. thanks costco

3 painted my nails black...not cause i'm gothic, but cause i'm cool like that

4 found out i am never watching the bachelor ever again

5 bandaged halle's chin...princess band-aid of course

6 watched the 'brody-less' hills

all in all a great monday! whoever said that mondays suck was seriously disturbed.


will you fall down the stairs please?

when you were a kid you laughed at almost everything. something that i have always loved was laughing. even when i am down and oh so sad, i have found ways to laugh through it. my favorite catch phrase for my life right now is 'i laugh so i don't cry'...it has worked out fantastic! my friends dad even called me the 'giggly one' after dinner, cause i laughed at all of his jokes. i love to laugh! whether it is my favorite tv show, or my niece saying that jesus makes her violent! quoting favorite lines from tv shows or movies that me and my friends watch. or my sister emme and i simply have to lie down on the ground to take pictures.

here we are when we realized that we were so lame to lie on the ground at sundance just to get the fall leaves in the picture...

or maybe we just realized that this was the previous picture...

we are lame, but we are pretty easily entertained.

i have had to learn to not take myself too serious. when i went to college once, i was walking out of my morning class and tripped over a tiny bump in the pavement and somersaulted onto the grass in the middle of the quad...instead of laughing i got up and hurried on my way. my reasoning was if my roommate would have been with me i would have died laughing, but i was all alone with tons of stangers watching me. in retrospect it was hilarious, and i am sure that some of those people went back to their apartments and told their roommates about the girl who totally ate it on the quad that morning.

so let's laugh:

once i turned into the hulk version of myself and chanted 'aly angry'...hilarious

once i fell in the middle of target cause my shoes were slippery

once i totally sat in pumpkin pie and coined my new nickname 'pumpkin bum'

and once we played cards in the parking lot of pizza hut at midnight...camille had a blue tongue from the fun dip i found in my purse, i lost at phase 10 by like 200 hundred points and ate tons of candy... so next time you see someone who looks down...could you please try to fall down the stairs?

with thanks to becca

so if it weren't for my dear childhood friend becca i would not have even started my own blog. what a better place to write all the randomness of my life. and believe me it is plenty random! so thank you becca for being simply who you are on your new york/grown up adventure!