slacker blah blah

so i haven't blogged for a long while. mostly because i don't have internet at my humble abode. just one of the lovely non amenities of my beautifully spacious apartment. that was all sarcastic and if you couldn't tell, i just don't know how to help you then. i am sorry but this is going to be a boring post. i am now going to just talk about the goings on as of late, since this is semi my journal as well. if you get bored easily i give you permission to just stop while you are ahead and move on to the next blog that you happen to check. you're welcome.


to answer your questions

i am moving tomorrow.
i am moving to pleasant grove.
i found my roommate on ksl.com
it is close to the freeway, hence faster to work.
it is a new ward, which is what i was in desperate need of.
it is a very overwhelming thing.
i have found that i may have a bit of a shopping habit.
i own a LOT of shoes.
i own almost as many sunglasses.
char thinks i have more clothes than her...that is false.
i have lots of books, but want more.
i just have a bunch of random crap.

anyhow, i know for sure that my new place doesn't have internet or cable. but we will have a tv that has a screen smaller than my laptop. the point being, i may not be able to post as frequently...sad for all of you i know.