funny thing happened

so as i was shopping at the gateway with my sister tonight a funny thing happened...
i lost my phone.
and by funny i mean ridiculously annoying.
we spent an hour of shopping time, searching for my broken blackberry.
so moral of the story is i am phoneless and know no ones phone numbers.  remember when you were a kid and you knew all of your friends phone numbers even your crushes phone number.  i went 18 years without one and the past few hours have been so lonely without it!  i am a blackberry junkie.  pray that someone finds it and has the decency to return the busted up thing.  if you have to contact me...facebook me or email me!


you can't go back now

so i gave up on doing a daily log of my trip.  for some reason that fact that i had it all planned out made me not want to do it anymore!  if only i didn't have to be so freaking structured!  anyway i will now give a brief summary of the rest of my trip in the form of a list...why?  cause i love lists.

walnut creek for kc's dr. appointment
shopping some more
experiencing my first {and not last} piadine from tomatina's...yummo!
picking up in and out for the entire family

delicious breakfast at copenhagen in burlingame
shopping in burlingame at the cutest store therapy
finally site seeing in the city
golden gate bridge
lombard street
the sea lions at the pier
the ever busy pier 39
ghiradelli square...2 samples
house of nan king...best chinese food in china town...thanks again ck
mitchell's ice cream...best i have ever had in my life

lounged around and read while kc went to cousins track meet
dinner with ashton's parents
my first red mango experience {funny i had to go to CA to experience the mango}

sacrament meeting {i am a horrible influence for the grewals}
kc and i ventured to half moon bay and watched the sunset {in the top 3 favorite things of my trip}

hard rock cafe for an early lunch
people watching at the pier
alcatraz {so cool}
i pretended to be mala and got a free meal at broadway grill...the funnest night ever!  thanks you guys!

walked the dish with kim and her baby
lunch in pluto's in palo alto
fraiche in palo alto {red mango, but not as creative toppings}
reluctantly packed up all my stuff.  surprisingly it all fit.
went to airport, had a tearful {not} goodbye scene with kc and flew home
used the airplane bathroom for my first time ever.

it was a really fun trip and i can't thank the wise family enough for their hospitality!  menlo park is a beautiful place and i want to go to there again someday.  everything was green and lush that i felt so relaxed somehow.  

i will post pics later cause i am tired.


crush crush crush

i have become so unmotivated with blogging lately and i am only on day 3 of my trip.  i know that you all have been sitting on the edges of you seats too.  [that was sarcasm]

day 3 we went to santa cruz...beautiful by the way.  is is a short hour drive from menlo park and the cutest beach town in the world.  i acted like a dork the whole time driving around.
this is me showing off  my favorite sunglasses ever.
just us driving to santa cruz
look how beautiful this is!  i loved this spot.  we even saw a little whale in the distance. there is just something about being right by the ocean that i just adore.  it is so calming and relaxing.  the whole time i would say things like 'when i move here this will be my spot to come and think during a hard day'.  i think kc got sick of hearing that.  we drove a little bit more and saw the pier with the roller coasters and ferris wheel and i have never been more excited in my life.  it felt like a moment from a book and i wanted to drink up every bit of it.

so we went to downtown santa cruz for a little shopping and lunch.  the best part was the parking cost us $.75! 
we stumbled upon my fav urban outfitters!  i pick up a few accesories that are so fun!  i loved this urban in particular for some reason unexplainable.  then we stopped at pizza my heart for a little slice of pie and some aqua!
i even got a piece with mushrooms, which if you know me, you know i hate them.
then we headed home for a little relaxation.  
we ate dinner of chili [and for me cottage cheese] and fritos.  then we made cookies for american idol!  kc and ashton had a few friends over and we watched the show.  after i called to vote for matt for 80 times and never got through.  that is not even an exaggeration either.  80 unsuccessful calls in about 30 minutes!  i was furious when the next night he was in the bottom 3.  whatever.  

anyway so tomorrow we head to walnut creek for an exciting dr.'s visit!


the next day...

we woke up 
ate a hearty breakfast of an orange [split in half] and a croissant [again, split in half]
we drove into the city
i loved the drive into the city.  it was so great to see all the houses that lined the vast hills of san francisco.  it was just like the opening credits to full house!
we parked at union square and headed out to do some damage shopping.  we started at h&m and what i bought is pictured here.  i felt so overwhelmed there and couldn't make any decisions as to what i needed and wanted.  it is a miracle that we even made it out.  then we hit up urban outfitters and never have i seen one that big!  it was 3.5 floors!  i was in heaven and again i was so overwhelmed!  we walked in and out of shops and had such a blast!  there are so many people there to watch and occasionally make fun of.  the streets were constantly busy and the sidewalks just as busy.  so many styles to see and languages to hear.  i felt like i was in a different world and loved every minute of it.  
we shopped for a little while longer and then grabbed some lunch at boudin bakery.  after a delicious chicken salad sandwich on a sourdough roll we headed back to the car to get home!  
when we got home we started baking out little buns off.  we had to make 4 pans of frozen ravioli for kc's enrichment later that night.  we got them all in the ovens and did kc's hair all cute and just before we had to leave checked the food and most were still frozen...so by some miracle and a wolf oven we were able to make all of them at least warm enough to pass off as cooked to others.  after dinner, a few brief talks and some angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream, we cleaned up, took town the twinkle lights and rolled away all the tables and went home.  kc and i talked while she tried on the shade loot that i brought for her and it was lights out for two tired friends!  

tomorrow...santa cruz!   


i'm ready

i am finally ready to post about my trip to menlo park, ca.

i left sunday the 22nd and as soon as i landed, knew i was going to love the warm weather!  kc and ashton picked me up and we headed to the Chateau de' Wise and i got settled while they headed to their marriage class.

this the view from my bedroom!


the next morning we tried to go to breakfast at a little place named 'bucks', but we got a late start so we were too late to eat there, but it did snap this fun picture of a giant wooden fish!

we had breakfast instead at 'anns coffee shop'.  it was decent, but the 'kraft singles' on top of my omelet made me a little sicked out.  the hash browns were delicious though!

after that was a tour of the past 'Chateau de' Wises', a trip to costco and once again getting settled just a little more.  basically just relaxin to the maximum!  my dear kc is a member of her enrichment committee and i helped her to fulfill her calling just a bit by setting up for their enrichment 'relief society birthday party' that was to be held the next evening!  it was so much fun despite the difficulty of throwing the twinkle lights over teeny tiny little wires.

after all the fun of decorating and rolling tables around we went to dinner at a lovely little place known as lulu's!  Asthon's mom Debbie met up with us and i enjoyed it thoroughly!  

after that it was home time to relax and gear up for the next day!

more to come tomorrow...