luna luna luna

a few weeks ago i went to farmington to watch kate and nate's little girls while kate worked and nate studied his brains out for pharmacy school finals. it was so much fun.

zoe did my hair

we had a silly photoshoot so she would stop crying

i didn't know i could look like a mole rat before...

how could you not love millie's little face?

i loved being able to spend some quality time with these little munchkins! they are so sweet and quite the handful. i am so grateful to be their aunt and watch them grow! thanks kate and nate for letting me play with your little kiddos. i absolutely love them!

we turn it up

guess what? i have some pictures.

about a month ago i went to park city with my mom and sisters for my sister katie's 30th birthday. we met at the montage resort in pc and went to dinner at the restaurant at the hotel and surprised kate with a night's stay in a sweet room. she was so surprised and even cried...mission accomplished! i only got a few pictures and am waiting for kate to send me the pictures from her camera which will take her approximately a year, so here you are.

the beautiful birthday girl

the awesome chocolates they gave her

blowing out the candles

emme, kate, mom, char and me...sorry your eyes are closed mom!

the next day we woke up, had a mediocre breakfast and hit the outlets for a few hours! it was such a fun trip and i can't wait for our next 'girls trip'.


don't tell me

i just realized that i have already hit my 200th post!!!! that is cool.

i realized something else tonight. i am sick of people telling me...'oh so and so asked how you were doing the other day'....if so and so really wants to know how i am they can ask me themselves!!! not that i don't want people asking about me, but if they are my friend and have my number they can call, text or email to ask ME how I am doing. not asking other people.

and another thing...i like you. so don't come sit next to me when i deliberately sit at another table to stay away from you and the girl that you are dating! sometimes there is a method to my madness!

sorry for the ranting, but well this is my blog and i can say what i want. thanks for loving me still!


deadbeat blogger

so what? i am a crappy blogger as of late. i don't care.

so i know you are all on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what has transpired in my life since i last updated you on my blase life. quick side note...i really like the word blase and shall try to find ways to use it more. let me just tell you some of the highlights.

okay so first, i bought this...
okay so not this exact one, but one very similar to it. it has been raining a lot so i can't take 'i just bought a new car' pictures quite yet. it is a 2004 saturn vue and i am in love. it is black and very sexy. i feel like an adult with a grown up car. but not like a mom. i just want to clarify that this is not a mom car. and the funniest thing about buying this car is that before i decided upon this make and model i had never seen them anywhere...ever! and now that i have it i see one every fetching day. it is crazy.

i have been doing a bootcamp with my sister and some of her friends for the last 2.5 weeks. don't worry about it...it is at 5:45 in the freaking morning! yeah i said 5:45 AM! that means that every monday, wednesday and friday i have been waking up at 5:21 am to make it to cedar hills by a quarter to 6. what? i am so exhausted all the time and of course i am blogging at 10:05 when i should be sleeping to wake up on time tomorrow. huh. oh well.

i think i am old. and i think i need a 5 year plan. is 26 too late to start thinking about a 5 year plan. well good cause i am still 25 for another month. both my roommates are dating someone and one of my last single besties is dating someone and this has made me think...what if all of my remaining really close girlfriends get married? where will i live? i know what you are all thinking...it's trippy how i can always bring it back to me. but hello...it is all about me...i am single. in reality i am happy for my friends i honestly am. they just better plan it so that i don't lose them all at the same time or i might be living on the street. i'm just saying.

and this is so classic aly. today i drove all the way down to the dmv in provo to get my license plates finally. i head down there in the rain. i park at the dmv. i reach into my glove box and retrieve all my important papers. i check my folded post.it.note that was stuffed in my day planner to go over my list of items i need. proof of insurance...check. emissions within the last 60 days...check. driver's license...check. title...nope. it was in my room on my floor under the envelope it had come it. really? i drove all the way down here in my behemoth gas guzzler only to have to return home and not have enough time to turn around and wait at the dmv before they close. cool! so i guess thursday morning will have to be the time cause they are closed on friday. whatever.

i have more to tell you but it is bed time and i haven't uploaded pictures yet. so stay tuned!