let's hope negative shall we

i was thinking today...is it awkward for everyone involved if you mention a get together to someone as if you already invited them, but really hadn't. that has to be a little awkward for the inviter and a little awkward for the invitee too. not that it really matters in the long run...it is just a little funny and a little awkward all at the same time. just a thought

and i have learned this week that patience sucks and i have little to none at all! sometimes that anticipation of something kills me and i just want things to happen now and not wait! wait it out people will say, but you know what...that is is like saying to a junkie 'just quit cold turkey...you can do it!' yeah right is what i say to you happy and optimistic people.

best part of anything lately was my easter present from my mom! the book entitled you can heal your life! i can't remember who wrote it, cause quite frankly i didn't look.slash.care...anyway she believes that we cause every illness that we encounter in your lives. she says that our thoughts bring disease and illness to ourselves. sort of a little bit like the secret but sugar coated and bright hearts on the cover. so...she says that having thoughts like i have a fear of growing up brought on my dad's muscular dystrophy...and his 3 brothers too i guess. nothing to do with a genetic mutation of which i am a carrier. or that leukemia is brought to you by having a thinking of what's the point....or the cataracts my brother was born with was from all his thoughts in the womb of the world being a dark place...crazy to finally figure out what causes so many things in the world...so if you have any medical questions...let me know and i can reference my book to give you a new thought process!


it's laundry day

i have come to the conclusion that being an adult sucks!

remember when you were a kid and you wished you could stay up as late as the adults. cause in your mind you fantasized about adults doing uber cool things when you finally went to bed. well now i am an adult---well sort of i guess---and staying up late only brings me boredom. i did all the things i needed.slash.wanted to do and now i am bored out of my mind...why not go to bed...well that is a complicated story and would only bore you.

alas here i am blog stalking and eating ice...which i usually don't do.

i am however not bored at the idea of me finally getting a flippin pedicure tomorrow morning at ten...thanks to shannon and loving me enough to invite me in meeting steph...go steph.


cup of noodles...you're weird!

okay so good news minute...
i don't have to work tomorrow!
i finally had time to wash my hair tonight!
i found my junior mints that i put in the freezer two weeks ago!
my pain from lifting boxes is isolated to my neck!
and payday is on friday which means i get an easter dress after all!
i made it to farmington in 39 minutes...go me!
my cup of noodles were delicous!
did i mention i don't have to work?


kiss me i'm irish

so good news...i'm getting money back from the irs!!
the first time in 3 years!
600 bucks!
here's to paying off my debts and having a little change left for savings.
i now think savings is essential and not over.rated!!
go me!
also kudos to me pistachio cake!


he was injured...

okay so after a hell week like this one...this made it all better! i heart this little kid!


shock value

i am so sore
i feel like i got hit by a train
my arm looks like i am a junkie
i don't want to touch another shirt on a hanger as long as i live
i hope i don't dream about work tonight
here's to going to work and going crazy all over again tomorrow!


salsa picante: aristi

last night my brother called me 'nineties head'...all because i asked him to burn me a few copies of dave matthews band...that i have somehow lost. i think i lost them in logan somehow! i hate logan...imagine me shaking my fist in the northern direction and scuzzing them off! anyway i was annoyed cause he told me i missed the dmb trend by like 10 years! he obviously forgot that people do whatever i do. duh! i am such a trensetter that i bet right now you are going to pull up your itunes and brush the...music dust...off your dmb collection and remember that they got skills and can make you remember a certain time in your life that you found solice in crash, where are you going or tripping billies!

anyway stepping off my soapbox...this weekend i went to comedy sportz for my friend melissa's birthday! she is a leap year baby and just turned 24...or 6...however you look at it! i was pretty bummed to not see my favorite comedy sportz play...matt mattson. he is pretty much hilarious! i guess i will have to go again just to bust my gut laughing at him.

i just read the best book ever! it is called 'my sister's keeper' by jodi picoult! i read it all day on saturday...after i organized my lame room...and all day on sunday...after all three hours of church! i bawled like a baby and still wanted to read it all over again cover to cover! so my suggestion is that you check into it! you will not regret it and you will thank me for it later!