pusher love girl

i know.  

its been like ages since i last blogged.  i'm not even really sure if anyone still uses this medium of self expression anymore, but even if that's true i don't care.  my blog was never for anyone but me.  mostly because i think that i'm funny and i do like to write.  so if you're reading this i love you for patiently anticipating my next move!

so...just a few things have happened since i last wrote.  i really really really really like my job.  according to my mom it's like a real salon.  which is very true.  it's modern, clean, well lit and a lot of really cool and talented people are there everyday to turn out beautiful hair.  it's refreshing to feel like others are on my level of ability, or even better.  the commute is okay.  i honestly think that if i moved char would cease to exist.  i mean i'm in some serious demand around their house, which i love because that means that i have definitely solidified my 'favorite aunt' status with those munchkins.  anyway back to the point.  i breezed through my assisting phase and onto the new artist program.  it's been really fun to do my own clients.  let me just tell you...i'm not in utah county anymore!  salt lake is a very diverse community.  i love it.  and for once in my life i am the minority.  i'm one of a handful of latter-day saints working at landis, and it's great.  my whole life i have been what felt like the majority as far as my religion went.  it was easy to do what was right because everyone else that i associated with believed the same things and i was never tested or tempted to do anything different.  now i am one of a few and we are treated no differently than anyone else.  it has really made me solidify my belief that at the end of the day, no matter what you believe (or don't believe) as long as you treat others with respect and are a good person, it doesn't matter.  do your own thing and love one another.  i love what i do and i am so happy that this is where my life has taken me.  it didn't happen exactly as i would have preferred it, but i'm grateful for all that experiences that have come from this change.

now for your viewing pleasure...


jack jack
my dear jenn and her new babe

sweet sisters ready for school
this lil one turned 12!

bday cupcakes for g
gave kate a shot

using a straw for fun.dip.  amazing.

being attacked by striped twins

my valentines feast with nat nat

executed 6 dozen cupcakes for my sister

soaking up some sun at city creek
treehouse museum with this gal


she found my mannequin head and named her monica

brave lil kiddos
jack turns 1

max turns 1

fancy mom
oh my laws.  for some reason blogger hates me and i won't even tell you how long that just took me to post all those.  so ya'll better appreciate them.  especially since i think i have a migraine.  either that or my brain is trying to escape my skull by swelling and pushing as hard as it can until i close my eyes and lay down.  so my obvious solution is to blog and listen to justin timberlake.