what the what?

today i was driving to work on the freeway. i was already late due to the fact that my roommate was home even though she told me she was going to arizona for a week, and was using hte bathroom. i decided that brushing my teeth was more important than being on time for work. my dentist would be so proud. so anyway, i was on the freeway and i moved to the far left lane and the car in front of me did the same and we were cruising along just fine. i was about 1.5 car lengths behind this toyota camry, when all of a sudden they SLAM on their brakes. like the kind of slamming on your brakes reserved for when there is a child in the way. the car swerved around and i slammed on my brakes causing me to also swerve around. i honestly came within 1 foot of hitting him. i glanced back in my rear view mirror to make sure no one was about to hit me. then i looked back up and the car in front of me was zooming off. literally they drove off at like 80 miles an hour! what the what. i had assumed the one of 3 things had happened...

1...a tire blow out
2...avoiding an accident
3...avoiding debris in the road

but apparently they were just ridiculous. i was freaking out! i was shaking and could barely drive. i got to work and it took like an hour before i was not shaking anymore. oh man. the more i thought about it throughout the day, i convinced myself that it was probably one of those insurance frauds where the person in front slams on the brakes and then there is a person behind you too, so you can't slam on your brakes or else you would be hit too. well whatever it was, i am just grateful that it ended the way that it did. i am also very grateful that my brakes are brand new thanks to my fun accident right before christmas.