one year older


this is from my loving brother matt. the sweetest thing he has ever done for me!


muscle works, works

so funny story. monday night my back went out. again. just after applying color to my client's hair. awesome. this resulted in me cussing in the back room while she processed. sitting on a garbage can while i washed her out and by the grace of the heavens above i cut and styled her hair. but wait it gets better.

then i drove to farmington with my two nieces grace and halle. crawled up my sisters stairs to sleep in my niece zoe's bed. then crawled down the stairs twice to tell the little girls to be quiet even though it was a sleepover. the pain was excruciating, but i was glad that i had some leftover muscle relaxers from the last time i threw my back out.

the next day i got to babysit 4 little girls. all day. with a bad back. i was one lucky auntie that my mom didn't have class until later in the day so she could come and help a bit while i directed from the couch. she even bought me a heating pad! {happy 26th birthday you old woman, you get a heating pad} then my nieces decided it would be a good idea to blow up the never ending air swimming pool. luckily just as i was about to die while lying in the grass and pumping up the pool uncle jake came over and saved the day. we won't mention that at one point i got stuck on the ground because i was in too much pain to stand up. then uncle matt came and kept the kids occupied in the pool and with water balloons while i remained on the couch. it was a really successful day if you ask me.

then i called in sick the next 3 days due to the intense, shooting pains that i was still having. you may be asking yourself why am i only blogging about this now...i mean i had 4 days off in a row. well you see it goes like this. i would wake up about 8:00 every morning assess my pain and determine whether i wanted to shower and pretend i was well enough to go to work or if i should text my manager and tell her i was in too much pain to work and take a muscle relaxer. despite my high tolerance for pain, i chose the latter...3 days in a row. i think my manager secretly hates me, but really i couldn't even walk! so i got myself signed up for a free trial of netflix and began where my season two dvd's of bones left off and was glued to my laptop.

i only showered and washed my hair today because i left my apartment for the first time to go to muscle works in highland. muscle works is no heaven. she worked me so freaking hard that all i could do was laugh! i seriously have never been worked like that! but the amazing thing is...i felt a MILLION times better than i did before! natalie is amazing and i am so excited for my appointment on tuesday! that is only a little sarcastic. when i went to the bathroom for the first time and didn't feel any back pain from sitting...i felt like crying i was so happy! the only bad side is that i now feel like my i am bruised all along my sides and butt. so worth it. that wasn't sarcastic.

it's my birthday on sunday. just thought you should know.


crooked lines

i feel like i have been moving in slow motion and everything around me is going super fast. and the funny thing is that nothing or no one has bumped into me or told me to speed up. so i am thinking that i may just keep moving slow simply because it is easier. does this make me crazy yet.

i was facebook chatting with a friend tonight and i think that every other response i gave was 'whatever'. like i am actually that indifferent about his life. i think it only slightly bugged him, until he just logged off without saying goodbye, then i knew it bugged him. oh well. he will probably text me soon, so who really won?

i spent the weekend at my mom's house. usually i would think that there is a lot wrong with that sentence, but this time it was a self induced mini homecoming. we shared a bed and did crossword puzzles until we were silly. we ate delicious pasta salad, fudgey brownies with vanilla ice cream and cookie dough. i slept in until my eyes would not remain shut any longer. i skipped the whole shower scene all day saturday and didn't even bother with make up or my eyelashes. i sat on her porch with my crossword and got some sun on sunday. and me and my brothers even lost my dad for about 20 minutes...he just wandered off. other than that it was a very quiet weekend. a much needed quiet weekend. toni is really fun to hang out with. it just took me like 26 years to figure that out.