snow = i despise

so i can now tell you how i got WICKED tickets! i am so uber excited that it is ridiculous! char asked emme to camp out for us so that we could switch them out at 6 in the morning to purchase the tickets! it was so cold and i don't know how her and staci did that! anyway while standing in line...

there was a radio station giving away 2 pair of tickets...and guess who won?...
that's right...char who never wins anything won tickets! we were freaking out and it didn't take us long to decide that we should give the tickets to emme for spending all night out on the cold street of salt lake! i wish i could post her reaction christmas eve when she opened them! it was so awesome and how i wanted it to be! she was reduced to tears after screaming! the funny thing is the tickets ended up being better than the ones that we bought! so merry christmas emme!


and she's not a bridesmaid

i finally saw geese flying south this morning. i am glad all their practice flying east paid off.

work is great...i like the girls and the power is great! just kidding. the store is really awesome and looks nifty! you all should come see it right across from paradise bakery. go there for cookies and then stay for the clothes...that should be our motto.

i just vowed that i am going to start going tanning again...i am pastey white.
christmas is coming soon...yeah i guess. i am just so anti holidays this year. well except for halloween cause that rocked. the one day of the year to be oprah...how could that not be awesome.

my dad moved back in with me and my sister...he watched the hills with me the other night cause his tv is broken and so he has to watch it in the basement. he watched the hills...wow, i really gotta move out.

i miss my other work friends. kc you especially. i like have no one to talk to all day...well like we used to talk you know. and the worst part is, i can't dial 451 anymore and say...mrs. grey, can you step into my office for a minute...then you would walk around your cubicle and then the 5 feet into my half cubicle. ah...those were the days.