here are some photos from my trip to wal.mart i told you about.
my new stocking cap
where's jenn?
oh! there she is!

and a picture of me and grace on her 10th birthday.

you grow

do you know what really bugged me today? i will tell you.

indie kids who try to convince you that they are in fact indie. go back to your small town in utah and pretend to be cool there. it might work. when you come to provo you get stuck in a sea of other indie kids trying to prove to each other that they are in fact indie kids. it must get exhausting. i am mean i know. but really it bugs me when everyone says that they are being an 'individual' when in actuality they are just like everyone else in their quest for individuality. maybe it is just a phase.

i just thought you should also know that as i am typing to all of you, i am sitting on my bed with about a gallon of aveda's beautifying oil on my head and a shower cap. also i just cracked open my 72nd bag of cadbury mini eggs.

happy friday tomorrow everyone!


things that make me gag...

the smell of fish
the smell of wet dog
men in spandex
smelly feet
dandruff...the legit kind
greasy hair
nasty green crud on anything
snotty noses...especially on little kids
dog slobber
protein shakes
moldy vegetables that get all soggy...ugh
this list
stepping in gum/dog poo/water when wearing socks
feeling gum under a table
kids picking their noses
the white stuff on the sides of some peoples mouths
legit b.o...eww

okay just thought that you all should know that.

okay buh bye!


no thanks...i'm off 'the men'

yep. as of last night i am off 'the men'.

what exactly does this mean you may be asking yourself. well it means that i am now going to avoid men like the plague and see what happens. i am not bitter. i am not upset. i am not hurt. but that is not to say that i haven't felt any or all of those emotions at one point or another. right now i just need to focus on aly. which i do realize is sort of a ridiculous thing to say because when you are single you are the only person that you really have to think about anyway. oh well.

i hung out with my sisters 3 younger girls today and can i just say i am in love. they are the most adorable little things in the world. more specifically the twins. when i got to my sister's house i grabbed the twins and as we were walking down the stairs jane grabbed my hair and said...i like yours hair aldy...they can't quite say aly. and sadie said...yours hair pretty. they are so precious. soon after i was about to change jane's diaper and before lying down she said...i like your dress, it's so cute. really? i mean come on...how more precious does it get than that? i LOVE them. they went to disneyland barely forming sentences and then they come back and can carry on full sentences...awesome! poor halle was sick and laid on the couch pretty much the whole time. we offered her a cookie and she replied with...no thanks, i don't think a cookie would be a good idea if i am feeling sick. so responsible at 7. LOVE them all. grace didn't want me to leave tonight...she begged and demanded to know when i would be coming back. i love being the favorite aunt!

this just in...

due to recent contact with a certain individual, i have decided to deactivate my facebook account for some time. the span of 4 weeks to be exact. i know that a lot of you won't care, but for me this is a big deal! i am afraid that people will forget about me and no longer seek to find out about my current happenings and status updates via facebook! i know that this is silly and totally ridiculous, but it is an instinct to think that the world revolves around me and that everyone cares so much about what i do on a daily basis. alas the harsh reality is this...

people don't think about you nearly as much as you think they do.

thanks seth jenks. now keep in mind that i have never been one to really care what people think about me. most girls will spend hours getting dressed to impress one certain boy, or to prove something to other girls that either a> intimidate them or b> drive them crazy with jealousy...me i dress for me. i have a lot to prove to myself. i am the girl with the fluorescent red hair who wears as many colors as she can when she is not working in all black. i am the girl who will wear half of a stocking on her head, looking like a special ed candidate throughout the remainder of her weekly wal.mart trip. i am the girl who asks what to wear to a soccer game. i am the girl who also gets lost at said soccer game and climbs over chairs to find her way back. i am the girl who can captivate an entire table with any one of my loud and crazy tales. i am the girl who will release a short burst of laughter almost as soon as the benediction is complete in sacrament meeting. that is me. all those things a more make up aly and by golly if you don't like it, you can keep on moving.

but what if they forget me?



i did everything on my to do list except clean my room. congratulate me.

busy + monday = bleh

tomorrow is my day off and i don't even have to set my alarm for anything! here is my schedule for tomorrow.

wake up
work out
go tanning
go to the grocery store
clean my room
make gyoza
go to gourmet girls

here is what will probably really happen tomorrow...

wake up
go tanning
go to grocery store
make gyoza
go to gourmet girls

notice that the really productive things will become omitted. pray that i will get some sort of motivation to be productive. or pray that my gyoza turn out okay. which ever tickles your fancy.

tonight i found out that a member of the opposite sex holds a very profound secret about me and he actually remembered it. i think i am screwed if i upset him.

bones is a fantastic television program and i am very happy with my purchase of season one and two on dvd.

my roommate and i introduced her love interest to wal.mart trips with the two of us. pictures to come when i have the motivation to upload them. let's just say that the fact that he wanted to see us the next day was a huge relief on our part. you really learn who your friends are when you have half of a nylon sock on your head. thanks sir.


happy green day

okay surprise, surprise i have more things to say because well i really like to hear myself talk. but i guess this would be considered writing. which if you were to also say that i like to read what i write you would be making a correct statement.

the other night when i came home to a sea of men...and by sea of men i mean 5...we were talking and laughing because let's face it we are girls and laugh at things that sea of men say. right? anyway we were talking and one of the men said that he wished he had a video camera to record the things we did in a day. and yes, as i am typing this now i am realizing how creepy that may actually sound if taken out of context. and i am sure some of you will take this out of context...pervs. i got so excited and i believe i said something to the effect of 'you have no idea how much i wish i had my own realitytv show!' they laughed because they must have thought i was joking, but i was dead serious. i think i would make for some great tv. it's why i have a playlist on my ipod titled...my life: the soundtrack. not real original i know, but it is my show so change channels.

going back to my perm today. her name was yoshie. so naturally as i was using the restroom after said perm i got to thinking while washing my hands. i started thinking about the only famous yoshie i know.

yes the lovable and trusty green dinosaur/mode of transportation we all fell in love with on mario! i remember the day that my brother told me that yoshi {notice the spelling difference...google it} was in fact a girl! it rocked my little gamer world. ha ha. i just referred to myself as a gamer. i'm awesome, and lying. anyways i just googled it and he is in fact a guy. matt you were wrong...how you made it onto 'where in time is carmen sandiego' is beyond me. moving on, remember how if you made yoshi eat enough of those fruit things he would poop out stuff for you. i swear he pooped out extra lives once...am i mistaken on that? anyway the point is i had to restrain from asking my client if yoshie is a common female name in japan. i guess i could google that myself but if you know me you would know that i am really lazy by nature. there's another story there trust me.

sidenote: well i guess this is a footnote. i didn't realize the picture of yoshi would look ginormous in my post...sorry.

it's not my fault

dear blog,

remember today when i did a perm on yoshie? yeah i do too!

okay thanks bye.

love aly

ps...this is for melissa. love you girl!


new york, new york

sometimes in life really funny things happen. sometimes they are so funny that you laugh hysterically until you and your roommates are rolling on the ground with tears in your eyes. tears of frustration and laughter. last night was one of those times where i laughed till i cried and realized yet again that i have the best roommates ever!

once upon a time my roommate jenn and i would do a puzzle every sunday with one certain guy and also the pretend love of my life shane parry. {in our fantasy world we are engaged to be wed and use pet names like honey and sweetheart} well this one certain guy got jenn this amazing puzzle of the new york city skyline pre 9/11. it is awesome to say the least and it glows in the dark! it is 3 feet wide and it was quite a challenge to put together. over the course of a week the puzzle sat on our dining room table until it was completed. then it sat there for another week because well we couldn't quite take it apart because the thing was so blasted hard to complete! luckily jenn had a puzzle saver and it was transported safely to the ledge at the top of our stairs. and there it sat for another 2 weeks. until last night.

we were having our regular pow.wow at the top of the stairs and about to pray together. we were discussing whose turn it was to pray when i pointed out that it went in order of age and since jenn was older than me it was her turn to pray. if you know me you know that i am sassy and well let's face it a brat. i admit that i said it in a sassy tone and provoked jenn to pick up my coat that was next to her and throw it at me. the only problem was that i was right next to the ledge that was housing the new york city skyline puzzle. all 750 pieces of it. the coat caught the edge of the puzzle and it toppled down the ledge and onto 5 different stairs.

we erupted in laughter, jenn ran to her room with jessie and i close behind. we assessed the damage and quickly realized that there was no saving the puzzle. it had run it's course and we had to really seen it glow in the dark. i took on the task of cleaning and counting all 750 pieces to ensure we didn't lose any. jessie went to bed. jenn went to bed and i remained on the stairs counting puzzle pieces. i got a system down and quickly set into my rhythm of counting. after a few minutes i counted 765. close enough i guess.



tonight when i was at wal.mart i got into my car and was about to turn on my lights when i noticed there was a couple in the van in front of me full on making out. it was disgusting! really the wal.mart parking lot people? it was like a car accident...i couldn't look away i was so intrigued by their choice of location for their love fest. all i can say is, thanks wal.mart, you never cease to amaze and entertain me.