first of all...

yes shade clothing is closing it's doors. just shy of the end of their 6th year of business. i have only been asked a million questions today about it and the answer is i know just as much as everybody else, so i am kind of useless if you want juicy details. just understand that it is a lot harder to conceive and own a business than you think. the good news is they hope to reopen soon and provide us all with our modest and adorable fashion staples.

anyway...it was brought to my attention that i have yet to blog about my cruise. shoot i have forgotten everything there is to remember about that week! good thing i have my journal and pictures to remind me. let's embark...ha ha...on this journey now shall we? this is mostly for you lindy!

day 1: woke up at 4:45, showered and was off to the airport with bolish, heidi and kristin. we flew to san diego and then stood in like a bajillion lines before we boarded the beautiful and spacious 'elation' cruise ship. and we were elated that is for sure. we snacked on disgusting burgers and pizza, buffet style. lounged around on the back of the boat waiting for the departure onto the open waters. went to dinner and met the other 2 guys that would be at our table fo the duration of the cruise. one was named...j...yeah j....and we became friends that night we can say.

day 2: woke up a little disoriented. bolish and i had a little trouble getting our footing that day as camille thought we were ridiculous. we laid out forever and by we i mean i laid out for like 6 solid hours and had the daunting task of saving about 8 very coveted lounge chairs while my friends went to hear some speaker...lame. we then got ready for our fancy night. now mind you we had nothing really to do so we spent literally about 2.5-3 hours getting ready just about every night. call us vain or call us heros...you decide. went to dinner, sat right next to j. he was hooked by the first night, but i just had to make sure. after dinner we gambled, and by we i mean i watched bolish waste everyone on the black jack table...go bolish! then i made the very smart and mature decision to wander off with j alone. i am so stupid! who goes off alone with some guy that you just met on a cruise ship of all places? i could have been the next natalie holloway...is that her name? but i was safe. he just wanted to kiss me. so not my cup of tea, but whatevs, i was on a cruise. we chilled for about 3 hours before rolling in to my cabin at 2 am and the many questions from bolish and camille.

day 3: we finally got to step foot in mexico! cabo san lucas to be exact. we traveled by glass bottom water boat taxi to a beautiful resort where i got to lay out to my little hearts desire. ate some delicious food and almost paid $50 for a bottled water! we went back to the boat, i did the unthinkable and took a nap! what? a nap on vacation...unheard of! spent the alotted time to get ready for dinner once again. went to dinner. and despite my huge and ridiculous despise of holding hands, j held mine under the table. blah, blah, blah. after dinner we all hung out for a bit before j and i went for another stroll. blah, blah, blah.

day 4: our second and final day in cabo! we went parasailing, and by be i mean everyone but me because i am a big ole scardy cat. but i did get a pretty killer tan line from my flip flops. everyone then snorkeled while i laid out and fought off the beach merchants trying to sell me some sterling silver trinkets. after our fill of beach and beautiful ocean we ventured into the heart of cabo to find some killer tacos! but let's first go back to the beauty of cabo. i was amazing! the water was unreal and the sand was perfect! i could really live on the beach. but it was so blasted hot! i was sweating within seconds of laying on my towel. don't worry i was safe and used a combo of sunblock and tanning lotion! i didn't burn once my whole trip, i am just that good at tanning. anyhow...we got back to boat and i slept! got ready and went to dinner. j was starting to feel sick so he was lame and went to bed and i magically found my friends. which brings me to another side note. cruises are awesome, but you don't have cell phones! so if you want to find someone, you just have to wander around forever trying to find them! so the fact that i was able to find them in under 10 minutes was nothing short of a miracle! they were playing games and i got to meet a new person named collin. we got ice cream and pizza and made breakfast plans.

day 5...the final day: slept through breakfast, sorry collin. turns out he slept in too and we all met up after the disembarking meeting and he invited me to lunch instead. we ate yummy food and talked. he is a very sweet person. find my friends and chill for a bit. go to lie down in my room for a bit. got to a magic show that was really uber lame. chill with j for a bit in his room. got some sushi, watched the jazz game {playoff season} and then went to dinner. again j went to bed early due to his oncoming sickness...lame. then we just do a whole lot of nothing. i think we were all done with life! being stuck on a boat all day really took it's toll on us. it was so cold and windy that day the my plans of just laying out were foiled and we were inside all freaking day! so by like midnight we were done. we all went and got one last ceremonial ice cream cone and went to bed.

day 6: we disembark the ship. shared a shuttle to the airport with j and say our final goodbyes.

fun. fun. fun.

my internet is being lame, so you just get the stories for now. pictures to come later...sorry!