i suck at blogging

so this week at work we got new cubicles. when i say new that may imply that we had them in the first place. well we didn't. this is a fairly new development and it really sucks! i don't have the luxury of turning around in my swivel chair to talk to val and kc. now i have to either get up and walk all the way across the sea of gray carpeted walls to their nook or call them on our very high tech phone system. which after 2.5 months finally says my name and not shanny leigh's. it also really sucked when i found out that i was sort of the original problem. so what? i like to talk to make the day go by a little faster, but i do work twice as hard as lots of people and get my work done. go me.
i bought a new fingernail polish that i really love...russian navy! i think that brings this months total to 6? i think i will now have to limit myself to 4 bottles a month. the sad thing is that the untrained eye may think that they are all the same color, but nope! they are all subtly different and i love them all for different reasons.

i am thinking about bangs and a new haircut. i need a change...suggestions?
now some recent pics of things.people i love.

jessie is seriously one of my favorite people ever...

my friend becca is cooler than yours...

my sister emme s cooler than yours by far...she jumped off a 30 foot cliff!...

zoe is the craziest.cuttest.funniest kid ever...you are jealous!...

and thus concludes today's post.

i lied! i went to so you think you can dance and was utterly amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really heart mark!


4 u kc

okay so i went to flaming gorge.

jumped off a 30 foot cliff
rafted...well for a bit
layed out on the raft cause i got fired from paddling
layed out on the raft cause i got fired from bailing out water
got sunburned a bit
camped...for 3 nights. yeah i know
survived a torrential down pour in a tent that was leaking on all sides
slept on a crappy 'air' mattress on the night of the said torrential down pour
had lots of fun with friends
played with my sister a lot
ate enough licorice to last me a lifetime

all in all it was really fun! i think i am getting a little more used to this whole camping thing. i am totally granola now. my friend alex noted that i have gone camping more this summer than i have in the past 5 years. that is right, i am so tough again. i have found out that you can still dress all cute and camp at the same time. no make up for a few days really cleared up my face and i am glad for that.

my sisters twins are tiring. while her husband was out of town my days consisted of coming home from work, grabbing whichever baby didn't smell too much and was spit up residue free, and manning that baby all night. that included bottle feeding, burping and diaper changing. whenever i finally decide to have kids i am going to be a pro, but i won't want to cause it is so tiring. no sleep doesn't sound fun to me.