end it, end it now

still no cruise post yet...i am sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation.

i just found out today that my grandma jackson {my mom's mom} will be here for 6 days in june. just in time to kick off my birthday month festivities. that's right kids my birthday is coming up. i would be a little more excited, but when i start to get excited i remember that i will be turning 25 and then that fact rains on my parade. boo 25. i am only bugged because a swear on everything holy that i have a wrinkle next to my right eye. why me?

i went to dinner the other night for my friend camille's birthday. she was in town from blanding for a conference and we met at rumbi for a little din din and then had cake and a bonfire at our friend alissa's house. beautiful evening. my whole point is this. i like to paint my nails for special occasions. usually i paint them every
saturday night so that i have a fresh coat for church {yes i realize how sad this statement sounds...church is, sad but true, a special occasion for me these days}. i paint them before i go on trips. i paint them when i have a date. and you best believe i paint them for dinner for one of my bff's birthday. anyway, due to the fact that i probably have the worst sense and use of time in the universe, i was late and only had time for one coat of my essie wicked...one of my favorite colors of all time. so after i had eaten i leaned over to alissa {who we so lovingly call bolish} and asked if it was socially acceptable for me to paint my nails at rumbi island grill. she said no, but gave me permission to do so anyway. i painted all 10 of my phalanges just as megan asked if we could smell nail polish. i owned up to it and we all had a laugh. i told bolish that people probably thought i was an idiot and would probably go home and blog about the stupid girl who was painting her nails in a restaurant...and i use the word restaurant lightly when speaking of rumbi island grill. to which, bolish replied...'oh aly, you're so cute. thinking that people would actually go home and blog about you.' i had never heard something so funny. thus why bolish and i are friends. so bolish, maybe no one went home and blogged about me, but i came home and blogged about you. you're welcome.

i also have a HUGE pet peeve that i have to vent about the wonderful world of working retail. i HATE when customers sneak into dressing rooms. really? do you not see the shiny metal sign that tells you to ask an attendant to get a room? and then why do you simply leave EVERTYHING you brought in with you on the floor? is it really that hard to hang a freaking shirt back on the hanger? grow up and learn how to hang up clothes, then come shop in my store.

anyway, my new favorite tune...you and i by the beloved ingrid michaelson. love. every. word.


if you get caught

lately i have been in a funk...

...and by lately i mean ever since i got back from my cruise.

i can't blog about my cruise yet cause my hard drive is full and i can't upload pictures and what is the point in blogging about it if you can't see what/who i am talking about? answer...there is no point.

after the worst day of my life...aka the van driving through my store...it was non stop stress and frustration. mixed in there was also a little sadness and long moments of pondering my life. my store was closed for 2 days. the 2nd day was spent unpacking about 40 boxes of product, unbagging, hanging and arranging about 1200 pieces of merchandise. don't let my meager description fool you...it was hours of work. during all of this my manager kyle received a call that his nephew beck who had been in the hospital since the night before with pneumonia, wasn't going to make it. i sent kyle to the hospital and i started my week as what i referred to as a single parent. we successfully got the store looking decent and opened on friday! while we were rejoicing the re.opening of the store, the rippy family was saying their last goodbyes to sweet little beck. he passed away that evening. let me just tell you...beck is the sweetest boy in the whole world. his smile and laugh could make anyone smile and forget about their worries. i had the privilege of cutting his hair on multiple occasions. beck was a little delayed mentally and physically, but he had the most amazing spirit and within moments of meeting him you could tell he was a special child of god and has a much bigger purpose than what any of us could ever see. we were all saddened by his passing. to say that i had a few breakdowns is an understatement. i don't deal well with stress or death very well. the viewing was monday, the funeral on tuesday. the service was beautiful. very inspiring and the spirit was strong.
the rest of the week was a series of challenges both self inflicted and brought on by the evil forces of the retail world. needless to say, i was more than excited to see kyle today at work!

i feel like i have been hauling down a ginormous hill on a pair of roller skates...yes roller skates, the old school ones that come up high and are white with a rainbow stitched to the side, roller skates...and i see a brick wall in the distance but my brakes are gone cause they looked dorky and i took them off. i know that i am going to hit the wall it is just a matter of when you know? i don't know what will happen when i do hit it. it scares me just a little. scratch that...it scares the begeesus out of me. it's hard to swallow when i think about it and i get all flustered. like when you have a bad dream and you wake up and your face feels hot. only the brick wall isn't a dream and i am headed straight for it. i don't know how to avoid it. the worst part is i am the only one on this hill. everyone else is at the top watching me go first. i only went cause i am dumb like that. if you are still reading this...i am sorry to bore you. it is just one of the those nights when i feel like i wish i had my own t.v show...and more importantly a kick ass soundtrack to go along with it. if only mtv came to utah and not the hills of l.a.

right now i am listening to radiohead...aka my newest obsession...all i need. thanks.