6 year old are great

actual conversation i just had with halle while sitting on the couch eating warm cookies.

a: hey hal, i have a song for you.

h: okay.

i put on kelly clarkson's my life suck without you. halle starts bobbing her head.

h: do you have 'she wears short skirts i wear t.shirts?' {she starts to sing taylor swifts you belong with me}

a: um no.

halle stops coloring and stares at me with the most surprised/shocked look on her face i have ever seen.

h: are you serious?

a: yeah.

h: do you not like taylor swift?

a: not really.

h: what? are you kidding?

a: no, i don't really like her.

h: you're weird.

ha ha i love her!


i know...

it's weird, i am actually posting pictures! i know. well it was a day of celebration on saturday...it was ashley's 21st birthday! the little lovely in the pink shade top is miss ashley and she is the bit 2.1 and wanted to us her legal adult status at a bar. well a piano bar, but still she needed her temporary id to get in! it was such a cold night and i was the genius that wore shorts with tights! big mistake...it was all in the name of fashion and my little experiment i am still conducting...check it here.

ashley and marie enjoying themselves
shane and me. and apparently i was showing mega cleavage...whatevs.

me and darcy...love this girl
darcy representing carrie who was sick... :(

me and ashley posing with our new friends.

it was a fun night and i am very glad that i went. happy birthday ashley!
today i made homemade tortillas and i have to say they were delicious and i am so proud of myself! you should be too.


orange peels

so last night i had a dream that jw text me and said: 'i just got back into town, we should get together.' then i woke up and it wasn't real. then i was sad. i think i miss jw. is it possible to miss something you never really had in the first place? can you miss the sound of someones voice when you only knew it for a short time? can you miss someones squint as they are looking into the sun while driving? can you miss their hugs when you've only shared a few?

i can see how this could sound stalkerish, but i promise i am not a stalker. i just think i am thinking too much. of just too tired.

so last night i went to anthropologie and finally broke down and bought something that i have wanted for a very long time but never allowed myself to purchase.

the fabric 'A' on my wall is a lovely addition to my room i believe. i have seen these there forever and i just love it. i had to refrain from buying all the letters of my name. i figured that would look very kiddish and a little vain. and let's face it, i am not vain at all. and hanging this and the picture to the left, gave me another chance to use my hammer and nails that i purchased a while back. yes i own my very own hammer.

once when i was little i hit my brother matt on the head with a hammer. this is the story...back in the day, my mom was a medical transcriptionist. this meant that she would take to the doctor's notes, type them up, save it to a disk and bring it back to the doctor's office. i remember always going to the doctor's office with her and waiting in the car or sneaking out and running on the multiple pathways between buildings, which now that i look back, what were we thinking 'sneaking' out of the car and running around. it's a wonder we were never snatched up! well on this particular day my mom left us in the car and ran in to make her drop off and the lady's at the office were telling my mom what good kids we were to just wait patiently in the car for her. well back in the car my brother made me mad and to this day i can't remember why, probably cause i wanted the front seat or something. but in my young mind i figured the best way to get what i wanted was to hit him on the head with a hammer. well i did, he ran into the office and dashed the office lady's dreams of us as perfect children.

well i think we all learned an important lesson today...i miss jw and it feels like a hammer hitting me in the head. the end.

i know that was a crap lesson to learn but it is 2 hours past my bedtime.


as of late

friday morning i got some very sad new resulting in the death of a friend on saturday morning. matt bernhisel sadly passed away on saturday morning. my heart goes out to his wife and family. it is so crazy to hear of the passing of another friend. i am only 24 and that is too too young to be going to funerals every other year! i just hope that his family will be comforted in this time. my main memory of matt is from 6th grade. we were learning about mountain men and the boys in all the classes were earning 'beaver pellet's' for the auction. the girls provided baskets with treats for 2 and the boys got to bid for the basket they wanted. mine ended up being the best due to the amount of hostess cupcakes and twinkies. well in the end matt won my basket and we enjoyed the treats together. he was a very happy and loving person. he knew how to make everyone laugh and help everyone have a great day. he was a great friend in high school as we endured medical anatomy and physiology together. i remember making a candy cell at his house. i just hope that he is at peace and happy that he no longer has demons to battle. you will be missed matt.


ha ha ha

actual phone conversation with my sister today:

me: they changed the sign on albertson's...
c: to fresh mart
me: to fresh market (simultaneously)
both: yeah
c: fresh market bought albertson's
me: that's a lame name. like what are you supposed to say now? oh i'll just run to fresh market to pick up a few things.
c: i'm just on my way to fresh market.
me: it just sounds weird. it's not a store name. it sounds like dumb.
c: yeah it's weird. (baby crying in background)
me: who is that? tell sadie you are on the phone and she can talk to you when you are done. (sadie and jane are her 1 year old twins)
c: it's jane and she hasn't had a nap.
me: well tell her that you are talking to aunt aly on the phone and to wait until you are done.
jane screams even louder and i hear char faintly say goodbye.

good convo.


to all my readers

i am warning you that i will be neglecting this blog for a little while. even more than i do now. i am starting a little side project that you can read about here. i am taking on a little experiment and i can't wait to really get started. if you have any suggestions please let me know!

oh and happy new years. what did i do? i went to dinner at pizza factory with a few friends. played identity crisis with some friends. went to a party in orem and danced like the whitest white girl you know. and started the new year off right with a cheeseburger from in & out. it was a really fun night and i am happy that it is another year to start anew with my resolutions and hopefully better myself a bit more. i read over my resolutions from last year and i am so surprised and happy to report that i actually kept a few of them! i can't remember ever keeping new year's resolutions! maybe that means i am growing up or something like that. this year i will turn 25! up until today at least i could say next year i turn 25, but nope, now it's this year. oy vey.

tonight i wore a really old perfume that i bought once on a trip to vegas. the same trip to vegas that i went to see the backstreet boys. i was 21 for those of you wondering. anyway, i wore this perfume and every time i catch a whiff of it i am reminded of that trip and how much fun i had! make fun all you want, but going to a backstreet boys concert was like living out my 9th grade fantasy. the little 14 year old girl inside me had never been happier!

it also reminds me of this guy i used to hang out with. the first guy i kissed in american fork. he's special.