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let's start off by pretending that someone still reads blogs anymore.  i swear instagram took over the necessity of blogs a year or so ago.  if that's true i will still write to make myself feel better about my life.  writing is still one of my favorite creative outlets.  always will be.

this weekend i realized that the good lord works in such mysterious ways.  my dearest and bestest friend jessie ellen got married this weekend!  it was such a great and spectacularly snowy weekend!  i got to drive to star valley wyoming with the soon to be bride to join in the festivities in a pre wedding reception in afton on thursday.  well a few days before i broke out in shingles.  yes that one condition that usually only old people get...not 28 year old girls!  i was able to conceal those for the reception and all was well.  later that night while driving home i started to feel a little under the weather.  sore throat, body aches and fever type of sick.  so when i got home, i curled up in my mom's bed, yes my mom and i share a bed when i stay in farmington.  it's really cute.  i woke up friday morning and was spent!  there was no way i was going to be able to go to work that day.  i called in sick and spent the rest of the day in bed, hoping and praying that i would be okay for the wedding the next day.  

this is where i will tell you that jessie getting married came at me with conflicting feelings.  i was so beyond happy that someone that i love dearly had found their dream come true in the form of a cowboy!  james is exactly who jessie was meant to be with.  they are perfect together and after spending almost all day with them on thursday i can tell that he just ADORES her.  as he should.  i couldn't ask for anything better for jess.  but it also brings to mind the fact that once jess gets married she will be moving to star valley and leaving me.  of our 5 bffs growing up, jess and i have been the single ones for so long that i was always comforted in the fact that we had each other in our singlehood.  now it's just lil old me to hold up the banner of singledom with our lil 'rat pack'.  

moving on.  i woke up early saturday (with a swollen eye) to go and spend a lil more time with jess as i did her wedding hair.  i'm so glad that i have such amazing friends that have been such good examples to me throughout my life.  as the snow came down i tried to calm jessie down and reassure her that her hair would hold up despite the snow.  after a few pics and helping her carry her beautiful wedding dress to the car one last time, i gave her one last hug as jessie jensen and sent her on her way to the temple to be sealed to her sweetie.

i on the other hand went home and slept for a bit, got ready and headed to the temple.  i got to chat with my dear friend becca in the waiting room.  the snow was met by rain as we trekked out to wait for the bride and groom.  watching jessie come out of the temple with her new husband was so exciting.  she looked absolutely radiant!  i was so proud to be her friend in that moment.  

the luncheon made me bawl like a lil baby.  to hear people that love jess and james so much talk about their struggles getting to their wedding day was so sweet and touching.  but i could also feel my eye swelling even more and my throat turning into a tightening vice.  one a few hours until the reception and a few hours at the reception stood between me and my bed!  i can do this!  becca and i drove together and when we walked in we were amazed.  jessie and her team had transformed this hundred year old barn into a country fantasy!  everything was absolutely perfect!  jessie and james were beaming from ear to ear!  the reception was a whirl of chatting with friends and family and ignoring my swollen quasimodo eye, crusty shingles and sore throat.  the bride rode off on her beloved horse mardi gras and the husband and wife were off.  

waking up sunday morning it was clear that something was wrong.  i called my sister crying.  that's when you know something is really wrong with me.  and for once i listened to her when she told me to go to instacare.  i in fact have strep.  so...shingles, swollen eye, and strep all in one weekend.  awesome right?  actually yes it is.  i was so stressed and worried about being broken hearted and sad this weekend that the lord gave me 3 sicknesses to distract me!  is that a twisted way of thinking or what?  well if it is, i don't care.  i like to think that i was given all this to help me through a hard time in my life.  so this is what my day has looked like...
i think my shingles are spawning and expanding...so that will be pretty awesome to see how that progresses.  

the point is that there is life after being turned into the only remaining single friend in a group.  i don't think that i ever considered me being the last one.  i kinda always figured i would have been married by now, but i guess i haven't gotten to that chapter yet.  i'm not a huge fan of skipping ahead while reading so i'll just wait out the boring descriptive chapters like when i had to read grapes of wrath in college.  still don't know what the book is about.  

moral of the story, don't get shigles, strep or a swollen quasimodo eye on a wedding weekend.    

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