it pains me to continue, but it hurts worse to stop.

i found this quote today and it just felt right. sometimes the very thing that brings us pain is the very thing that we need in our life to keep the real hurt away. the hurt that is often accompanied by sobbing and rocking back and forth in the fetal position. keeping that feeling of loneliness that we can all let sink into our bones at times, at bay. no one is exempt from that feeling. at one point or another everyone will feel that in their lives. that's how god created this life to work. we can't know the feeling of complete joy unless we know the feeling of despair and pain. it's a delicate balance this life. sometimes people have a better way of coping with these hard times and they only let their pain show to a few people if they show it to anyone at all. but there's others that let everyone know they are suffering for whatever reason and show the world that they are vulnerable. being vulnerable is a beautiful thing. being able to let others into your world and let them see that you are not perfect and that life has it's hold on you at times. letting people see what makes you hurt and what makes you afraid. letting people in. no walls dividing you and the world. it's a beautiful thing when we can let that wall crumble down. 

we can't control everything and sometimes letting that control go is the hardest part of pain and hurt. 

accepting the we are weak and that it's okay to not always be strong. 

strength comes in many different forms than what we generally think. there is strength in accepting the end of a relationship. there is strength in being a shoulder for someone to cry on when you yourself need a shoulder to cry on. there is strength in forgetting your hurt or pain and serving those around you. there is a strength in pushing your body to continue when at it's breaking point. there is strength in standing up for something you believe in, even if that means isolation and loneliness. we all have strength inside us. it's our catalysts of that strength that differ. the why of our strength is what makes us who we are. what we are willing to fight for? what we are willing to accept even when it seems excruciatingly impossible?

if we all had a little more sensitivity to the battles that everyone else is fighting, the world would be a little easier. but this life wasn't meant to be easy, so we adapt. whether it is a positive adaptation or a negative adaptation is up to each of us. 

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