i'm mrs. aly now

man, oh man, oh man, have i been itching to write and blog lately. maybe it's due to the fact that i have been officially dubbed 'aly edit' by my husband while i fix all his school papers and now his school paper articles about a sport that i only know a little bit about. whatever the reason is i miss it and i think i need it more in my life. i love being able to let all my thoughts and feelings flow through my words. i was always better with the written word because i find that i am so much braver and at times wittier than in real life. 

now if it were possible to catch the blogosphere up to date on my life i would do so, but the truth is i don't really care to. the most important thing is that i am now a married woman. october 13, 2015 my life changed and michael and i were sealed in the salt lake temple. it was the most perfect day. not a cloud in the sky and we had the most perfect outdoor reception much to the surprise of the nay sayers who tried to tell me that we should have a back up plan in case of inclement weather. honestly it was really really hard to not rub it in my sisters face that it was a perfect day. but it was my wedding and i had far more important things to do that day. 

i've learned a lot in the last 15 months. marriage is hard. marriage is wonderful. marriage is fun. marriage is scary. marriage i think can be described with every human emotion. you don't know what you are getting yourself into, but it is oh so worth it. getting to go to bed each night and wake up each morning with this man is the most amazing thing that i have in my life. he is my best friend and there is no on i would rather spend my time with day in and day out. and as much as i love spending time with him, there are times that there is no one else in the world that bugs me more than him. and that is because there is opposition in all things. michael and i have to endure the obnoxious things that we both do to one another to appreciate and love the good things that we have in our relationship. the amount of time that i am actually annoyed with my husband is rather small, because seriously homeboy is my all time favorite person. but the amount of time that i spend actively trying to annoy him is about 90% of the time we are together. just kidding. but only partly kidding. 

the craziest thing about being married to michael is that there are times when i am still so in awe that he loves me just as much as i love him. it boggles my mind that i found the person who thinks that i am the greatest. i consider it luck. i mean how lame is it that it took a stupid app like tinder to connect me to the man that i love. i really don't regret anything in my life, no matter how dumb or stubborn i was before michael, i would do it all again. i would take every heartache, every break up, every rejection because it led me to him. it made me that aly that i was that cold november evening in salt lake city when we first met. every stupid and seemingly pointless first date led to him. pure luck.

the craziest thing is i don't think he really knows just how much i love him. i don't even know how to let him know. so i try everyday to show him. he snuck into my world so quickly and filled in all the holes and cracks that i had been carrying around for years. making me realize my potential and my purpose. and i think that is the most important thing he has done. he brought with him the possibility of everything i have ever hoped and dreamt of. without sounding too cheesy and absolutely ridiculous, hell i'll say it anyway, michael saved me. he pulled me out of the muddy muck i had been slowly wading away in. he pulled me back to the light and cleaned me up. everything about the care he has shown me is heaven sent. 

okay enough mushy mush talk. 

right now i will vow to continue to blog. i'm going to continue to put my thoughts to laptop and ramble on and on just like i used to do. sometimes you need to just take a step away to realize that you didn't need to take a step away at all. this is something i need. i need to remember the i enjoy this and remember that i think i am entertaining. even if no one else gets any joy or feels any form of entertained, it is enough for me that i enjoy it. and that's all i really care about. 

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